Future of call centers

Future Of Call Centers: The Digital Transformation

Future of call centers and other industries is strongly dependent on the modern fast-growing environment inside the corresponding industries. Communication channels are emerging between companies and customers. There are voice chats, emails, social media, chatbots. The diversity of new technical devices also encourages companies to develop suitable solutions. It’s been a while since they’ve been traditional call centers. They have turned into modern contact centers. Digital transformation means finding the right combination of people and technology. This term is also called contact center excellence to guarantee a sustainable customer experience.

The following article introduces customer service-minded people to a new perspective. You will learn useful tools that you can implement in your daily business based on several trends.

Before you start modernizing your contact center, there are a few questions that need to be answered. They will help you take the necessary steps. You can review the three stages of contact center development.

  • Question 1: How important is customer service to you for investing time and money
  • Question 2: How complex is the product or service? What is the corresponding degree of customer support.

Trends In Call Centers Automation

Big Data

Success in customer service results from knowing as much as possible about the customer. In general, Big Data means structuring and analyzing much information’s about customers with large data volumes. The study of Contact Center Network shows that in 2018 about 36 % of decision-makers wanted to invest in this area.

Big Data offers you the following benefits: Analyzing customer insights, predicting customer behavior and employee performance.

Multichannel Communication

New communication channels are being developed all the time. At the moment, customers prefer traditional channels, like phone or email. Hence, classic call centers are very valuable. Surveys have shown that about 60% customers prefer a phone call for a problem solution. So, currently, interpersonal communication is the trend.


Automation of processes is one of the central tasks within a company. Especially when it cames to calling centers when they spent valuable resources on tasks that could be automated, this area offers excellent potential. But as mentioned before, the crucial point for contact centers is to find the right balance between efficiency and personal support. Therefore, it seems more beneficial if automation takes place at processes at a content dimension. For example, application possibilities could beà Calls that can be recorded automatically and the content evaluated to provide more information in the future. Interactive voice response helps employees to save resources. Call Tracking is a tool that supports the Tracking of contact data for generating leads.


Artificial intelligence helps to combine service quality and cost optimization. But right now, AI is only as smart as its algorithms. The possible AI applications could be:

  • Intelligent Email-box: All incoming emails can be collected automatically
  • Intelligent Knowledge Management: This is a solution to share knowledge fast and efficient
  • Central communication platform: All customer contacts will be managed in one place

Call centers digitalization

In summary, it can be stated that the digitization of call centers increases the number of contact centers. These upgrades offer several benefits to increase customer loyalty, but require significant business changes at higher costs. At the moment, it is enough for the manager of the call center to think about changing the current processes and solutions.

Call Centers – Conclusion

Companies that do not have enough resources to maintain professional customer service can hire an agency following the future of call centers. In this field, Katrium can be suggested. They have gone the extra mile to meet the higher expectations of customers. Katrium offers multi-channel communication combined with professional employees. With this in mind, do not hesitate to contact the contact center to retain your valuable customers.

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