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About Katrium

Katrium was established for providing the best service and make your work easier. We are having the best expert people in our company. We provide our services in many languages as well.


our team part of your team

Katrium team is incomparable. Our employees are also your company’s employees and they play an important role in every way. We are very proud to have the best employees on board. Over the years, we have also failed in recruitment and the important lessons have been learnt. Now, in 2019, we have invested heavily in employee orientation, project management as well as customer management. Being pioneers in telework, we hope to continue our growth and to raise the profile of the industry. The feeling of cohesiveness is important to us, even though we work in many countries and on many different projects. We are proud of each Katrium employee!


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Katrium's purposeful and passionate project coordinator. Katri is responsible for the operational management and administrative matters of the entire company. She is also responsible for the development and networking at Katrium. Contact: katri@katrium.eu
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Country Manager
Accurate and thorough Viktoria is responsible for all matters related to our headquarters, international projects and administrative tasks. Viktoria has been working with Katrium for more than 10 years and is a member of Katrium's management team. Contact: viktoria@katrium.eu
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Senior Interviewer
Our energy package Ville has been at Katrium for almost 10 years. He handles the project as a project and this talkative valuable member of our team, is also known as the Super-Interviewer.
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Project Coordinator
The tasks of the proactive and calm Hanna working in our Tallinn office include versatile office work, customer service, writing blogs and assisting in projects.
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Scheduler, Customer Service Representative, Assistant
In addition to bookings, customer service and research interviews, the active Katja is training new employees to projects and performs various assistant tasks. Katja, who has worked in customer service all of her life, speaks also fluent Swedish and English.
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Interviewer, Scheduler
Persevering and reliable Virpi always handles her work carefully and accurately and has worked at Katrium since 2016. She has gained experience in telephone work for 12 years before that. Virpi also handles our Swedish-language projects in addition to making appointments and research interviews.
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Research Interviewer, Customer Service Representant
Päivi, who cares diligently for her work and is independent, works at Katrium as a research interviewer and is part of our customer service team. She has a long line of experience in research interviews, office work and in the tourism industry.
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Customer Service Representative, Scheduler, Interviewer
Systematic and social Petra is involved in our customer service team and also conducts interviews and appointments. She handles her work diligently and with joy and has accumulated previous experience in many different countries in various customer service positions.


Scheduler, Interviewer, Customer Service Representative
The successful Virpi works at Katrium as a scheduler and in customer service. She has previously worked in sales, marketing and customer service positions and speaks fluent English. Virpi handles projects like projects efficiently.


Scheduler, Interviewer
Sales-minded Juha works as a scheduler and research interviewer, and with a sense of humor, Juha always has a twinkle in his eye.
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B2C seller, Customer Service Representative
Mia, a long-standing tourism expert, is an active salesperson and also handles customer service projects. In addition to English, the always positive Mia also has a fluent Greek language.
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Scheduler, Interviewer, Customer Service Representative
Our well-performing scheduler Reija takes care of her work actively and briskly. Customer service assignments and research interviews are also part of social Reija's job assignments.


Customer Service Representant
Adventurous Noora’s job responsibilities include customer service, blogging and sales service. Inventive Noora speaks English almost better than her own mother tongue and Finnish folds in a strong North Karelian dialect.
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Blogger, Content Creator
International Milla writes blogs at Katrium and does multilingual content production. Respecting the dead lines, Milla handles her work in an exemplary and precise manner.

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