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Challenging customers: 5 Tips on How to Handle Contacts

Challenging customers and complicated situations reach businesses every day. Your task is not only to keep the conversation pleasant and ongoing but also to solve customers’ issues. So it can be a very stressful and challenging position to be. However, with excellent communication skills, patience, and these five handy tips from Katrium on how to handle contacts from challenging customers, you are ready to manage your next customer crisis like a pro.

Ways To Handle Challenging Situations

Being an Active Listener

Whereas customer satisfaction mainly depends on how you handle the call. It is your duty to support and understand the problem. Remain calm and attentive to the client’s needs and moods. You can try to do everything in your power. If the problem requires more time, offer to arrange another time that is more convenient for the customer. In the meantime, you have time to look into the matter. If you receive a call from an angry customer, acknowledge their frustration and use empathetic expressions. If the caller is undecided, you can direct the conversation however you want. Be direct and ask the customer what exactly they are looking for. It won’t be easy to categorize all customers, but try to find the best approach based on their needs.

Use of Positive Language With Challenging Customers

Saying no but remaining open to discussion can be a challenge. So the customer might hear nothing other than your inability or hesitation to solve their problems. This makes them even more frustrated. If the solution is not available now but will be at some point, assure them that it can be resolved shortly. Another point to remember is: don’t blame the client, even if they said some things that you want to refer. Try using what we discussed instead of what you said, because that can sound like an accusation. You should avoid negative remarks that could offend the other person or make you appear incapable of handling the situation.

Preparing For Challenging Customers

Since every building has a fire escape plan, you should have a checklist of the most typical conditions and solutions. This way, it can help you escape the fire and deal with difficult customers like an expert. You can find out the expected difficult situations by talking with your more experienced colleagues. they will probably be able to give you some advice on how to handle certain situations. Secondly, during professional training, take the opportunity to play or simulate difficult calls, it doesn’t have to be a harsh test, make it fun by creating flashcards, presenting team strategies and playing quizzes. You can always gather information online and learn more about upcoming callers and the situations they might present to you. Once you have enough relevant knowledge and experience, create a cheat sheet to keep on your desk with all the essential information.

Improving Negotiation Skills

Sometimes working in a call center can feel like working in a psychologist’s office. In addition to having excellent communication skills, field experience, and problem-solving ability, you may need to improve your ability to manage your reactions to challenges that clients present to you. To find the best solution for both the customer and the business, you will need negotiation skills to sell your offer to the frustrated customer. A good help can be to listen to other agents’ calls and take into account their experiences and best practices on how to handle difficult situations. This will make you feel like there are many ways to handle situations. It is also essential not to take everything personally; Most of the time, you have to take the customer’s opinion into account and then let it go.

Transferring The Call

When all else fails and you understand that you and the client are bored, cannot find a common language and a solution, try to transfer the call to another specialist. What is essential, do it politely. Instead of angrily dismissing the customer, explain to them that you want them to find the best solution and that there is a better agent for their problem who will help them instead of you. Stating that you have the customer’s best interests in mind will change their attitude from feeling unwanted and expecting to be left waiting for hours, to a positive mindset that help will bring. This tactic can also shift customer anger toward a particular agent and not toward the overall company, product, or service you provide.

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Contact Center Industry: Changes Over 5 Years

Contact center industry has adapted to a lot of changes due to changes in working methods and technological developments following the hiv-19 pandemic. Let’s take a look at what’s changing in the contact center industry and ask a few questions to Prashant Sharma, current Country Director of Spearline’s Ahmedabad office.

Personal And Professional Background

Let us know your personal and professional background before discussing the contact center Industry.

I recently accepted an opportunity to relocate to Ahmedabad as Country Manager for Spearline. I started with a job description where my primary goal is to direct all Spearline India office functions while working on a plan to expand three different departments into India. All the departments with smooth and productive processes are the result of hard work when I become the spokesperson for the senior management of the India operation.

Changes In Contact Center Industry Over 5 Years

Businesses today cannot survive without contact center industry which has recently become superior in every business. It provides a medium through which companies interact with their customers regularly. The best thing about it is that it is economical and profitable. Globally, many improvements have been made to contact centers as technology advances. These changes have been quite drastic in the last five years. KPIs have become a priority for organizations in recent years as they channel their focus on customer satisfaction and experience on a shoestring budget.

The Spearline platform provides support for contact centers to test voice quality and connectivity by monitoring their global number. This led to a cost-effective, reasonable and better customer experience, which led to a drastic growth in the industry’s business. The old technological method of the contact center has become obsolete when the contact center is now cloud-based. It has become very economical and offers less risk than any other recently available method. More than 70% of organizations have chosen a contact center solution for cloud services by 2018.

These past five years have become years of tremendous growth for contact centers. The Philippines and India top the list, displacing the Asia-Pacific region. They used to be the most popular place for many companies to set up contact centers.

Challenges Of Contact Center Industry

What kind of challenges have contact centers approached you?

The contact center’s biggest challenge recently has been proper interaction and customer satisfaction. Customers want to receive authentic voices, not robotic automation and artificial intelligence. Customer results show that they have fewer opportunities to give feedback to contact centers and their services. But this is appalling because it helps them improve and develop their skills. The use of social media has become a key priority of contact centers to advance their skills because it has been the endpoint of every end-user recently. 

Final Words

In general, the main focus of the contact center industry is on customer experience. Companies like Spearline are trying to offer solutions to this by developing innovative technology. This significantly improves global communications, as the quality of both call and phone line connections is tested. In the end, the customers and staff of the call center are satisfied. Time is saved and costs and expenses are reduced.

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Contact Center Functions And Workings

Contact center functions are designed to help companies with customer service. Every day, devices and systems change due to the Internet and new technologies. This is why updates may cause problems. That’s why customers are always looking for practical and quick help. The best support contact center is built on several connected parts, creating a solid team to improve service. The purpose of the contact center is to help solve device problems. It also teaches customers how to use the machine or platform. For this reason, different channels have different abilities to improve customer communication.

There are several types of customer support functions. In order to be industry leaders, companies must improve their type of contact center to meet the specific needs of each customer. Thus, it is easy to access all kinds of information from any device.

Types of Contact Center Functions

Phone: many customers avoid contacting by phone because they see this method as a waste of time. However, the phone is the fastest way to solve problems, because it guarantees the opportunity to explain the matter correctly to the agent.

Text Messages: are the perfect way to solve small problems. The customer writes a problem and the contact center solves it immediately or gives instructions on how to fix it.

Email: According to customers, e-mail is the best way to communicate. Unlike short text messages, emails can contain longer text and some images and files to make them more transparent. On the other hand, customers still have to wait because the first mail usually comes from the system and is usually “Thank you. Your question is being processed, you will get an answer ASAP”.

Self-service: Some simple problems could be solved directly by the client. This option is available through self-service, bypassing the contact center. It’s a community where customers post videos, how-tos and other useful information about their experiences.

Social media: makes everything easier. Instead of an email or a phone call, the customer can write a message or tweet. This option is suitable for minor problems or clarifications.

Live chat: a valid alternative to the long queue of the contact center. Live chat is faster than a phone call, and the customer can easily explain the cause of the problem. The chat is started by a widget placed on the company’s website.

The Goals And Tasks Of The Contact Center

In addition to the systems used for communication, the contact center has several goals and tasks in order to offer the best service, because there are different tasks. First of all, it is necessary to help the customer guide him through the system related to the device and the customer service itself. Communication becomes an important pillar in this regard. It is well known that individual communication suitable for different customers can successfully help the growth of a company in a short time.

In addition to communication, a positive experience plays an important role. For this reason, it must be tailored to the customer’s personality. However, some questions and issues may take some time to be answered and fixed. During this long wait, you have to be close to the customer and be able to give quality answers to all their questions.


As we have analyzed, the contact center functions could work through different channels such as phone, chat, mail, etc. However, the customers’ attention should always be in the center. Katrium is a leading company in this field. If you want to know more, see another blog on the subject call center and contact center services.