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Marketing Efficiency: Is Marketing Dead?

Marketing efficiency has always been the key to the success of businesses. It allows you to have visibility and communicate with current or future consumers. Without it, your business is doomed to failure.

Marketing is a set of techniques to implement your business strategy. When you hear marketing, many people think of newspapers and billboards. This is true, but marketing is constantly evolving, especially in recent years with new technologies.

What Is Traditional Marketing?

It’s about communication that can be done without the Internet. The internet is really coming out. We have all noticed changes in our daily lives. Today, we don’t go door to door to sell our products, we get a lot less magazines in our mailboxes, and we don’t see as many ads in newspapers.

Why Is Traditional Marketing Endangered?

  1. Marketing is no longer necessary in the consumer’s buying decision path. Now they make their purchasing decisions in other ways, often using Internet research and the opinions of other consumers. 
  2. CEOs have lost their patience with marketing. According to the survey, 73 percent of CEOs of large companies do not believe that marketing is necessary to sell their products or services. But remember, this doesn’t directly apply to small businesses!
  3. Consumers look for valuable content, which means they find what they want at the right time.
  4. Our view of marketing is too narrow. Today, we have new opportunities for creating marketing content, and they should be explored and utilized as much as possible. However, many companies do not accept change and are afraid of the unknown.
  5. Don’t “sell” using marketing. You should constantly “educate” through marketing. Companies spend too much time convincing people that their products and services will improve their quality of life. Currently, they get it from traditional sources.
  6. Finally, following the development of social networks, traditional marketing has had trouble finding its place. In fact, there is a big gap between the logic of traditional marketing and social networks.

Traditional Marketing Has Given Way To Digital Marketing

Digital marketing was born after the advent of the Internet. In fact, it is a new form of communication through the Internet and especially through social networks, email, PPC, etc. Its main difference from traditional marketing is that digital marketing efficiency reaches the audience through smartphones, computers, tablets and various screens. And its most significant advantage is that with one click, the consumer can always have all the information they want with them.

In addition, it reaches more people and increases interaction with new potential customers. Because today, most people use their smartphones and computers daily for work, communication, shopping, etc. These new technologies are a part of our daily lives.

Does Digital Marketing Follow The Technological Development?

Digital marketing doesn’t only have good sides. In fact, you and I already face disadvantages like spam and pop-ups, click-bait, redirection all over the internet, being told what to think and what to buy, etc. Also, if done wrong, it costs more than it should and may not produce the results your business needs .

Can Companies Rely Solely On Traditional Marketing Efficiency?

Of course you know it’s still there. You still get mail, see posters on the streets, watch TV commercials, etc. And it’s not going away! In fact, it is an essential part of our daily life. Its advantage is that it directly reaches the target group and maintains customer relations and an atmosphere of trust.

Furthermore, we know that only 41% of over 65s use the internet daily, and yet they prefer to buy their products or services from someone they can talk to and trust. This is why we cannot do without traditional marketing efficiency. It continues to play an important role in many marketing strategies. However, it just needs to be improved!

It is increasingly found alongside digital marketing campaigns. Indeed, we can observe changes in our daily lives, such as digital posters at bus stops, which is an excellent example of a mix of traditional and digital marketing.

Solutions For Marketing Efficiency

There is a lot of speculation about how we can change, improve and adapt traditional marketing to our new everyday lives.

  1. Restoring community marketing: asking the customer and relying on advice from their own experience with the product or service. Therefore, companies should try to emulate this model as much as possible.
  2. Finding your customer influencer: someone with a large online following who uses your product or service. If this person promotes it, it can only be good for you. You should help them build social capital so they can build networks, build reputations, and gain new knowledge.
  3. Getting your customer advocates involved: as we said earlier, people tend to listen mostly to other customers they know and trust (lead generation).
  4. Using affiliate marketing: when other people market your product

Marketing Efficiency – Conclusion

Today, digital marketing is increasingly important and may lead to the death of traditional marketing. But on the contrary, marketing is not dead. It’s more alive than ever. However, we still need traditional marketing, but we need to improve it to fit the logic of social networks and our new everyday life, the Internet.

Your company really needs the support of a quality marketing team. It has to make your marketing campaign versatile and effective in order to find its place in the market. As technology evolves, everything we know about marketing will have to be rethought in the next few years. However, this is an opportunity for marketers to develop new channels, methods and tools for reaching consumers and marketing efficiency.

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