5 reasons to keep in touch with your customers

How to Keep In Touch with your Past Customers Effectively
Keep in touch with your customers

The heartbeat of all businesses are customers. Therefore, it is crucial for the success of your business that you are familiar with these 5 reasons to keep in touch with your customers. The moment when you start focusing on some other part of your business and take your attention away from your clients is the time when you become irrelevant.

Business weekdays can get very busy, so emails look like the easiest and quickest way to contact your customer. However, the truth is that nothing can be better than phone conversations and personal meetings with your client. Here are some reasons why you should make time for your customers and do it with a personal approach.

1. Reveal new needs and trends

To stay up to date is a forever question of all businesses. For example, what was actually last year, may become just a page in history today. You want to prevent yourself from losing your clients to competitors or becoming irrelevant in your industry. This way you should always be in touch with your customers and try to find out what is new in their businesses. The more you care and demonstrate your willingness to find the best option for your client, the more you learn about your customer. That is to say, that if you really listen to each particular customer, certainly it will become easier to identify new trends and opportunities for the overall market.

2. Higher repurchases and loyalty

Strong relationship means that your customers will come back and make repurchases. Sometimes they are not aware of your other products or services you provide. In that case, an occasional phone call can be a great opportunity to let them know about your new solutions.

3. It is cheaper to retain customers than get a new ones

The statistic speaks clearly: it is certainly more affordable to retain your old customers than look for new ones. In short, once you admit this fact, you will be keen to provide as satisfying customer service as possible to keep your current clients.

4. Get testimonials and results of your customers

Stay in touch with your customers! This way you can easily get to know the results they are achieving with your products or services. Thanks to these testimonials and case studies from your customers you can find other possibilities on how to help and improve your customer services. If you casually ask your customers how your product or service has helped them, they will be flattered that you value their opinion.

5. Build relationship

The power of a trusting relationship should be never underestimated. For instance, you have already invested time and money into getting your customers so in that case, why not to do everything you can to keep them as well? A quick call to see how they are doing or if everything is in order is a great cause for customer loyalty. Your ongoing support and attention will definitely help you to build a long-term relationship with your clients.

Katrium has a great relationship with its customers. We hope you enjoyed reading about these 5 reasons to keep in touch with your customers. You can find out more about our services here.

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