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Outbound Call Center: How Is It Different From Inbound?

Outbound call center makes calls that aim to reach specific group targets’ needs to obtain information and, eventually, conduct research. Many people are interested in having a telephone service for their business to improve the efficiency of their customer service. However, for some of us, the differences between outbound and inbound call centers are still unclear.

Outbound Call Center

In fact, we are talking about whether the call center makes the calls or not. The outbound telephone center makes calls with the purpose of communicating with customers. These calls can be about enquiries, welcoming new customers, asking for feedback or confirming offers. Thus, these calls aim to provide more than simple customer service.

This type of service offers essential benefits. It can improve company’s performance, quality, growth, and communication. In short, the outgoing phone service is very useful. It consists almost exclusively of outgoing calls. It needs expert operators, good call planning, and the right tools to provide for making calls.

Inbound Call Center

The inbound call center takes care of incoming calls. It is mostly presenting itself as a customer service that can answer customer questions, or solve problems. Customers can call this type of call center whenever they need assistance with a company’s specific product or service. Hence, an inbound call center receives the customer calls.

Combining Call Centers

These two types of call centers are different and serve a different purpose. For this reason, it is better to separate these two activities from each other and find sufficient human resources. However, a company may decide to combine call centers, ensuring that the operators offer both services.

Every company needs to understand what kind of call center they need to optimize their business. It can equip itself with the most suitable tools to maximize the quality and speed of work. An inbound call center requires an appropriate management system to monitor calls and store customer information. An outbound telephone center, in turn, requires a complex software. This should allow you to facilitate every activity, monitor the activities of the operators, and preserve the information found during the call.

Katrium Offers Flexible Call Center Solutions

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