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Inbound Contact Center: How Is It Different From Outbound?

Inbound contact center can be an excellent opportunity for increasing profitability thanks to its part-time formula. Inbound contact services receive calls from customers to provide them with information and explanations. At the same time, outbound contact centers perform more complex tasks. It calls potential customers for sales purposes in hopes of closing deals.

What Is A Contact Center?

As its name suggests, a contact center it is a call center. The people who work there are responsible for the sale of products or services and customer service. Until the 90s, this activity was exclusively for large companies that were responsible for customer service, surveys or telemarketing. Since the 21st century, thanks to the spread of modern telematics systems, it is also possible to start a company alone in this field. In addition, it is possible to work remotely and use partners, including remote working.

Differences Between Outbound And Inbound Contact Center

Choosing either can change the way you run your business.

  • Outbound contact center makes calls that aim to reach specific group targets’ needs to obtain information and, eventually, conduct research. Generally, an outbound call center contract is based on a fixed plus fee based on “closed” contracts (i.e. signed by the caller).
  • Inbound contact center responds to user contacts, file a complaint, or report a malfunction. That is why it is offered by companies that offer services or sell products. Usually, the fee for an inbound call center operator is fixed.

Inbound and outbound call centers, which one should open

What type of call center should I open? Inbound or Outbound? This depends on the attitudes and organizational skills of those who decide to open one. For example, those who can train, manage, and coordinate a team of reporters may prefer an outgoing type. Those who prefer a more theoretical-technical education may prefer to start inbound type in a specific field. However, there is no lack of companies that perform both inbound and outbound contact services. This option requires a reasonable amount of initial capital, as more employees and more space are needed.

Inbound Contact Center – Katrium

Katrium operates as an outsourcing company that offers versatile services, including inbound contact center services. The contact center is a way for the company to reach customers and do what they want you to do. Not only when they have problems, but also for other purposes. A good customer relationship through the implementation of the right contact center is Katrium’s primary goal.

To attain the customers’ trust, companies should build strong relationships with their customers. Katrium can do it by establishing a valuable connection and communication between the customers and the company itself. Each service is thought and tailored to satisfy different companies’ needs, and Katrium will do it for you.

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