VoIP Application To Stay Connected With Customers

VoIP, or more specifically Voice over Internet Protocol, is a technology system that allows you to make voice calls using a high-speed Internet connection instead of a traditional (or analog) telephone line. Since customer engagement has become the most essential goal of any business, it is important to focus more on the interactions between customers and the business.

VoIP And Competitive Market

In a competitive market, the customer will choose to stay with the company that demonstrates customer care. The creation of a contact center aims to support and advise corporate clients who need it. It was then that the development of technology in terms of digitalization came to life. It is therefore a wise decision for the technological investment of a company, capable of maintaining customer relationship management in a modern way. The world’s digital population consists of people who actively use the Internet. Thus, it is strongly suggested to use voice over Internet protocol more in a professional environment. It is voice communication and it means the technological result combined by hardware and software that allows people to make phone calls over the Internet.

In fact, people use internet phone calls every day. We can see the practice of VoIP through popular applications for computers, laptops or smartphones such as Facebook voice/video calls, Whatsapp or Skype. Compared to traditional methods of interacting with customers, what makes the internet phone call market more potential?

Benefits of VoIP

Internet phone calls provide benefits to both customers and businesses. Internet phone call system supports the business by reducing operational costs in many aspects. Monthly phone bills can be reduced by 20-50% using internet phone call system.

In international business, staying in touch with customers abroad is one of the daily business activities. The traditional business phone line is far too expensive for the company to make multiple international calls per day. Additionally, by having a internet phone call system, the business can spend less on phone bills when contacting the business contact center via the Internet. With the traditional business phone line, every second the customer connects to the business costs. This may be a reason why customers may be hesitant to make the decision to call the customer contact center.

Value-Added Services To Customers

Customers will appreciate if the company gives them more options to connect with the company. Customers should feel that there are no obstacles for responsible staff to obtain information relating to their problem. The VoIP system helps improve customer service aspects. Every customer interaction can be recorded, observed and analyzed. The company can see the duration of each call or the quality of phone calls. From there, the company will need to have the plan to significantly improve customer service through the contact center. Additionally, every customer will always be connected in one way or another. Additionally, the company may also decide to transfer the customer’s call to the responsible line, office or person. Finally, customers will benefit from a better commerce connection experience.

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