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Internship Abroad: My Unforgettable Experience

Internship abroad was an excellent opportunity to speed up my career, develop foreign languages and give my CV a boost to increase job offers when I return to my home country. If you feel that you need suitable work experience that will increase companies’ interest in your CV and you also want to improve your English or other foreign language skills in the workplace, this could be the right option for you. By training abroad, you not only improve your language skills, but the participants always agree that you also gain self-confidence, enrich yourself on a personal level, get in touch with professionals from different parts of the world and learn how they think and work in different cultures or companies in your field on an international level.

The internship helped me reorient myself and get my first work experience. I got to know different professions, met new people and discovered what the new host country could offer me. It is also considered an excellent addition to a CV as many companies prefer applicants with this experience. In addition to this, an internship abroad is very positive for the beginning of your career. It increases your chances of success in an increasingly globalized world of work, especially in international companies where this is an attractive requirement.

By interning abroad, you have the opportunity to work with people from different backgrounds and get an overview of the economic and cultural aspects of the host country.

Advantages Of Doing Internship Abroad

  • You can discover a new country (or more than one) and immerse yourself in its culture.
  • Adapting to a foreign culture makes you more flexible and highly adaptable.
  • You get a good understanding of the culture and operations of a company operating abroad.
  • In the course of weeks, you will improve your foreign language skills or supplement your existing ones.
  • From the point of view of your future, it is useful that you start building an international network of professional contacts.
  • You will acquire valuable cross-cultural skills (also known as “soft skills”) that are in high demand in companies.
  • Alone abroad, you learn to solve problems yourself. You will become much more determined, much more confident and independent.
  • You will get valuable references for your CV.

Language skills

For most companies, good language skills are a prerequisite for an internship. Especially in English, the language of Shakespeare is a clear necessity today. If you do not have a sufficient level of English for your program, a language course will help you refresh and improve your language skills. The cooking course is also a perfect opportunity to get to know the country, experience the culture and meet people before starting the training.


There are many reasons why you should do your internship abroad, including the career development it offers. Besides, if you don’t try to take advantage of this opportunity now, when will you? Never put off until tomorrow what you can do today! As cliche as it is, it’s some of the best advice you can get!

Here’s one of the reasons why I chose Estonia: Make your Erasmus internship in Estonia!

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