Make your Erasmus internship in Estonia!

If you do your Erasmus internship in Tallinn, you will be able to enjoy that beautifull city at any time of the year.

Are you thinking about where you should go for your Erasmus internship? Estonia is the most visited country in the Baltic Republics. It is a tourist and student destination. Tallinn’s medieval old town, beautiful beaches lapped by the Baltic Sea, and abundant nature are among the country’s main attractions.

Tallinn is one of the most beautiful capitals in Europe. The old town is the best-preserved medieval city in Northern Europe. You will find a super picturesque with colorful tiny houses, gothic churches, and impressive defensive structures by visiting it.

But it is a mistake to think that Estonia is just Tallinn. The truth is that this Baltic country has countless beautiful places. Most Erasmus students who come to the country love to take group trips to picturesque locations such as Pärnu, Haapsalu, or any national parks.

The figures

And for all these reasons, more and more students are choosing Estonia. A study conducted by Euroestudent confirmed this trend showing a ranking of the top destinations:

Estonia stands out with 51%, making it the 4th most popular destination after Turkey, Italy, and Georgia.

And it’s not just about data. Estonia is an international country, with people from all over the world with whom you can meet and exchange thoughts, ideas, and customs.

Why choose Estonia for your Erasmus internship?

Worry about the language?

The official language of Estonia is Estonian, a Finno-Ugric language. With its Finnish and Hungarian, it is one of few non-Indo-European languages that remains in the old continent. Consequently, it is different from anything you’ve ever heard before. Rich in vowels and beautiful sounds, the Estonian language has a long literary heritage, making learning worthwhile even if it could be difficult at the start.

But if you’re wondering whether language might be an obstacle… the answer is no. Fortunately, English is widely spoken throughout the country by people from all walks of life, especially by younger people. So don’t worry, you can enjoy Estonia without learning the language.

Education for Erasmus students

Estonia has a long history of higher education. The first university, the University of Tartu, was founded in 1632, making it one of the oldest universities in northern Europe.

On the other hand, Estonia is known as “the king of start-ups” because it has more than 1000 start-ups, so they need staff and help from students worldwide. Hundreds of international students come to Estonia every year through Erasmus scholarships and internship programs such as Erasmus+ or “ViveEuropa.”

Tartu is one of the favorite places to visit for Erasmus students

Enjoy that lovely culture during your Erasmus!!

Heritage is also an essential part of Tallinn and Tartu. Tallinn’s Old Town is like stepping into a fairy tale, with ivy-covered walls, towers, and countless churches. The Old Town is also home to restaurants serving traditional Estonian food and shops selling traditional products.

But many Estonians will tell you that the country’s real treasure is its nature. From national parks to stony beaches and pine forests, there’s a lot of nature waiting to be explored in such a small country.

purple flowers on brown wooden pathway

Some countries bet on their future, and what better way to bet on education. From the very first moment here, they understood that the most significant capital in the area of knowledge is precisely that knowledge. And it is thanks to this extraordinary commitment to education that Estonia has 51% of the world’s top places to study or do internships. Because of that, Estonia has become a reference in the information society and a pole in attracting talent.

Ours experiencies

That’s why Katrium OÜ encourages you to do your university or vocational training internship with us. “I believe that an international experience away from home, where you face the real world and test yourself, is fundamental in any student’s career,” Steven, one of our latest interns, told us.

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