This is why an international contact center suits me.

The wish to live abroad.

I used to live in a cold country in the Nordics, Sweden. I never liked the winter with snow and ice. But for a long time, I dreamed about moving away from Sweden to a warmer country. I used to joke about being born in the wrong country. As I said, this is a crazy idea, I have had for a long time.

Nevertheless, there has always been one thing that makes me hesitate, how will I make money and survive? My experience and former jobs include customer service, contact center, and sales representative. I also worked for a big logistics company in HK in the USA. And my boss was in the European headquarters in Amsterdam. Therefore, all the work and meetings were in English, so I would have no problem working in an international environment with English-speaking businesses and companies. So I started looking for jobs where you don’t have to live in one specific country. As I metioned, I want to travel ,and see the world, and work as a freelancer.

I quickly discovered that many international and Swedish companies are looking to hire people for their contact centers. And that you can work as a freelance where ever you live.

Contact center/Call center

I always wonder what the difference between customer service and contact center is. I don’t really don’t know. But customer service more or less just working with the phone as a call center, taking inbound calls, making outbound calls, and often handling a high volume of calls. At the same time, a contact center works with different channels. It does many other things: invoicing, some marketing, and usually taking care of the social media and the chat channel. This is my opinion about the differences and also my experience from my former jobs.

Outsourcing as a booster

When I started to look around for jobs, I also realized that companies often choose to outsource their contact centers. For example, Swedish companies need Swedish-speaking staff but only hiring the staff through other companies. And this is perfect for me because when you are not working for a specific company you don’t need to be at their particular office you can live all over the world.

This is probably also why I, from the beginning, needed help finding jobs. I looked around some specific companies’ homepages for work but yet to find them. Now, I found some companies with many different jobs to offer from companies that choose to outsource their projects. When you decide to work like this with other positions for various companies, you get a lot of good experience. Working in an international contact center means I can use all my experience, and I know I do a great job.

As you probably already figured out, I quit my permanent job in Sweden a while ago and have started my adventure worldwide. So if you have a similar crazy idea like me, I can just say: Go for it! Working in an international environment at a contact center like this at least suits me!

And a good company that works internationally and can help you with your dream of becoming a freelance worker is Katrium.

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The Six Keys to Article Writing to Casinos

Nowadays, casinos must have helpful articles and advertisements that differentiate them from others casinos. Furthermore, giving more opportunities to reach more people increases their chances of gaining a larger market share.

In this blog, we will explain the keys to writing a good article for casinos. As we explained before, a good essay can make the difference between catching as many clients and making your investment profitable or just wasting your budget without getting enough income.

6 keys casinos article

So, let’s explain the six keys that will make your article more profitable than ever:

1.The title must be engaging and straightforward; you won’t lie doing clickbait because later, probably too many clients will be angry with you. Moreover, they won’t play more in your casino, and they will let a bad review harm your reputation. As a result, the other potential players won’t play in your casinos.

2.You need to focus on the issue you are writing about; for example, if you are speaking about roulette online, you can compare it in the same article with other games to see the advantages of roulette. Still, your essay can’t be full of comparatives; you must write about roulette most of the time.

Eyecatcher casinos article

ace cards casino deck

3.Your article should have some figures, numbers, graphics, etc. It would be best if you used things that keep the reader’s focus on the report. If the item is full of text, the reader will probably be bored, and he will stop reading. Therefore, you need to find the balance boring the reader and overwhelming him. Moreover, you should use an active voice, making the reader feel part of the text and making the book more attractive and exciting to him.

4.It’s fundamental to your blogs or articles to be comfortable and quick to find and share, so your webpage must be helpful and straightforward, but that doesn’t mean that your blog must also be crappy; again, you need to find the perfect balance.

5.The article must highlight the advantages of playing in your casino compared to playing in other casinos. Moreover, you must also highlight the things that your business is doing and are well looked at by the public -for example, with the environment, equality between women and men, etc. The things that make your company stand out from the others.

6.At the end of the article, you should do a section highlighting the most critical things about the item; as before, you can’t be too short because this is also a section. Still, even you can’t be too long because this is a summary of the most important things of your text; once again, the balance is the most important thing.

Keep in mind

In conclusion, your article must be: the topic must be easy to understand, you need to focus on the same thing, involve the reader, interesting.
If you follow these easy tricks, your articles, blogs, and advertisements will be more attractive to the readers. He will recommend your writing to others, reaching more potential readers, which means getting more income and making your articles more profitable.

In this field, Katrium has a lot of experience. They offer a wide range of highly qualified and multilingual freelancers to offer you the best blogs.

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Outsourcing to Content Developers

Outsourcing of services is common among companies, consisting of ceding tasks in specific business areas to other people or companies.

For years, companies from different sectors have been outsourcing as a helpful tool. As a result, it speeds up their processes, covers functions in which they are not specialized, makes their financial resources profitable, and capitalizes on the human components.

In certain outsourcing types, such as marketing consultancy or business process management, strong relationships are established between the company requesting and offering the service. Outsourcing implies a thorough knowledge of the culture, work systems, objectives, strategies, and other information about the client company.

The outsourcing service provider must work almost as a partner rather than as a mere supplier. Logically, confidentiality is strict, and mutual collaboration must be complete.


In the business world, specialization is increasingly deep. It has the functional capacity to cover the “holes” caused by the need for high fiels. This has many advantages and some disadvantages. For example, surrounding areas where the company does not generate resources.

Therefore, new requirements appear, and it becomes necessary to renew the offer of services that did not exist until now. We can outsource content, as an example, which consists of outsourcing the creation, review, maintenance, and content development for the media.

Therefore, a collaboration offer allows the media to have a complete editorial department. Including journalists, photographers or illustrators specialized in different subjects, without facing the expenses that these professionals’ maintenance within the company’s staff would imply.

Firstly, content development is one of the most complicated tasks for companies with blogs on their web pages. It is essential to have a suitable methodology and strategy to be of quality and rank in Google. For this reason, content outsourcing is one of the best alternatives for companies to have specialized quality content without making a significant investment.

Secondly, the entrepreneur analyze and giving their opinion on the area’s subject under their responsibility. Only some has the skills, patience, and much less the expertise to order and write an idea in a fluid and grammatically correct manner.

Hence, companies ideally have a marketing department or area that develops, implements, manages, and analyses each of the actions implemented. But for many, it is more convenient to outsource content development services to a company or a freelance writer with sufficient experience.

More than just publishing

The experience of content developers shows that outsourcing is not only required by companies dedicated to publishing and article reviews, as many companies specialize in distribution. However, content development sometimes needs to generate new ideas or articles on specialized subjects, which their teams cannot produce.

Moreover, the wording of the search engine article is essential. This is where most of your traffic will come from. No matter how you write your content, it would help if you weighed each decision’s pros and cons. Indeed, you will want to optimize your keywords correctly to get the best search engine rankings.

The advantages of outsourcing your article’s writing are that you can develop the piece without creating the work. Another professional outsourcing is that you will have experienced writers who know what they do in article writing and reviews. They know how to find low-competition keywords to structure your article, allowing you to get sales quickly.

Content development and writing are often skills that require a lot of practice to improve. While there are more talented people in these activities, the experience is the one that makes a big difference in publishing quality content.

Outsourcing services allow you to count on the support of an expert who will undoubtedly improve your content quality. Furthermore, he will be a determining factor in achieving the expected results.

Another reason for outsourcing content is to reduce fixed costs. You only pay for the work requested by outsourcing this service. Moreover, you do not incur holiday expenses, compensation, or taxes.

The disadvantage of outsourcing is that you will have to pay for it. Besides, you never know what you will get from your article writer. However, freelance writers are usually accompanied by proofreaders to avoid mistakes in the content.

Outsourcing where?

crop businessman giving contract to woman to sign

Choosing who to outsource to is a crucial decision. In the end, the only person responsible for the client is you. For example, if you have a mobile phone company and outsource a courier company to deliver your products to the customers. If those products arrive late, get lost along the way, or are damaged by unreliable transport, you will have a bad image in the customer’s eyes. First, ensure you only deal with professionals who keep your right name in front of the users.

The most innovative outsourcing aspect is that it provides excellent economic and management advantages. In addition, it facilitates innovation and the regeneration of services. It also allows many professionals specializing in the company’s different areas and needs to achieve a very high-quality level without increasing fixed costs.

Outsourcing also provides numerous advantages, such as a greater concentration on the business’s activity and maximizing resources by directing them only to the company’s primary activity, or enriching ideas provided by external advice. All this accelerates the company’s growth and better levels of service provision without incurring high costs.

Need of Outsourcing

Above all, outsourcing is an unstoppable phenomenon. New solutions for new needs in a market environment in which companies’ specialization is increasing. Meanwhile, the quality of professionals and work and processes are increasingly higher. Fortunately, in this field, Katrium has shown long experience combined with high-quality standards, always encouraged to meet customer needs.

The market is full of products and services that meet the requirements to be in it. Likewise, the generation of content for a brand is increasingly relevant. If our objective is to be sustainable over time, we must be relevant and differentiate ourselves.

It is essential to keep up with your industry’s events and behave like an authentic brand and be aware of your customers’ needs. Renewing, reinventing ourselves, and knowing the trends is the new way of trading.