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Internship Experience with Katrium: A Valuable Learning Journey


Internship experience is an exciting milestone in any student’s academic and professional journey. To sum up, looking back on the last few months of my internship, I am filled with accomplishments, growth, and gratitude. Through this article, I aim to provide a glimpse into my experiences, invaluable lessons, and developments I encountered along the way.

The Start of My Internship Experience

Firstly, stress and uncertainty are normal states of mind before starting any new experience. On the very first day of my experience I was included in a dynamic and diverse work environment. After adapting to the group, the first step is to familiarize yourself with the company’s operations, structure and culture. With the guidance of office manager Viktoria and the mentoring of CEO Katri, I was able to practice soft skills. The supportive and collaborative work atmosphere made the environment where it was great to learn and grow.

Engaging Projects

One of the most rewarding aspects of my internship was the opportunity to take part in real-world projects. The first one was about managing staff email, which required a lot of responsibility from me. It gave an opportunity to apply practical knowledge.

A few weeks later I was given a personal project that I worked on for over a month. This project was to generate content, and administrate the blog website. I felt a lot of responsibility on this, and it felt very rewarding. I gained various transferable skills, which I believe will be useful in my professional life. After dealing with the content creation by myself I got an opportunity to teach an another intern to do the same. As a result of transferring my knowledge, I felt a great sense of achievement.

Overcoming Challenges

No internship experience is a good experience without challenges. Adapting to new processes, meeting deadlines, and effectively collaborating with team members required patience and problem-solving skills. One of the most important learning outcomes is to ask questions.

I was able to overcome the difficulties of the tasks by asking questions. No one is going to judge you, if you ask questions. You are able to gain a great deal of knowledge by communicating with the higher staff.

Each obstacle served as a valuable learning opportunity, and overcoming them contributed to my personal and professional growth.

Some of the repetitive working tasks, as managing databases, or handling emails, may feel boring. One possible solution here is to learn doing such working tasks faster.

Personal and Professional Growth

As the internship progressed, I witnessed significant growth within myself, personally and professionally. The exposure to challenges, gaining practical skills, and the cultivation of a professional mindset have undoubtedly prepared me for the next steps of my future career.

In addition to technical skills, I developed a work ethic, effective communication and an eye for detail – the soft skills that will surely serve me well in the future.

Internship Experience – Overall

My internship experience with Katrium has been an invaluable learning experience that has left a lasting impact on my personal and professional growth. From the nervous beginning to the confident end, I have seen how I have developed into a more skilled and capable person.

Customer Experience

Customer Satisfaction: 5 Vital Metrics to Track

Customer experience (CX) is widely recognized by organizations, as per Gartner, as the primary driver of competitive advantage. Therefore, any rationale that advocates for exceptional customer experience (CX) becomes straightforward.

Since CX is quite versatile and complex, it will (it is) be realistic to say that a well-detailed CX will comprise comparing several CX data from multiple angles.

The question now will become, what aspect of the metrics will be worthy of measurement and again? How do we get the particular set of metrics that can comfortably show in detail customers’ opinions towards your brand?

Let’s get down to business. We will now show you the major 5 metrics which when analysed together can give you a detailed insight into CX. 

The Net Promoter Score (NPS): Unpacking the Power of Customer Experience

Confidence is one of the major reasons a customer will go on to make recommendations for your product or services to another person, be it a friend, colleagues, or neighbor. Likewise, if your product or services are no good, customers will scream out loud to prevent others from buying it. Generally, the Net Promoter Score (NPS) is what you need. It measures the rate at which customers will be willing to make recommendations for your company.

Rating a brand by customers is usually done on a scale of 0 to 1. Any score below 6 will be noted as “detractors” and customers giving your brand a rating of 7 or 8 are still double-minded and can easily switch to another brand. Any score that comes between 9 or 10 is the scores we regard as “promoters”. Now, if we are to calculate the NPS, we will be subtracting the percentage of detractor customers from the percentage of promoter customers. 

The result obtained from the NPS is usually an accurate and reliable way to rate general customer experience. Even though the result might appear to be blunt. Coincidentally, the developer of the system, BAIN, which is a consulting firm, supported this NPS theory when he demonstrated the way business growth is associated with NPS. There’s also space right after the NPS where the CX picture can be made more colourful.

Therefore, it is necessary to make NPS the very first thing you check when you rate your Customer Experience (CX).

Churn and Retention Rates: Key Metrics for Gauging Customer Loyalty

For Churn, organizations analyse the number of customers usually in percentage that quit from service within a given period. While Retention shows the percentage of customers that remain in the service within a period of time. So, it can be said that the Churn and retention rates simultaneously show the same thing. In other words, both can say to show off NPS as being able to illustrate the overall CX.

There are 2 major reasons why churn and retention appears to be among key indicators of customer experience;

  • First of all, it can shed off the part that says customers take their leave for dissatisfaction purposes. They both do show overall customer experience to some extent.
  • Again, you should consider reducing churn. It’s quite costly to keep getting new customers that will take the place of those customers that left the organization.

Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) Metrics: Gauging Client Contentment

You can take a look at the Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) when you want to see the factors behind customer churn. The 5-point scale (from poor to excellent) is usually used when measuring customer’s satisfaction. It is necessary to increase the number of responses you receive because 

We can generally say that the most valuable thing about CSAT score is that it helps to pinpoint the specific area of their products or services that customers don’t find good enough.

Customer Effort Score (CES)

Even though both Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) and Net Promoter Score (NPS) will provide you with a balanced image of both the negative and positive aspects of customer experience. The CES tends to give more precise details of what may hinder the good Customer Experience (CX).

CES focuses more on requests from customers to use the scale of very easy to very difficult when rating their Experience.

In other words, CES asks customers today how easy or difficult it was for them to use their products or services. As well as have their customer service issues resolved.

Therefore, the primary aim of conducting a CX survey is to help know how easy customers find using your products and services. The CES which tends to show a more accurate image of this aim becomes very valuable and important.

Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)

Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) is all about analysing the foreseen net profit of lifespan of each customer relationship.

In as much as a company’s way of measuring their CLV may be a bit different from another company’s. It will be worthwhile to bear in mind 2 major reasons why CLV is important.

  • The first thing to note is that the majority of customer experience prefers to make an investment. You should know that too many investments will decrease generated profits. Therefore, it is necessary that you supervise the net profit of your customers. This will be your guide towards their investment and increasing profits.
  • Secondly, checking the CLV with time will help you know if your customers really love your products or services or are just enduring it for some reason.

Customer Satisfaction Metrics; Knowing the Best Way to Respond

Customer experience is multifaceted, and each CX metric method we’ve discussed contributes distinct insights to the overall CX assessment. These metrics provide valuable information about customer satisfaction, encompassing both current and historical perspectives.

So, my advice to you if you’d love to have an extensive picture of what your customer experience looks like. Study these multiple methods for a longer period of time. This will enable you to create the best and stronger strategy for your Customer Experience.

Learn more about the importance of customer satisfaction or other blogs by checking our blog page.

business optimisation

Business Optimisation: Virtual Assistant Increases Your Productivity

Business optimisation occurs through hiring virtual assistants. In today’s fast-moving business world, efficiency and productivity are the keys to success. Recently, an innovative solution to this challenge has gained in popularity: delegating tasks to virtual assistants (VAs). Qualified and trained, they can play a crucial role in optimising your business in a number of areas.

Virtual Assistant Benefits For Business Optimisation

For example, imagine that you no longer have to deal with the flood of emails flooding your inbox. These AVs can sort and organize your emails, allowing you to focus on tasks that are relevant to your business. In addition, they can manage your diary, plan meetings and help you make the most of your time.

Data entry

Data entry, which is often tedious, is another task that our assistants can take on. Collecting, sorting or entering data, they are qualified to use the software of your choice. They can also play a key role in managing your finances by recording your expenses, reminding you of payment deadlines and ensuring accurate accounting.

Market research

But competitive intelligence is also an integral part of successful business optimisation. Our experts can conduct in-depth research to keep you up to date with market trends and industry news. They can compile detailed reports to help you make informed decisions.

Social Media Management

In an increasingly digitized world, social media management has become essential. Our experts can create and publish content on your platforms. They can also reply to comments and direct messages. This makes it possible to maintain an active online presence.

Customer Service

Customer service is one of the key elements of any business. Our VAs can manage post-sales support via email, phone, chat or other platforms, ensuring a quick and efficient response to your customers’ concerns.

Project Management

Project management can be complicated, but they can help you organize and track your project progress using tools like Asana. This allows you to better manage resources and meet deadlines. Explore the diverse abilities of virtual assistants at Katrium!

Business Optimisation – More Benefits

Search engine optimization (SEO) is essential for generating leads, but it requires the creation of quality content. Our experts can contribute to your SEO strategy by creating content and implementing strategies according to your goals and target audience.

Our virtual assistants can search for the best travel deals, prepare detailed itineraries and take care of all travel planning. This way you save valuable time by avoiding the hassle of booking and you can travel with peace of mind knowing that every detail has been taken into account. They can also transcribe meetings, audio or video files and provide formatted text documents for future reference.

Finally, our experts can be actively involved in lead generation by creating prospect lists and initiating conversations with potential clients. This can help increase your sales funnel and develop your customer base.

Business Optimisation – Conclusion

In conclusion, virtual assistants have proven to be a great asset to your business optimisation. Their extensive expertise and versatility in many fields offer enormous opportunities. By entrusting these tedious and time-consuming tasks to these VAs, you can free up valuable time that can be reinvested in focusing on high-value assignments and projects.

By making the most of their input, you can optimize the overall effectiveness of your business by focusing on activities that have a real impact. Ultimately, virtual assistants can be seen as partners in achieving greater success and productivity.