What to do if customers do not buy?

Let's imagine a situation where Company A asks an offer from Company B for their services. Company B sends their best possible offer to Company A, but eventually they decide to buy the service that they need from Company C. How often has this happened to you and what did you do? In this kind … Continue reading What to do if customers do not buy?

Think Global, Translate to Local

Does your company have a website in other languages than your own? If not, maybe you should consider all the benefits that translating your website to other commonly used languages would bring. Having websites in both your native language and in English is a good start, but is it enough? You never know who might … Continue reading Think Global, Translate to Local


As you might have already heard, European Union has a set of new regulations coming into effect in regards to collecting contact data of private individuals – the set of regulations is known shortly as GDPR. So far companies have had a change to use private individuals’ information for, for example, marketing without having the … Continue reading GDPR – MARKETERS’ NIGHTMARE OR NOT