Effective Media Monitoring for your company

Spread a Wide Net

High-standard social media is one of many media that is efficient as a way of strategy monitoring. 

Other media that are also efficient include bloggers, journalists, and other publications media. Essential audiences use the knowledge acquired from this media to impact positively and build more dialogue with the communities where they belong. This insight, however, comes from many sources. You should monitor and make sure you mention your brand.

More so, pay attention to matters relating to your brand and track your competitors always to be aware of the threats. Doing these will open new opportunities for the customers to know more about the product. These will inform them about the product roadmap and let them know what to expect in the future and the brand’s success.

Specific time intervals

These rings are for content method and repetitions in the years, quarters, months, and weeks. Any event that occurs today may likely affect the activities of tomorrow. Benchmarking your content performance through monitoring will provide you a particular viewpoint and insight.

The method gives you a different view of success and social media practices, including growth opportunities. It also focuses on specific time intervals and trends. The reason is to see how your audiences will interact with competitor products and industry traits. And even your content. Find out what media predictions are about the product. 

numeric drawing of 2 faces, one man and one woman facing eachother, with in the background the spiderweb on the social medias relationship and lots of small pictures of people

An automated method of working

Listening and reporting take time. As a result, the media monitoring industry is overgrowing. That increase has come with unique technology and services.  Email alerts and outsourced reports are an incredible way to reduce any monitoring workflow. Likewise, with the right technology, you can create many sorts of computerized reports.

Daily assurance reporting is necessary for your internal and external communications for an efficient strategy monitoring. Peak or quantity threshold signals will keep you up to date with any trending content. And also, with different subject matter with an extended high rate, convenience stores, or social authors mentioning essential topics.

Support other teams

Each employer is specific, and success criteria will alternate at some stage in the year. Insurance wants to remain relevant, and your analysis accurate. Thus, knowing what extraordinary group to watch out for in your reporting is critical. For those who speak badly about your company online, find out what they are saying. Are their conversations similar to each other?

Is it a significant issue? Use these facts to inform your support teams to help to build a new proactive strategy plan. Your competitors will also trade their policies occasionally, ignoring what they are doing. Instead, use that content material with your team, Identify new opportunities, and build on them.

Continual planning

As the audience enters into new matters and trends, you must recognize how to interact with them and continuously revise your outbound strategy plan. Whether you execute a campaign or launch a product, use the event as an opportunity to assess the technique and your marketing plan and

Work carefully with your media monitoring personnel. Doing this, you ensures that your services and the technologies work at their full potential.


New customer experience.

A balance between humanity and the system of automation

Automation is the right way for an organization to reduce customer service expenses while making their services fast and well-fitting for customer requests. But what do buyers think about this?

Good customer experience is essential for digital bot service providers. Statistics show that consumers in 2020 are more reluctant to have faith in chatbots, more than 63 % of customers like the chatbots’ carrier, which is more comfortable and easier for human services. However, customers still prefer using automated services.

Customer hyper-personalized experiences

Chatbots can be helpful for marketing and income-generating. They are built-in applications like Facebook Messenger and Twitter to respond to consumer messages.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) can take care of more extra queries than humans, bringing faster results.

Consumers prefer a personal experience more than ever and also want the company information to make decisions according to history. More than 75% of shoppers buy from a company that already knows its name and has its purchase history.

Customers value transparency

A company’s integrity is crucial in customer services and transparency in advertising, pricing, and business practices. These principles help build and keep confidence between the company and the consumers by maintaining records or data of the customers improves the integrity and openness of the company.

Appreciate proper messaging that coincides with a brand’s values, dishonesty in a digital age may lose the client who had faith that took years to build. Look for digital transparency practices to enhance and go above & past the GDPR to view the customer.

drawing of a smartphone  showing a green chatbot

The hype around AI

AI could also be one of the most disruptive technologies that have existed for a long time. Many client experience tendencies are based on AI developments; about 38% of corporations use some AI technology. These result in transforming the digital purchaser trip as we understand it.

At the end of the year 2020, more than 62% of companies could be using AI technology.

Overall, there are masses of exciting new customer journey developments in the digital world. Also, many of these are based chiefly on disruptive new technologies such as AI. It is essential to be up to date on these traits as the trend is continually changing.

Customer data protection

There are many ways of improving information Safety for companies. One example is digital safety attention campaigns and making digital security an obligatory section for online training.

Statistics show that more than 72 % of frauds are prompted using fraudulent business enterprise emails; this can be a positive method.


Last 5 years, changes in the Contact Center Industry

As you all know, our working mode has drastically changed as technology evolved and following the hiv-19 pandemic. Let’s see what changes in the contact center industry with Prashant Sharma, the current Country Manager for Spearline’s Ahmedabad office, being asked a few questions.

Let’s see the dialogue with Prashant Sharma during the Engineer’s Day celebration in 2019.

Let us know your personal and professional background before discussing the contact center Industry.

I recently accepted the opportunity to relocate to Ahmedabad to become the Country Manager at Spearline. I started with the job description, where my primary aim is to supervise all Spearline India office operations while working on the plan to expand three different departments in India. All departments with smooth and productive processes are the product of my hard work as I become the spokesperson for Indian operation’s top management.

Customer service center

What has the Contact Center Industry changed over the past five years?

Businesses these days cannot do without the Contact Center Industry, which has recently made the Contact Center Industry be in the higher part of each business. It provides the medium by which companies and their end-users interact regularly. The best part of it is that it is economical and profitable. A lot of improvements have been made globally concerning contact centers as technology is advances. These changes were quite drastic over the past five years. The KPIs have become the priority for organizations in these last years as they channel their concentration to customer satisfaction and experience with a low-cost budget.

Testing for audio quality and connectivity is what the Spearline platform offers as support to contact centers by supervising their global number. Doing this resulted in a cost-effective, reasonable, and improved customer experience, leading to drastic growth in the industry’s business. The old technological method of the contact center has fizzled out as the contact center is now cloud-based. It has become very economical and provides less risk than any other recently-available method. Over 70% of organizations have chosen the cloud-hosted contact center solution by 2018. 

These past five years have become tremendous years of growth for contact centers. The Philippines and India are topping the chart, thereby taking the Asia-Pacific region off the chart. They were previously the most preferred place for setting contact centers by many companies.

What kind of challenges have contact centers approached you?

The contact center’s major challenge recently has been proper interaction and customer satisfaction. Customers prefer being attended to by authentic voices and not robotic automation and Artificial Intelligence.

The result from customers shows that they have a lesser chance of leaving feedback for contact centers and their services. But this is appalling because it will aid their improvement and development of their skills.

The use of social media has become a key priority of contact centers to advance their skills because it has been the endpoint of every end-user recently. 

Final Words

Generally speaking, the primary focus of contact centers is customer experience. This is what companies like Spearline try to provide solutions to through by their development of innovative technology. This will significantly improve global communication as both qualities of call and phone line connections are tested.

In the end, the customers of the call centers and staff will be satisfied. Time will be saved, and costs and expenses will become minimal.