The most important parts of SEO you need to get right

Digital marketing is now an essential part of our daily life. Moreover, your website needs to be in a good rank on search engines. 

That’s where SEO is becoming essential for companies. 

What SEO stands for? 

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, the natural referencing in search engines such as Google. 

It’s not a secret that SEO needs work. There are good tips to follow about the essential parts of SEO that every company should use to improve their website ranking.   

picture of a man doing a google research on his laptop SEO

Title tag

It’s the title of the page. It must be between 60 and 70 characters and contain your keywords.


It’s a small text that must be between 160 and 170 characters. It’s written just below the title tag in the search list. Its goal is to catch the user’s intention. 


These are the pages’ subtitles that will help your website’s clarity. It enables search engines to find their way around the website.


It must contain your keywords but no symbol or numbers. Moreover, to be protected, it must be written as HTTPS and not HTTP.


This tool tells the crawlers which pages you want them to crawl.


It’s the directory of your site. It helps search engines find their way inside your website.

Internal links

To help the search engine to discover your content, you can add links between your pages.


These are links from other sites to yours. The best is to have numerous links from high-authority sites.


It’s common now that people use their smartphones to look at websites more than their computers. So the website has to be compatible with the smartphone format.

Content quality

The page must provide accurate and helpful information about the topic the user wants while clicking on the page. Search engines want to rank the highest quality content at the top of the list. 


Search engines are looking for keywords to evaluate the quality of the content. They must be included in the title tag, H1 heading, meta description, and several times in the content.

picture of a google page open on a smartphone SEO

There are also tactics to avoid because they can be interpreted as low quality or spammy: 

  • Duplicated content
  • Add too less content
  • Use too many keywords
  • Have doorway pages
  • Hide text
  • Create false links

Conclusion :

Now you know all the important parts of SEO you must focus on to have the most significant possible impact. You are now ready to improve your site’s notoriety and visibility.

However, you can continually improve because more than 200 different ones can impact your site ranks in search engine results.

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The best SEO tips for higher rankings

In search engine optimization, a lot has changed, and many SEO suggestions are available. Some essential ideas, however, never change. It’s nearly impossible to decide which SEO strategies to use and which you can safely ignore with so many options available.

Instead, I want to share with you the top 10 SEO strategies you should be aware of to boost your website’s ranking immediately. Your blog will undoubtedly receive more organic traffic if you concentrate solely on these strategies, and you won’t risk receiving a Google penalty.

1.      Get rid of anything that makes your site sluggish

Users become frustrated by a slow pace, deters them from purchasing your goods. According to data from Strange Loop, a one-second delay in page load time can result in a staggering 7% loss in conversions. A slow site is seen as unreliable by prospective customers. Search engines also place a high priority on page speed. 40% of visitors leave a website that takes longer than 3 seconds to load, according to e-Consultancy.

Eliminate any unnecessary components that are slowing down your website. Consider disabling plugins you don’t indeed require if you use WordPress.

2.      Link to Other Websites with Relevant Content to improve SEO

Some believe linking to authoritative and pertinent content pages is damaging because it diverts users from your carrier. I don’t think so, though. Link building is still a crucial component of an intelligent SEO strategy. I routinely include respectable websites and sources in my links, even those of my direct rivals.

3.      When creating content, put people before search engines

When you’re writing, disregard the existence of Google and other search engines. Create stuff that will help someone instead. It’s referred to as SEO copywriting.

Funny enough, writing helpful content that search engines reward because they follow users happens when you put people first. The roles are not reversed. Concurrently, you’ll improve user experience and win over your audience’s trust.

4.      Request Links from Reputable Websites to Yours

Inbound links are crucial to search engine rankings to a considerable extent. Dofollow and nofollow links create a natural link profile that even Google will value.

More people will link to you naturally when you’re at the top in your field, producing helpful material and linking to reliable sites. The foundation of efficient connection building is this.

5.      Implement Web Analytics Right Away to level up the SEO

It would help if you had software to track what is working and what is not after properly establishing your search engine optimization goals. You can see where your site visitors click and how they leave using tools like Crazy Egg.

6.      Create a Special and Useful Meta description for Each Page

The dominant search engine generally dislikes duplicate content. There are instances when it is necessary to reference a sentence or paragraph from another website (along with a link to the original). Still, if producing duplicate material becomes your habit, achieving long-term success will be extremely difficult.

7.      Use a Clear, Simple URL Structure

If users have trouble reading or understanding your URL, search engines can also have trouble.

8.      Create traction using social signals

Social signals are significant, and social media is a critical component of SEO strategy. It would help if you concentrated on raising yours.

While social signals haven’t been factored into Google’s ranking algorithm, they impact search engine ranks. A number of case studies demonstrate the effect of social shares, likes, tweets, and pins on search engine rankings.

9.      Make Use of the Correct Image Keywords

Use appropriate keywords in the text and image names (like the caption). Naturally, this does not give authority for keyword stuffing. Always keep in mind that relevance, not originality or wit, is what matters most in picture search engine optimization.

10. Publish Original Content Regularly to Boost SEO

One element that affects this freshness score and, as a result, the search engine rankings for that particular page is the unique content.

The decision to market your company online means that you must produce original and valuable blog content.

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Sales Tools Recommendations

An organized sales department is a successful sales department. Some recommendations for sales tools are needed :

Whether a large or small business, you need tools to help you sell your products or services. The devices can help you find all the necessary data about your customers so your company can make decisions based on solid information. However, there are so many sales tools available that it can be challenging to determine which ones are right for your business.

There are different categories for sales tools, but the main ones are :

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • AccountBased Marketing (ABM)
  • Email Management
Someone who work with sales tools

 Today there is a multitude of sales tools. To help you be effective in the choice of these, we will give you some recommendations : 

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) : 

A CRM is software that monitors all interactions between a company and its customers within a database. This allows pooling and maximizing the knowledge of a given customer and, thus, to better understand, anticipate and manage his needs.

Monday is for small and medium-sized companies that don’t want to do the heavier implementation. Also, subscriptions are by no means expensive.

Zoho has a mobile application to feed your contacts and customers anytime. Certainly one of the best value solutions on the market.

Like Zoho, SalesForce allows you to evaluate each customer and prospect to trigger scenarios and tasks for the teams. The software’s plus point: it is connected to social networks and can track user engagement.

Account-Based Marketing (ABM) :

ABM is designed for B2B companies to target the most strategic accounts. Instead of canvassing all of your potential customers, it focuses on those customers most likely to engage quickly and bring you significant revenue.

Demandbase is named the ABM leader in 2022, enabling the evaluation of how clicks contribute to transactions, pipelines, and revenue at the individual or account level.

Marketo provides sales intelligence. Salespeople can quickly identify their high-value prospects, better understand buyer behavior and generate engagements that close deals.

Terminus connects your target accounts and allows marketers to create pipelines. They provide better performance with combined account experience.

Email Management :

Email management software is a tool that allows you to manage, categorize, organize and send emails.

Help Scout is email management software specifically designed to help teams professionally manage their email communications. It provides access to collaboration tools such as private notes to help you keep everyone informed. Adapt to small and medium-sized enterprises.

Sendinblue allows you to write and send an email to an unlimited number of people. It is also possible to program when you want to send the email.

Hiver is the best email management software for Gmail. It is used as an extension to your Gmail account. You can assign emails to specific people and add notes. There are also automation and task analysis features.

To further improve your efficiency and results, there are other sales tools recommendations of software that allow you to manage with more precision specific points, such as: