E-commerce Call Centre Services Can Improve Your Business

E-commerce is purchasing anything online. Not only products, but also business services can be purchased from the Internet. If you are having troubles with serving all the customers of your business? Then call centre services can be of great help.

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed almost every aspect of our lives, including our shopping habits. As a result, many customers are resorting to online shopping.

  • If you run an ecommerce business, you’ve probably already noticed an increase in visitors to your website. But having too much new traffic also leads to problems you may not have seen before.
  • If you get so many comments and messages a day, how can you respond quickly?
  • If the goal is to maintain excellent customer service across all contact channels, how can you do this without delays or delays?
  • And how do you make each customer feel valued and cared for?

The answer to these questions could be the use of call services.

What Are E-commerce Call Centre Cervices?

They are all-in-one contact centers designed for all businesses that want to improve their customer service. The main function of these platforms is to enable customer support agents to focus on providing exceptional customer service.

Let’s say your customer support representatives spend a lot of time searching through multiple files based on customers’ personal information or purchase history. This can be frustrating for agents, especially if they have to search during calls, and for customers who have to wait on hold.

A virtual telephone service can be a solution to this problem. There is no need to save customer data in several files, as the online store’s contact center collects and stores all customer data in its database, which any agent can immediately access. But the biggest advantage is its flexibility. These e-commerce call center services are completely cloud-based, so employees don’t need to be in the office to deal with customer questions or issues.

The Biggest Customer Service Challenges In E-commerce

What customers really want from all companies right now, besides low prices, is high-quality customer support. In fact, a large percentage of customers say that the quality of customer service is an essential factor in their purchasing decisions. That excellent customer service encourages them to buy more often and/or spend more money.

Let’s take a look at the three most common customer service problems and how ecommerce help desks can help.

1. Understaffing In Your E-commerce Business

Customers are increasingly demanding. In addition to quickly answering their questions or problems, they also expect companies to tailor offers to their needs. But ecommerce businesses, especially small or new ones, often struggle with order growth.

In these cases, the representatives may not notice the questions of the new customers or it may take a long time to answer the problem. And since customers today often find similar products on other websites, these types of delays can result in the company losing that customer.

Virtual contact center tools can act as an extra “worker” and take on some of the day-to-day tasks of support agents. But these systems have another handy feature: when you need more agents to handle calls during peak times, you can add more people from other departments to the platform to back up your team.

2. Decline In The Performance Of Agents

The more tasks an agent has to perform, the less time he has to serve his customers properly and efficiently. And if they have to use multiple tools to accomplish these tasks, they have even less time and energy for customers, especially if one of those tools is faulty or slow. If they could access all the tools they need on one platform, wouldn’t it be easier for their agents?

With the help of e-commerce telephone service, there is no need to manually update customer information in several tools or notify other team members about information updates. After adding new customer information or updating the database, the changes are immediately visible in all other platform tools. This way, callers also don’t have to explain their problem or ask multiple times.

3. Lack Of Personalisation

In addition to receiving a timely answer to their questions, customers expect services tailored to their needs from all ecommerce companies. This means showing customers product or service recommendations and offers that match their past purchases, interests and overall purchase history.

Let’s say your reps have all the relevant information about their customers in their dashboards (like past purchases, products they’ve searched for but not bought, or issues they’ve had with support). In that case, they can tailor their approach to make the customer feel special.


Competition in the field of ecommerce is intensifying significantly as customer expectations rise. It is not enough to offer the lowest prices on the market to attract customers. It is essential to provide exceptional customer support.

At Katrium we offer one of the best e-commerce telephone support services on the market. Try it and see how your company’s customer service and sales grow qualitatively and quantitatively.

The implementation of ecommerce phone services can help your company provide top-class customer service. And since better customer service goes hand-in-hand with better customer retention and satisfaction, providing the best possible support is definitely worth the effort.

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