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CRM Solutions for an efficient Call Center

What do customers want?

Whether it’s a customer, a potential customer, or a partner on the phone with the call center, they all want one thing: to receive a service. The call could be a sales inquiry, a complaint, a request for help, or perhaps a question about an invoice. But they expect people to understand their needs on the other hand. On top of that, customers want a fast (but not hasty) service. They want to be treated well, and they want to talk to a competent operator – who solves open problems. Perhaps most importantly, customers wish continuity. That means they want your contact center operators to know who they are, their past interactions, and how to help them without asking them to repeat the information they have already provided. In short, they want an excellent call center experience. The good thing is that you can achieve this with the right technology.

CRM: the key to connected customer service

woman wearing earpiece using white laptop computer

With the right technology, contact center operators will be better prepared and more efficient, and your customers will be happier. CRM is the technology you were looking for.

CRM Multichannel support

Case management features allow you to create and monitor incoming cases, regardless of the clients’ channel. Whether the client contacts you by phone, email, or even through social media such as Facebook and Twitter, a case can be monitored from the first contact to resolution on all channels your client prefers to use.

Let’s assume that a customer has looked for a solution in your online community of contact center but has not found what they need and then decides to call you. With an integrated CRM system, this history is automatically displayed on the operator’s screen. It shows everything from previous contact center information to billing data in other systems and maybe even the products and services the customer has already purchased. This is something that simple call logging software cannot do. The customer’s result is that the operator can sometimes have a solution ready even before the call is answered, saving both himself and the customer time.

Self-service with turbo

One way to provide fast and effective customer support and solutions with your contact center 24 hours a day is to create an online self-service community. Make your current knowledge base available online and watch it grow as customers add their solutions and help each other. With an active self-service community, customers can get the updates and solutions they need without picking up the phone. The result? You will see customer satisfaction and loyalty increase and cost reduction.

Helping customers on their journey

Your customers will contact you many times, in many different ways, and interact with many other people within the organization. These interactions structure the relationship with your client. Seeing the history of these interactions helps to identify trends and issues that can be turned into successful initiatives. Whether it’s to slightly review your sales presentation or add a layer of lead nurturing to your marketing automation process, the information gained from monitorable customer service can dramatically improve your customer path.

The virtual call center

The traditional call center setup adapts to different types of companies. Many organizations, however, most small and medium-sized ones, tend to use virtual call centers through cloud technology to make it possible. In a virtual contact center, operators can work anywhere. They need only a web connection associated with the case management system, which routes calls to them and provides all the features of a traditional help desk software. That means even in a small business, everyone is immediately available to help customers, whether at the office, at home. And in larger companies, when the situation gets more complicated, extra operators working from home can become available instantly.

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