Sales Tools Recommendations

An organized sales department is a successful sales department. Some recommendations for sales tools are needed :

Whether a large or small business, you need tools to help you sell your products or services. The devices can help you find all the necessary data about your customers so your company can make decisions based on solid information. However, there are so many sales tools available that it can be challenging to determine which ones are right for your business.

There are different categories for sales tools, but the main ones are :

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • AccountBased Marketing (ABM)
  • Email Management
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 Today there is a multitude of sales tools. To help you be effective in the choice of these, we will give you some recommendations : 

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) : 

A CRM is software that monitors all interactions between a company and its customers within a database. This allows pooling and maximizing the knowledge of a given customer and, thus, to better understand, anticipate and manage his needs.

Monday is for small and medium-sized companies that don’t want to do the heavier implementation. Also, subscriptions are by no means expensive.

Zoho has a mobile application to feed your contacts and customers anytime. Certainly one of the best value solutions on the market.

Like Zoho, SalesForce allows you to evaluate each customer and prospect to trigger scenarios and tasks for the teams. The software’s plus point: it is connected to social networks and can track user engagement.

Account-Based Marketing (ABM) :

ABM is designed for B2B companies to target the most strategic accounts. Instead of canvassing all of your potential customers, it focuses on those customers most likely to engage quickly and bring you significant revenue.

Demandbase is named the ABM leader in 2022, enabling the evaluation of how clicks contribute to transactions, pipelines, and revenue at the individual or account level.

Marketo provides sales intelligence. Salespeople can quickly identify their high-value prospects, better understand buyer behavior and generate engagements that close deals.

Terminus connects your target accounts and allows marketers to create pipelines. They provide better performance with combined account experience.

Email Management :

Email management software is a tool that allows you to manage, categorize, organize and send emails.

Help Scout is email management software specifically designed to help teams professionally manage their email communications. It provides access to collaboration tools such as private notes to help you keep everyone informed. Adapt to small and medium-sized enterprises.

Sendinblue allows you to write and send an email to an unlimited number of people. It is also possible to program when you want to send the email.

Hiver is the best email management software for Gmail. It is used as an extension to your Gmail account. You can assign emails to specific people and add notes. There are also automation and task analysis features.

To further improve your efficiency and results, there are other sales tools recommendations of software that allow you to manage with more precision specific points, such as:


Ensure Success – Up the Ante with Customer Relationship Management

Service organizations are now spending day and night. Striving to maintain superior quality of service with the effort of gaining loyalty from customers. Have you ever looked at your competitor’s service and wondered whether they are doing things better than you? Customer relationship management has appeared frequently in many books and articles. It is one of those phrases that you cannot escape from hearing in business today. People are putting more emphasis on the digitalization of the world. Some may attribute that Customer Relationship Management is a way of computerizing your business. Or a series of tools and techniques. Yes, customer relationship management has to do with new technologies nowadays. And the competitive edge has to be paid with sufficient investment of time and money. 

In its simplest form Customer relationship management is an attitude. And mindset, a value that you place on your business and its relationship with its customers. So, if you want to make sure you are doing better than the next player in the game. CRM might be the leverage point with which you can differentiate your business from the others.

Why does CRM help?

Remember the leaky bucket? It is a very common way to explain the role of CRM. Companies are way too busy trying to reach new customers. They should also put efforts into maintaining their current customer base. So, you end up putting customers in a leaky bucket rather than preventing them from leaking away from you. Competition is high in all markets. So, approaching a new prospect is more costly than retaining the customer one already has. Satisfied customers who frequently come back should receive more attention from you. From the new customer who just came and bought your services as a tryout. Still, we do not mean to discourage businesses from getting new customers. How else would a business be able to grow, right?

The reasons why customer relationship management is important

68% of customers change product or service providers because they feel they do not receive enough attention and care. Good management of customer relationship helps companies treat customers as individuals rather than groups. CRM can go deeper to analyze or to study customer behaviour with the best produced products and services. Assumptions, which are based on previous experiences and cultural factors, that one carries about customers will also become more explicit.

People say that at some point when the cost of retaining customers is higher than acquiring a new one, the leaky bucket actually works best. The author personally believes that all companies will be in such a situation at some point. The only way to recognize that moment is when the companies invest more in customer relationship management and a CRM system.

Benefits of using a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system:

Is CRM system basically all about contact management? Well, actually CRM system can do more than that.

Customers want to use the products and services but they also want to be consulted more closely. In short, they want to receive more attention from a company. They trust as individuals rather than a grey mass. The interaction process between customers and the sale staff will create real relationships. Customer information stored smartly. The transaction process is recorded instead of rushing out taking note and then forgetting about it; the information on customer satisfaction, the productivity of a team or a specific employee is is updated in real-time. The fastest answers will help to gain the needed trust from the customers. CRM managers know and analyze each session each day. And also the work their employees are processing.

An image shows which customer relationship platform is the most popular

Very often, it confuses when you look up for CRM systems and have hundreds of choices. By Barry Schwartz: the more choices we have the less likely we are to be content with our decisions. Our aim is not to confuse you. So, only a few, but good, choices showed in the pie chart above. It is important to mention Hubspot’s CRM which is 100% free. It is extremely lightweight and really a good option. For small to midsize businesses that have never used a CRM before.

At the end of the day, there is no business if there are no customers. Loyalty is difficult to find these days. But if you manage to find and maintain a loyal customer you know you have struck gold. But keep in mind that customers are not clones of each other, each comes with different requirements for attention. So, like in so many situations, communication is key.

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