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Why Blogging is the Future

Since 2010 and the growing success of blogs, people have been using this type of media to inform, prevent, persuade, and communicate. After the arrival of social networks such as Instagram and Snapchat or Facebook, some people have expressed concern about the survival or of blogs. Indeed, the ability to create short text and videos can challenge and overshadow more fabulous blogs but rest certain: this is not the case. On the contrary, over the years, it may be wise to insert photos or videos (and why not GIF, depending on the theme addressed by the blog and the target audience). Whether you are a personal or collaborative blogger, blogging is a proven process that delivers results that people and businesses appreciate. The business should also consider doing blogging is essential which can support their business’s future.

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Blogging positively contribute to business’s brand image and future

The appearance of social media affect blogging’s performance and its future

Many people are wondering about the lifespan of blogging in the face of giants like Facebook or Instagram. How the future of blogging would be with the encounter of social media? There is nothing in it, and in fact, it is all about living with the times. Here are some explanations:

As mentioned, over the years, there is participation of social media in the creation of blogs and encroach on even the most traditional ones to fulfill necessary functions. Assigning the term rival or competitor seems to be appropriate. As well, if we consider the increasing number of media’s users after year, we can feel the threat can.

Every company, however strong they may be, also has its limits. And this is where the latest news comes in. Regular blogs tend to excel when information and expressions are more in-depth and relevant. At the mean time, the shorter and more specialized forms of content can satisfy the media tools and audience. Indeed, the user wants to browse a news feed, so he must unwind, follow, discover the feed quickly. Even if this is done several times during the day (2 hour and 24 minutes on average per day), the reading must be fast.

So yes, blogging is usually a written medium and it is still useful. But with a dizzying increase in consumers, video is on an upward slope and is not about to stop. An Internet services organization predicts that video will account for more than 80% of global Internet traffic by 2021. Thus, if companies do not hook the cars now, they can become old-fashioned and slower than the development pace.

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The encounter of social media may have impact on business’s blogging activity

Ensure the optimization of search engine when you are blogging:

Of course, the challenge is to make your blog more engaging to read and more pleasant to produce. As you already know, they can help you get more traffic to your website. To win more customers, and you can win more sales.

Also remember the SEO ranking, its maintenance, and development. Well, that’s one reason why blogging will remain a significant element in personal and commercial expression. Search engines look for the relevance of certain content and different proofs about the currency of the activity surrounding a particular material.

Humans are not robots, because they have feelings inside them. Hence, they will always have the desire to express their points of view and their opinions. They can do that through sharing, communicating information or promoting themselves or their ideas. It is merely a matter of adapting to the world in which we live. By applying these tips, blogging still has a bright future ahead of it. Ready to start a new blog?

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