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Why are customer satisfaction surveys important?

How to Create Effective Customer Satisfaction Surveys
Customer Satisfaction

Let’s agree: there cannot be a prosperous and successful business without a happy customer. But how do you find out if your customer is happy and satisfied with your product? That is where the need for customer satisfaction surveys appears.

The customer satisfaction survey is an instrument that helps you to receive both positive and negative feedback from your customer in an easy and convenient way.  It can be performed online, via e-mail, face-to-face, per telephone or even on the paper (Business Dictionary). Regardless of the method, you have to make sure that you reach as many customers as possible and ask them questions, which will help you to analyze your company’s performance. So what do you get as an outcome after you invest your time and money into customer satisfaction survey?

First and foremost is customer loyalty

It has been already proven that it is 5 times cheaper to keep an old customer than to find a new one. (Invesp) However if your customers know that you care for them, that you listen to them, they will never leave. A simple survey question: „Where do you want our company to improve? “ can create a positive attitude and differentiate you from your competitors.

Product Quality Improvement

With the help of the customer satisfaction survey, you can look at your product or service from a different angle and try to improve. In the end, the customer is the one who uses your product, so his opinion should be counted.

Positive Branding

What if your customer leaves a negative feedback online? It will be better if you are the first one to find out about it and react fast. In the age of social media, one negative comment can harm your branding. (Quora) On the other hand, giving your customers a chance to express their attitude through the customer satisfaction survey will only improve the image of your company.

Personal approach

In case there is a problem, every customer would like to solve it with the company as soon as possible and get a ready solution. However, not all companies are fast enough to react to dissatisfaction and that is how they start to lose customers. When analyzing the results of your Customer Satisfaction Survey, you get a chance to contact your unhappy customers immediately and offer them a special discount or some other benefit. This special treat will be a positive surprise, which may change bad experience to a good one.

As a final argument, try to imagine a happy long-term relationship in which people don’t talk to each other. That seems impossible, right? So, how should company-customer relationship work if there is no dialog between them? Let a well-planned customer satisfaction survey be this magical conversation, which makes both happy – a company and its customers.

The last but not least, when finally the decision for performing customer satisfaction survey is made, company should consider if they are ready to do it by themselves or it will be easier to outsource. Katrium team has prepared some ideas about outsourcing for you  in this blog, read here. 

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