Content writing is a performance of a process of planning, writing, and publishing the finished content. It can be a blog, an article, news of any new rising trend. Or you can see a piece of ad you can see somewhere online. Or, it is just a tweet about any random topic on a social media that you are in touch with. Julia McCoy – a passionate author and talented content marketer will give us a short, simple but still useful instruction of how to write timeless but effective online content. It is easy to see businesses in modern days would have at least one online platform to connect with its potential customers. Online content writing will participate in the marketing process. As the result, it will boost business growth, at least in terms of its brand image. There are 7 types of content writing that we usually see. Julia mentioned that imagine creating content writing as building a house, which has:

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Web content

The web content often consists of the business home page, services/ products offering pages, company’s profile page, and contact page. To build an online presence, the company needs to figure out its foundation content, or the main theme. As well, the company should also position the main message that the company would like to deliver to its customers. It is essential that all the information on web content is clear, concise and message emphasized, as the first step. So, readers can feel that they can find the information they need. The web content writers need to equip strong SEO knowledge, master skills in utilizing keywords, and a user-centered mindset.


Imagine blogs as rooms inside a house. Each of them is full of unique and colorful facilities (contents) inside that make any person would like to explore. It plays as a content provider that directly target the audience. SEO presence is based on how effective writing those blogs are. HubSpot claims an interesting fact that marketers who spend more effort in blogging will result in 13x times more in positive ROI. (Source: HubSpot). Do blogging gives the company benefits. It helps you position your company’s style, sense, and it can contribute in differentiate your brand image towards the readers.

Social Media Content writing

In 2020, there are 3.8 billion people have used at least one social media platform. Due to the huge popularity of social media platforms, it would be a factor that can pull the development of any business, if they are forgetting in performing its image through social media. Social media’s performances of companies participate in customers’ purchasing decisions. During the time that consumers are considering whether should they use a company’s services or products, there is likely that they will have “investigations” on the company’s profile, image, or activities on the company’s social media platforms. Social media platforms are also perfect methods to increase the hashtag marketing strategy as well as an SEO strategy for other online content writing.

Advertising and Sales Copy

Advertising and sales copy has been utilized a lot from many companies in all industries. There are several forms of advertising and sales copy, you can count. We can take examples as a paid campaign on LinkedIn, YouTube, or promoted post from Facebook. First, you can try running sales ads on different platforms. Then, you can use plenty of analysis tools such as Google Analytics to track the performance of your ad and sales origin. By doing this, you can have an idea of which campaign, which tools the company has used is effective. Or analysis can help you know if your sale pitches have reached the right customers’ segmentation or not. Thus, there will be clearer development plans for successful campaigns or sales ads; and there will be also more focus on improvement strategies for potentials one, for instance. However, you, on behalf of your company, should notice that awareness and trust of the audience should be focused first. The contents of ads and sales copy should avoid “pushy” tone. On the other hand, it is perfect to have a friendly manner and act as informative messages.

Expert copy

The elite or high-level audiences can be reached with professional writing about specific industry and topics that requires qualified researches and strong field-specific experience. Experience and knowledge of the writers in the field or industry are the main important characteristic which can generate the audience’s attention, engagement, and lastly, the trustworthy. The expert writer usually people that have spent at least 3-5 years and still more to count; or they are former expert who are hired to become ghostwriters for a company. The collections of industry-related blogs, speeches, and journals from expert writers contribute to the content writing marketing plan of any company, especially to reach the nuances of the niche customer segmentation. The company without an expert copy could be soon eliminated from the market since currently, expert quality became a standard.

Journalism and PR Writing

Journalism and press release writing are one of the most important content writing types for the company to bring the news out to the publicity. Even though PRs are not effective for Google SEO and keyword ranking purposes anymore, they are still productive tools to introduce with the world, the market, and the target customers the newsworthy news.

Creative content Writing

Last but can be seen as the most powerful content type, it is creative writing. You can use creative writing as the special project or the signature to finally promote the complete view of the house. It is the mix and blends between writer’s skills and abilities such as content writing, storytelling, technical writing or comedy, and other different formats of message delivery. That can be a combination of two different styles of writing. Or it can be through video format, pun format, or infographic format, and so on. Creative writing can be adapted in other types of online or commercial content platforms wisely. It can gain a significant amount of audience if that content is outstandingly invested in creativities and innovations. In the end, the audiences, who access the creative writing content, can remember the uniqueness of the content for a long time. That is a success of creative writing type.

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