VoIP application: is it a better way to stay connected with customers?

Since customer engagement became the most essential goals of any business, to focus more in the interactions between clients and the business is important. In the competitive market, the customer will choose to stay with the company who shows their caring toward the clients. The creation of contact center is for supporting, and consulting with business clients who are in need. But then, the development of technology in terms of digitalization came to life. Thus, it’s a wise decision for a business’s technological investment, which able to maintain the customer relationship management modernly. The worldwide digital population are active people in internet use. Thus, there is strong suggestion to utilize Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) more in business environment. It is the vocal communication and it means the technological result combined by hardware and software which allows people to make phone calls through the internet.

Actually, people are using VoIP every day. We can see the practice of VoIP through popular apps for computers, laptops, or smartphones such as Facebook Voice/ Video call, Whatsapp, or Skype. In comparison with traditional methods for interactions with customers, what does it make the VoIP market more potential?

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Money, money, and money:

Internet phone calls give benefits to both customer’s and business’s sid. The VoIP system supports the business by reducing operational costs through many aspects. The montly phone bills can reduce to from 20% to 50% on monthly phone bills, thanks to VoIP, according by IPitomy. With international business, to keep in contact with its clients abroad is one of the business activities that happen every day. The traditional business phone line is way too expensive for the company to make several international calls per day. Besides, by having a VoIP system, the company can spend less on phone bill when they make contact with business contacting center through the internet. With the traditional business phone line, every second that the customer connects with the company costs. This can be a reason that customers may hesitate to make a decision on making a call with the customer contact center.

Provide value-added services to the customers:

The customer will appreciate if the business provides them more options in connecting with the business. The clients should feel that there is not any obstacle to get the responsible staff get their issue information. VoIP system contribute in improving customer service aspects. Each interaction with customers can be recorded, observed, and analyzed. The company can see the legth of each calling, or how is the quality of phone calls. From this, the company will need to have necessary plan to make the customer services through contacting center way better. Besides, every customer will be always connected one way or another. As well, the business can also decide to relocate customers call to responsible line, office, or person. At last, the customers will have a better experience with business connection.

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