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No matter where you are, it’s indisputable that proper multilingual customer service is the key to any successful business. But due to the globalization of our world, companies have to adapt the way they communicate and represent themselves on an international level, too.

Also, Keep in mind that international trade enables enormous opportunities for any business which is willing to customize their services to potential clients and if you strive to expand your business there is no way around internationalization. The future success is therefore comprised of the ability to continuously capture new foreign markets. Including the need to provide appropriate customer service for each market.

Customer Service

Some might argue that more and more people around the world are able to speak English, but in reality, only around 38% of all EU- citizens claim to be able to hold a conversation in English.[ Special Eurobarometer 243 / Wave 64.3 – TNS Opinion & Social]

Let alone those who are able to do so are not automatically comfortable to express themselves in a foreign language. Whereas the essence of a call center is to hold a point of contact for cooperation and customer. You could even say that it outlines the relationship between those two. Hence, customer satisfaction couldn’t be more essential at that stage.

However, to grant the smooth operation of a multilingual customer service it requires the cultural appropriation by a proficient team which is able to communicate on a multilingual level. For a single business, it might often be difficult to implement such, especially with the lack of experience and furthermore the need of an international workforce. Nonetheless, it’s absolutely worth it. In particular with the assistance of a capable institution that specializes in this, it’s as easy as it could get.

All in all, you might be able to enhance customer satisfaction and therefore increase profits just by utilizing the opportunities of globalization. But to do so there is no way around a multilingual customer service.

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