The most important parts of SEO you need to get right

Digital marketing is now an essential part of our daily life. Moreover, your website needs to be in a good rank on search engines. 

That’s where SEO is becoming essential for companies. 

What SEO stands for? 

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, the natural referencing in search engines such as Google. 

It’s not a secret that SEO needs work. There are good tips to follow about the essential parts of SEO that every company should use to improve their website ranking.   

picture of a man doing a google research on his laptop SEO

Title tag

It’s the title of the page. It must be between 60 and 70 characters and contain your keywords.


It’s a small text that must be between 160 and 170 characters. It’s written just below the title tag in the search list. Its goal is to catch the user’s intention. 


These are the pages’ subtitles that will help your website’s clarity. It enables search engines to find their way around the website.


It must contain your keywords but no symbol or numbers. Moreover, to be protected, it must be written as HTTPS and not HTTP.


This tool tells the crawlers which pages you want them to crawl.


It’s the directory of your site. It helps search engines find their way inside your website.

Internal links

To help the search engine to discover your content, you can add links between your pages.


These are links from other sites to yours. The best is to have numerous links from high-authority sites.


It’s common now that people use their smartphones to look at websites more than their computers. So the website has to be compatible with the smartphone format.

Content quality

The page must provide accurate and helpful information about the topic the user wants while clicking on the page. Search engines want to rank the highest quality content at the top of the list. 


Search engines are looking for keywords to evaluate the quality of the content. They must be included in the title tag, H1 heading, meta description, and several times in the content.

picture of a google page open on a smartphone SEO

There are also tactics to avoid because they can be interpreted as low quality or spammy: 

  • Duplicated content
  • Add too less content
  • Use too many keywords
  • Have doorway pages
  • Hide text
  • Create false links

Conclusion :

Now you know all the important parts of SEO you must focus on to have the most significant possible impact. You are now ready to improve your site’s notoriety and visibility.

However, you can continually improve because more than 200 different ones can impact your site ranks in search engine results.

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