During the period of social distancing, people have a higher need for information. Are you afraid that no one can handle your customers during the social distancing period, which leads to your business stagnation? Our customer contact center is here for you.

You can’t cancel human contact. Since the world is constantly changing, the best way to prevent oneself from being old fashion and backward with the modern world is communication. During the social distancing time, have you ever wondered how to have an effective conversation without any health damage risk? A contact center is the best answer while it combines two most crucial criteria during this time: information and distance.

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Contact center are needed now more than ever

Customers are the essential resource that generate profitability for a business. They deserve the necessary and on-time caring as well as worry-free situations from the beginning and to the end of the buying process. During the pandemic time it is totally normal to be worrying, have anxieties, and panic a little bit. While other business departments might face stagnation in their operations, customer service oriented organizations are able to turn this challenging situation into golden opportunities to win the customers’ hearts.

Contact centers in several different industries are currently experiencing an extreme increase in overall call volume. There are striving of redirection to calls with responsible contact centers for every activity between customers and businesses right now. Let’s explore some practices of different industries’ contact centers during the pandemic time.

in the healthcare industry:

Together with physical appointments at hospitals, a healthcare contact center is one of the main channels which can provide clear information and set up connections between hospital and its customer. During this pandemic time, people demand more listening of their worries but also receiving needed healthcare services without making a physical hospital visit to avoid virus exposure. Several health institution call centers provide symptoms evaluations, medical advice as well as prescription.

In Helsinki, Finland, the city provides coronavirus helpline for its capital’s residents. Besides, the hospitals in Finland are arranging the coronavirus tests through the contact center now as well. People all over the world are encouraged to contact their own local healthcare authorities if there is any suspicion of coronavirus infection instead of visiting hospital. Even just the mild symptoms. The purpose is to ensure that the customers have sufficient healthcare while avoiding unnecessary human contacting and overload medical treatments at hospital points. Right now, contact centers play critical roles in the healthcare industry.

call center in private services:

It seems that people are struggling with getting their issues solved, due to very strict social distancing policies. Most of the important services, like banking, taxation authorities, travel, and insurance, unemployment authorities, or school study office, just to name a few, are moved to work remotely. The customer contact center agents are having more and more responsibilities to support and help their customers no matter what. The customers expressed judgments that information through websites or email solutions are lacking assurance and individual-focused characteristics. Contact center agencies are the best choice for them to answer their problems.

Contact line for services that adapting humans’ basic demands

Groceries, food and beverages, goods delivery, or housing maintenances are basic demands of any human being. But during the crisis time, they are even more essential than ever. People remain home due to their work’s layoff, self-isolation, or due to the country’s social distancing policy will look for services like this a lot. Customers want to-door deliveries. Let’s prepare for the huge demand in workforce in contact center-industry related to any kind of service very soon.

the utilization of automation:

When customers evaluate their issues as less urgent or when they do not want to contact with a human, they still can have an option to make interaction with digital-type agents of contact centers. The developments of AI, robotic, automated workflows are innovated and aligned to exceed customers’ needs. This type of contact center also contributes incredibly to the efficient performance of the business. We can mention automated chatbots with face-/ IP – recognizing features as useful tools for both customers and businesses’ representatives.

Contact center for business support services, consultations, and solutions:

If you make a contact with Katrium’s contact center, you will receive high-quality solutions for your business situation. Our expert business support services through the contact center can give you useful advice on your business’s productivity and cost-effectiveness.

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