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The Benefits of Outsourcing Content Writing

Are you thinking of outsourcing or creating a content blog for your company? It’s a great idea and a smart choice. Blogging not only helps you position yourself in the search results. It also shows that you are an expert in your field, increasing your authority on specific topics related to your business.
When you decide to create blog content, you have to make a choice. Do you write the content for the blog yourself (using the resources you have available or hiring someone to staff it), or do you turn to an external agency, someone who does it for you? Before answering that, we should consider the advantages and disadvantages of each of the two approaches.


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Blogging: why should you do it internally?
No one has your knowledge, and no one knows your disciplinary area better than you. That’s why it is good you write your corporate blog.

Benefits of Do-it-yourself

When you create content internally, you can highlight your experience and expertise in each article. It’s not something an outsourced blog author can do – it doesn’t help real clients solve their problems every day. You’ll be able to refer to actual customer conversations as you write, which adds depth and context to your content.

Do-it-yourself blog writing also gives authenticity to your content. Your blog posts are written with words you use and tell stories born from your personal experience. As they read, your clients will feel like they know you. Even in this age of the Internet, human relationships matter, and people want to work and buy from people with whom they feel an affinity. Another essential advantage of Do-it-yourself is that you are not paying someone who will have to keep up with you. Even if you hire a deeply immersed writer in your field, he or she will have to spend time learning about your offers, case studies, and the way you work.

Do-it-yourself challenges

Unless you are already an experienced writer, it is not easy to start writing a content blog. You need to learn and understand what it takes to write a good post. Practice enough to improve your writing. At first, it will take a long time for a single article. Also, make sure your time is dedicated to the right activities. You’ll need to know the best practices in digital marketing, SEO, and inbound marketing. Finally, you’ll need to find the time to write. You can’t write a good post in minutes: expect to set aside at least a couple of hours to write, especially if you’re a “newbie” or want to include much research.


Writing on the blog: why should you rely on an outsource
If you are postponing the launch of a blog because you don’t have time to take care of it yourself, the solution is to find someone who can focus on creating your content. This is not cheating: many companies that regularly publish extensive articles often entrust their writing blog to experts.

Benefits of outsourcing

One of the main advantages of outsourcing is that it takes much less time. You don’t have to learn how to write or educate yourself about digital marketing best practices, nor do you have to spend a whole day writing a blog post. Instead, you can periodically (every month or week) meet your “writer” and talk about your editorial plan. Then you can go back to your planned work regularly while others start creating your content on your directions. Once finished, review it to make any changes, and that’s it.

When you opt for outsourcing, you also benefit from working with someone who knows how to use blogs to get results. An expert knows how to write interesting articles that will attract your readers. He or she also knows how to identify the keywords to follow, write titles and meta descriptions that will be clicked in the search results. Besides, he or she can interpret your analysis to see what types of posts are most useful to reach your potential customers. They can also write engaging social messages and upload content to your website without causing HTML errors (often time-consuming and stressful).

Finally, outsourcing is excellent because it ensures the blog’s regular update, which is essential to increase searches’ ranking. It is assumed that the external professional is also an SEO expert and optimizes the texts and links between articles to achieve maximum performance for search engines.
When you outsource the blog writing, then you are the client. This means that finishing your content on time is the author of your articles’ priority. You are guaranteed to publish your content on time and regularly (regardless of what is happening in your company!).

Outsourcing challenges

Sometimes a good writer can be hard to find. The last thing you want in your blog are poorly written articles that don’t generate interest or traffic because they don’t present interesting content or have gone off-topic, thus making your blog lose prestige on the web. Many companies get discouraged because they don’t know how to evaluate whether a writer can meet their needs.
Outsourcing also requires that you have a solid knowledge of your industry and communicate your buyer’s needs. The guilt for the scarce result of a blog in outsourcing can therefore depend on you and not on the author. Offer him interesting content and cues, and above all pertinent information on your ideal customers, or the person will not see the results.

Do you want to put the two things together?
Fortunately, it is possible to obtain the best of both these two practices using a technique called strategic outsourcing. If you want someone to turn your words into articles, consider matching them with a writer who is also a good interviewer. A 15-minute conversation can be turned into a blog post, while a half-hour call could turn into several smaller articles or a larger, more in-depth one. Working with an experienced interviewer makes your content more personal. The writer can sense what you want to convey and will be able to ask you for specific examples to include in the article.

Or if you want to write the articles yourself but need help making sure you’re doing well. Try working with an Inbound Marketing strategist: he can help you choose keywords to focus on and guide you to analyze the impact of your efforts on the blog. He can also proofread your articles to make sure they are more convincing, have the SEO elements they need, and adhere to best practices in content marketing.


Whether you decide to write your blog yourself or you prefer to outsource it, the most important thing is to start enjoying the benefits of your voice on the web. Katrium could be the right solution for your problem. Check out this article to get more familiar with outsourcing content writing for a better service.

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