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Investing in innovative marketing strategy can generate profitability

Content Marketing is a particularly popular term these days. However, it has been around since the internet exists.

Generally, content marketing means produce highly relevant content (educational, professional, tutorials, or simply entertainment content) or have an extremely positive impact on your target audience. Whether if it is to catch their attention, help to clarify their doubts, attract potential customers, or simply show that you are an expert in that concrete theme or field. The better the content produced, the higher your audience’s perception that you are an expert in what you speak.

It is no wonder that certain people become experts in their niche markets as they concentrate only on particular thing. It might be so that they only got there because they outlined an excellent content marketing strategy, be it written content, video content, or any other types of content.

One of the biggest misunderstandings around the subject of content marketing is linked to the content to produce. Some professionals might think that content marketing means writing about what their companies do, the advantages of their products, how fantastic they are, etc. In reality, content marketing is the opposite of that. It is writing about your client’s pains, their difficulties, delivering incredible content on a given topic.

Strategies to promote your content Marketing

Now that you fully understood what content marketing is and clearly outline your content, you have to promote it. Several effective strategies can help when you are promoting your content. A well-designed content promotion strategy encompasses both production and dissemination and sharing. This article will present some strategies you may use.

Promote the content created

In addition to producing the content, it is also essential to carry out a dissemination campaign that increases the number of people ”affected” by this sharing. To do this, think about what times and days your audience is most active on the internet.
Some interesting statistics about the blog audience: Most users consume blog content in the morning; The best time in terms of traffic? 11 am; Busiest days on the blog? Traffic is higher on Mondays; Most blogs get the most comments on Saturday; During the late afternoon and evening, men read more blogs than women.
You can and should look for this type of information to help you reach the maximum number of people in your target audience.

Use social media for promoting your content

Social media is an excellent tool to promote content created for your audience. Think about which social networks your target audience is most active. For instance, the company can use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn to promote its content. You can consider which platforms are effective to use and which one is not, bases on your target audience demand.
You can track insights information on your post on social media by using its useful tool. We can put this analysis into the planning stage of which social networks to be present and, especially, what are the best times to post.

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Content Marketing can be well-promoted through social media platform

Bet on ads

Another interesting way to optimize your content dissemination is through advertisements on social networks. Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and Linkedin have very interesting results in sponsored links.
To ensure that the right people are viewing the right content – that is, people who are going to be interested in that information and clicking – you need to target ads. Whether interests segment it, remarketing, or even by similar people (the so-called Lookalike), advertising can expand the reach of the content you created.
It is important to measure the results and performance in the ad campaigns to optimize your future strategy.

Connect with influencers for better content marketing

The online influencer is a job that, in recent years, has gained an enormous dimension. People who follow these influencers trust in them and their choices and advice. So, after you well outline your target, you should look for influencers that your audience follows. Ask them for help sharing, mentioning your content, and help you to reach more people for your target.
The greater the popularity of the influencer, the higher the chance that he will charge you some value in return for his help. Be prepared for that.


These are just some simple and useful tools that you can use to promote your content online, with the right audience that you want to reach. Others are more expensive and complicated, but also efficient. If you feel the need, you should research them.
If you feel that you are not the right person to deal with these matters, some companies offer you this type of service, which can be very useful. In addition to having people with more experience in the field preparing and disseminating your content, you save a lot of time and work. Katrium is one of these companies, so if you have an interest in finding out more information about this company’s services you should check out their website:

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