research and data collection services

Katrium offers multilingual qualitative and quantitative market research and data collection. We also provide research services as subcontractor to bigger market research companies. 

Assessment, planning and result measuring are guaranteed with following research tools: 

  • Customer & personnel surveys
  • Competitor surveys

  • Partner research

  • Market & Consumer research

  • Mystery Shopping

  • International market research 

customer feedback

Customer satisfaction and constant customer feedback are a spine of any business.

competitor analysis

Know your competitors. You can learn a lot about the market and even your existing clients. 

international research

We perform international market research in over 64 countries. 

Mystery shopping

We can act as your client and report you about your work processes from the customer point of view.

personnel & shareholder research

Work atmosphere and different and oganisational developement research. 

new product & service research

Collecting user feedback on new products and services.