If you are bored at home, which is possible, especially in corona times, it might lead you to think about an internship, your future and what you will do. And who has never thought of doing something crazy and move to another country? As everyone knows, moving far from home, it’s always a hard step. Nevertheless, the rewards are usually worth it, which should help you make the decision.
You will immerse in other cultures, languages, and traditions in a different country and city. It will boost many aspects of your life and open your eyes to a new international lifestyle, giving you a new perspective on your life and career.

Where should I do it?

If you are reading this blog, it’s likely because you have thought about the possibility of going abroad and which better option than coming to Katrium for an internship in Estonia. Here we are a team formed by young people, many of us doing an Erasmus internship like you. We are from different countries, meaning you will learn about other cultures and perspectives, therefore enriching and opening your mind.
Moreover, you will be in a young and relaxed atmosphere where you will be able to talk and learn about different interesting topics, from how life is in other countries to what kind of music is most prevalent in each area.
Estonia isn’t an expensive country, so don’t worry about money, because you can apply for an Erasmus grant. If you have some savings, you can do everyday life, like in your country.

Is an internship going to help my career?

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Suppose you are more worried about your professional future. In that case, you have the perfect opportunity to learn English. Everyone is from different parts of the world, so you must speak in English to talk with the other work colleagues. The additional reports from the European Union Erasmus Internship have 50% more opportunities than ordinary workers to find a job after the program.
Erasmus is an excellent opportunity to create and extend a network over Europe. Probably in the future, it will help you to find exciting opportunities easily.

I don’t want to be alone in a foreign country.
Doing an internship means that you must have a routine and work and meet other people, so maybe when you start, you will feel alone, but as the weeks go, you will feel more comfortable speaking with your work colleagues and making plans with them.
Tallinn has a significant amount of culture, so if you are bored but don’t want to be with more people, a good option is to go outside with your headphones and visit the different streets. The most prominent part is the Old city, but there are a lot of places worth visiting.
In Estonia there is a big community of international people like you, who will be available to visit other cities and do entertainment plans, so you will always be surrounded by foreign people. By itself, it’s still a synonym of funny.

In conclusion

Doing an Erasmus internship is an adventure that you will never regret. You will know enough friends from everywhere, and later you can visit them, exploring more parts around the globe. Additionally, you will mature, improve yourself, and learn different skills. For a valuable internship, you should choose Katrium, an international contact center. They will take care of you and develop your skills.

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