SEO Power per month


Services Included:

  1. Free Setup
  2. Up to 50 keywords
  3. Keyword research
  4. On-site optimisation
  5. 8 SEO optimized 500 words blog
  6. Link Building 40+
  7. Competitor analysis
  8. Monthly reporting
  9. Unlimited customer service


Welcome to our premium SEO powerhouse, where success knows no limits! Our Services Included are tailored to propel your online presence to unparalleled heights:

  1. Free Setup: Begin your journey hassle-free with our seamless and efficient setup process.
  2. Up to 50 Keywords: Dominate search engine rankings with an extensive selection of up to 50 carefully curated and targeted keywords.
  3. Keyword Research: Uncover hidden gems and high-performing keywords to fuel your website’s growth and visibility.
  4. On-site Optimization: Fine-tune every aspect of your website for optimal performance, from meta tags to content, ensuring a strong online foundation.
  5. 8 SEO Optimized 500 Words Blogs: Empower your content strategy with captivating and SEO-optimized blog posts that captivate and convert your audience.
  6. Link Building (40+): Establish your website as an authoritative force with a diverse range of over 40 high-quality and relevant backlinks.
  7. Competitor Analysis: Stay ahead of the competition by gaining valuable insights into their strategies and refining your own.
  8. Monthly Reporting: Stay informed and track your progress with comprehensive monthly reports, revealing key performance metrics and growth insights.
  9. Unlimited Customer Service: Our dedicated support team is committed to your success, providing unlimited assistance whenever you need it.

Experience the pinnacle of SEO excellence with our premium package, designed to deliver unrivaled results for your business. Witness your website soar through search engine rankings, attract organic traffic, and thrive in the digital landscape. Embrace unlimited possibilities with our tailor-made SEO services and unlock the true potential of your online presence.


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