Outsourcing translation services

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Outsourcing translation services is a key changer. All companies working on the Internet or offering their services in different countries know the translation service’s importance. It is essential to decide whether the best option is to outsource the translation service or not.

If we leave this type of service in the hands of professionals, we avoid investing too much time in tasks that are not the company’s main ones.

Having a specialized team for translating content at our disposal every time we need it can help the company. Also, it can be an international or national company, and without the need to hire.

Large international organizations, such as multinational companies, have always had their translation services. The outsourcing of translations was an exceptional measure.

However, over the last couple of decades, certain outsourcing activities began to occur in those tasks that were not the companies’ principal activities. Despite appearances, this was less costly than maintaining one’s service. 

Something similar has happened with translation services: few multinational companies maintain their department for translating content and instead tend to outsource the service. 

In the beginning, translation services mainly hired freelance translators. However, as the translation market has matured, translation companies have gained weight. Now, there are even large translation multinationals. 

All this does not mean that there is a conflict between freelance translators and companies. Of course, companies employ freelance translators. Today, many freelance translators work mainly for translation companies and no longer for their customers.

Within the production of a document, the most expensive part was printing. Still, this has changed with the Internet: the publication or distribution of a document over the Internet no longer involves a high cost of great technical complexity. Consequently, translation becomes the most expensive and technically complicated part of the process. 

Benefits of outsourcing translation services

  • When you outsource a translation, you only request an agency or platform’s services when it is really necessary. In these cases, the translators are freelancers and have their equipment and software. With this intention, the client only has to worry about sending them all the files and explain what the purpose of the translation is. 
  • Usually, translators specialize in a couple of languages from which they translate into their mother tongue. Suppose a company wants to reach several foreign markets. In that case, it needs to translate the message into each of the languages of those countries. When outsourcing translations, you have many translators available for translating content. However, a single in-house translator cannot satisfy this demand.
  • Another key to getting useful translations is that your translator specializes in one or more fields or disciplines. They must master the terminology and know how to adapt the source text to the target language. By outsourcing these services, the client can reach excellent quality translations in any sector.
  • In general, a translator on staff usually has a fixed schedule, vacations, and business days of their own. They can not take on jobs that occur on weekends or holidays. Translators can not take on urgent assignments if they are completely overloaded. Outsourcing is an excellent ally in these cases. 

Final thoughts

When a company needs translators for translating content, it no longer considers incurring the costs of hiring them—instead, outsourcing works, giving immense benefits, and ensuring quality results in translating content. To move forward, companies need to innovate and reinvent themselves and change those ways of working that are already outdated. In this case, outsourcing translation services to Katrium would be a great idea. They will offer tailor-made translations for customers worldwide.

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