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Outsourcing Translation Services: The Key Benefits

Outsourcing translation services is a key changer for many companies. If working on the Internet or offering services internationally, the translation service’s are of the greatest importance. It is essential to decide whether the best option is to outsource the translation service or not.

If we leave such a service in the hands of professionals, we avoid investing too much time in tasks that are not the main business of the company. Having a dedicated team translate content every time we need it can help a business. It can also be an international or national company, without the need to hire.

Large international organizations, such as multinational companies, have always had their translation services. Outsourcing the translations was an exceptional measure. However, in the last couple of decades, certain outsourcing activities have started to appear in those tasks that were not the main activities of the companies. Despite the obvious, this was cheaper than maintaining the service.

Something similar has happened with translation services: few multinational companies maintain their department to translate content and instead outsource the service. At first, translation services mainly hired freelance translators. However, as the translation market has matured, the importance of translation companies has increased. Now there are even large multinational translation companies.

All this is not to say that there is a conflict between freelance translators and companies. Of course, companies employ freelance translators. Nowadays, many freelance translators work mainly for translation companies, no longer for their clients.

The most expensive part of document production was printing. However, this has changed with the advent of the Internet: publishing or distributing a document via the Internet no longer entails large and technically complex costs. Consequently, translation becomes the most expensive and technically complex part of the process.

Benefits Of Outsourcing Translation Services

  • Equipment and software: When you outsource a translation, you only request the services of an agency or a platform when it’s really necessary. In these cases, the translators are freelancers and have their own hardware and software. For this purpose, the customer only needs to take care of sending him all the files and explaining what the purpose of the translation is.
  • Diversity of languages: Usually translators specialize in a couple of languages from which they translate into their mother tongue. Suppose a company wants to enter several foreign markets. In that case, it must translate the message into each of the languages of those countries. When you outsource translations, you have many translators at your disposal to translate your content. However, a single in-house translator cannot satisfy this demand.
  • Diversity of sectors: Another key to getting useful translations is that your translator specializes in one or more fields or disciplines. He must master the terminology and know how to adapt the source text to the target language. By outsourcing these services, the customer can achieve high-quality translations in all industries.
  • Flexibility: In general, staff translators usually have their own fixed schedule, holidays and working days. They cannot accept work that takes place on weekends or holidays. Translators cannot take on urgent tasks if they are completely overloaded. Outsourcing is an excellent ally in these cases.

Final Thoughts

When a company needs translators to translate content, it no longer considers the cost of hiring them, but rather outsourcing the work, bringing huge benefits and ensuring quality results in content translation. In order to move forward, companies must innovate and reinvent themselves and change already outdated ways of doing things. In this case, outsourcing translation services to Katrium would be a good idea. They provide custom translations to clients around the world.

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