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Outsourcing or Hiring Content Writers?

Outsourcing of content is an excellent alternative for companies that want to cover a wide range of tasks without making considerable budget investments but expect the best quality and high specialization. 

Most successful companies are leaving the creation of their content to freelance writers or content marketing agencies. Outsourcing content writing is an attractive choice. You will get quality articles in the necessary quantity and the time and form you require. This way, you can get your brand to gain visibility, grow, and achieve its goals.

If you have a well-defined communication, content, and marketing plan, your SMART objectives are defined, and you want to take the work out of writing. It is good to outsource content to a professional freelance writer or agency that knows what they are doing and understand your brand. Comprehending your business is key to generating quality content.

Many entrepreneurs believe that writing content is to start writing, but it is essential to know that this is not true. Whether you have a small, medium, or a large business, you need someone from the outside to care for content creation.

Characteristics of content writers

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A web content writer must have the necessary grammatical and orthographic notions to write a good article. Still, they also need to know about SEO and positioning that allows him to turn any text into an optimized text.

Also, outsourcing a freelance writer will always be cheaper than hiring a permanent position in your company that you may not need for certain periods. When you outsource a content writer who knows about these topics, you help the company save time and money.

You can also go to a communication agency with the necessary experience to guide you on a good communication strategy and quality content adapted to the network. This option will be more expensive than to outsource to a freelance writer.

Besides, a genuinely professional freelance content writer can adapt to almost any proposed subject. They can research and inform themselves to write quality content. 

In general, those requesting content creation services need to have a basic plan or strategy to explain how the assignments should be clear. Requests usually consist of keywords for search engine optimization. In some cases, they send the content to a proof-reader who checks the text’s readability and corrects spelling and grammatical errors. Although some writers make these corrections themselves.

Today, many types of content fall under the category of writing services, each requiring a different approach, skill set, and format. 

Outsourcing Content-Advantages of hiring a freelance writer

  • You talk to the person who makes the texts. Companies can outsource the work to other writers, either internal or external. So, you don’t speak to the person who writes your texts face to face. In this case, it is all managed by the writer.
  • Lower prices: usually, freelance writers offer much lower prices than content marketing agencies since they are the ones who directly provide the service. The agency tends to outsource it and take a percentage, which is at least double in many cases.
  • There is no upfront charge (in general). Most SEO content writers tend to be flexible and offer their clients the possibility of paying later when they receive the texts.
  • Your brand is at stake: if a company goes wrong, you can rename it, and that’s it, but if a freelance writer’s name is tarnished because they work poorly, it cannot recover. That’s why they tend to offer a better job to support their brand at all times.

Outsourcing Content-Disadvantages of hiring a freelance writer

  • Availability: if the freelance writer is very saturated, they may not accept your assignment. You need to look for another professional.
  • Perhaps they cannot write about all kinds of subjects. Depending on their specialty, they may or may not be able to write, and you need to look for another expert.
  • Emergencies: you may have a severe challenge or emergency and run out of content temporarily.

Advantages of hiring a content agency

  • Increased work capacity: agencies may have hired or outsourced different writers to cover more content production.
  • Faster deliveries: having several writers means they can take on assignments and deliver them sooner.
  • As they are bigger, all content types can have more writers available to produce more content and all subjects.

Disadvantages of hiring a content agency

  • Advance payment: they usually require payment in advance to ensure that they get the amount.
  • They often outsource the service: in many cases, they outsource the work to freelance writers and resell them for more money. The client can find the same work for half the price if they go directly to the editor.

Final thoughts

When outsourcing content to writers, you delegate a time-consuming task. You can spend more time on other functions in the company. If you find a trustworthy and efficient professional writer, you won’t have to worry about anything. You can give them access to your website, and they can publish the content themselves. Furthermore, you know you can trust them because they do not have spelling or syntax errors, and they cover the keywords you want to position yourself very well.

Besides, outsourcing freelance writers is usually a long-term arrangement. They can provide you with the content continuously. You establish with them the number of contents you need per month, and they meet the deadlines. Especially Katrium is an expert in the field of content writing. They cover a huge network of qualified freelancers, who are able to deliver high quality content.

Outsourcing a content writer can be a financial investment at first. Still, you know that positive results will soon follow thanks to their work, and you will end up recovering that investment to start making a profit. Companies have to take this type of service contract as a long-term investment. 

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