Outsourcing Office Tasks to a Virtual Assistant

Who is a Virtual Assistant (VA)?

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The popularity of outsourcing to an virtual assistant has risen in the past. Anyone who provides online administrative and professional services to individuals and businesses from a remote location is often referred to as a Virtual Assistant. This set of persons are usually professionals who possess a set of business skills but have decided to work independently from their own comfort. However, this role is not limited to individuals alone, but also to some companies that may have decided to offer virtual services.

Why is Outsourcing Office tasks to a Virtual Assistant Needed?

Outsourcing to an individual or a company for Virtual assistant services is highly beneficial and can contribute to the growth and productivity of a company.

Below are some major benefits of hiring a VA:

  • No physical office will be needed – you get to save the cost of getting a physical office for yourself. There is no need to pay rent anymore. Small Business Owners (SBO) can also take good advantage of this.
  • Depending on the task, hiring a VA is very cost-effective
  • You get the best services because you can hire talents beyond your locality. All they need is a good internet connection
  • Giving out some tasks to a VA will help earn you time to focus on other areas you are skilled in. This increases your productivity as an individual or company.
  • Human Management can be tasking. Therefore, outsourcing these tasks saves you stress. All you need is to relax and have the work delivered to you. You also save the cost of training employees by outsourcing tasks.

The Skills you need as a Virtual Assistant

To succeed in any VA tasks, there are basic skills you need to possess in order to carry out your duties adequately. They include:

  • Communication Skills – learn how to communicate effectively both visually and orally in order to satisfy your customer expectations. Choose your most preferred form of communication such as social media platforms, emails, text messaging, and so on. Also, be transparent.
  • Computer and word processing Skills – you should have a basic understanding of using Microsoft services (word, excel, e.t.c) and likes of it, basic internet skills and other related skills.
  • Organizational and Strategic planning skills – you must have the ability to organize yourself and create a good strategy that will enable you to deliver your services effectively. Also, learning how to make good use of your time is paramount. You should be able to schedule yourself properly and focus on your tasks.
  • Good Personality Skills -you should be trustworthy and reliable. No company or individual would want to hire an irresponsible VA.
  • Know how to use cloud services such as Password Manager, Google Voice, and File sharing services to enhance your productivity rate.
  • Desire to learn more.

What Types of Office Tasks Can you Outsource to a Virtual Assistant?

  • Secretarial or Administrative Duties such as billing, payroll, invoices,
  • Travel Arrangements and Bookings
  • Social Accounts Handling such as creating social groups and media polls, managing posts, and Ads.
  • Project Handling
  • Digital Marketing and SEO Management such as website ranking, promotional and advertising posts, product launch, email marketing, and pitch branding e.t.c.
  • Reports and Data Entry
  • Finance management
  • Content Creations and article writing such as grant and business proposals, web content, blog writing, ebook and newsletter writing, proofreading and editing, etc.
  • Research Services such as health, licensing, educational promotional. Keywords, events, sponsorship research.
  • Customer Care Services
  • Managing Emails
  • Web Development
  • Audio and Video Editing as well as graphic designs.
  • Tutoring Services
  • Online Translations
  • Technical services such as Checking broken links, building membership sites, Web design and maintenance, website traffic tracking and so much more

Virtual Assistants can be Found Where?

You can either hire an individual or a company for VA services. These individuals are usually freelancers and can be found in freelancing sites. Below are some of the freelancing sites to check out when you need VA services:

  • Flexjobs
  • Freelancers.com
  • Upwork
  • Fiverr
  • Guru.com
  • Crowdspring

What are the Pros and Cons of Being a Virtual Assistant?

Some of the good sides of being a Virtual Assistant are:

  • You have your time to yourself to manage as you wish
  • You can select the service you wish to provide
  • Total freedom, no stress of having to always put on office wears every morning
  • It doesn’t cost much to become a VA
  • You get to charge your desired fee

On the other hand, there are some negative effects of being a VA.

  • First is the act of being unfocused and distracted.
  • No work organization benefits like insurance, paid vacations, and likes of it.
  • You miss out on human interactions and friendship
  • You must be active, without you, there is VA service. The work can only be done b y you.
  • Data Insecurity Risks

Final Words

Take leverage of the digital world as an individual, company, or organization to find services you seek at an affordable price.

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