Outbound and Inbound Call Center Differences


Many people are interested in having a call center in their companies to improve their customer service efficiency. However, those who are new to this type of activity and service have some doubts about it. These worries can be solved by answering a simple question: What is the difference between outbound and inbound call centers in customer service? Well, it depends on who makes the calls. But let’s answer that question in detail. You will get all the knowledge you need to make the running of your business clearer and much more comfortable. It would also help you understand what you need to do to improve your company’s performance and productivity and your employees.

Outbound Call Center

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What do we mean by the outbound call center of your business? It is good to know that it is the exact opposite of an inbound call center. In fact, in this case, we are talking about whether the company does the calls or, better, the telephone operators deal with outbound calls to customers. These calls are usually made to communicate with them, conduct surveys, welcome new customers, ask for feedback after purchase or an agent visit, and offer exciting offers. Thus, these calls aim at providing something more than simple customer service does. However, most of the time, outbound call centers have only one purpose: sales. In practice, they are used to make new sales or find new customers.
This type of service offers essential advantages: it can improve a business’s performance, grow faster, optimize communication between company and customer, and maximize customer experience quality. In a nutshell, the outbound call center is very beneficial. It consists almost exclusively of a series of outbound calls. To function at its best, it needs expert operators, good planning of calls, and proper tools to offer support to each person in charge of making the calls.

Inbound Call Center

As a result, an inbound call center takes care of incoming calls, mostly presenting itself as a customer service that can answer customer questions, solve problems, or help them with particular processes. Customers can call this type of call center whenever they need assistance with a company’s specific product or service.


Therefore, it is evident that the two types of call centers are different and have another purpose. For this reason, it is better to separate the two activities and find adequate human resources. In general they should be competent and suitable people for each of the two services.
However, it is also useful to know that, when outgoing or incoming calls are limited, the company may decide to merge the call centers, ensuring that operators provide both services.
Despite this, every firm must understand what kind of call center it needs to optimize its business. In this way, it can equip itself with the most suitable tools to maximize work quality and facilitate and speed up every activity.

To understand what is needed for your business, you should consider the telephone activities you make every day. If most calls are incoming, you’ll need operators ready to handle your customer service properly. But on the other hand, the majority of calls you make are outgoing. Therefore, you should probably consider planning an outbound call center. Furthermore, you should create a staff of suitable operators to communicate persuasively with your customers.

The inbound call center may be sufficient to use an appropriate management system to monitor calls and store customer data. For the outbound call center, it is beneficial to have software that allows you to facilitate every operation, monitor operators’ activities, keep the information found during the call, and make many other types of arrangements.
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