Katrium is an international company that specializes in contact center, research and business support services. Our  main office is based in
Tallinn, Estonia. During almost 15 years of operations we have grown our extensive and international network of freelancers, that are supporting us when needed.

At Katrium, we offer tailor-made services for small and medium-sized companies as well as
subcontracting solutions for bigger companies. Our main market is Finland,
but our services cover whole Europe and Russia.

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OUr values

We want to grow together with you by supporting your business and creating a relationship that would be beneficial for both parties. Most of our clients work with us from the beginning, as we help them develop and evolve by offering long-term solutions. We do not measure our clients by size or market share, we measure them by continuity and stability.

Contact center

Our versatile, multilingual and multichannel contact center (call center) services can cover all of your company needs 24/7, 365 days a year. If you are looking for services that might include customer service, help desk, event registration or live-chat service – Katrium is the partner you are looking for, as our tailor-made contact center solutions and overall services are made exactly for your industry. If you need someone to generate leads, activate your past and existing customers, do cold calling and/or update your customer register – you are in the right place.

Research and data collection

Our international and domestic market research services include qualitative and quantitative telephone interviews. We also offer over-flow and subcontracting services to other market research companies. All our interviewers are native speakers and thanks to our very wide freelance network we are able to offer our clients over 64 languages.

Business support services

Our comprehensive business support services help small and medium-size companies concentrate more on their core business. Some of the most important parts of these services are translation and international virtual assistant services.


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Quality choice

All our services are tailor-made to ensure to offer you the most flexible and cost-effective solution there is in the market.

Multichannel service

Our services are made to serve perfectly your targetgroup whether its live-chat, telephone customer service or WhatsApp conversation.

Part of your team

We know that your clients are very important to you and we do not want to be one-time subcontractor, instead we are willing to become a part of your team.

Cost effective

Money doesn't grow on trees, you have to earn it. We trust that in a long run our cooperation will be profitable, and our main goal is to build a long-term relationship with a win-win outcome.

Move to this era

You have to be where your clients are. Speak the same language with your clients through our international multilingual call center.

Problem solving

There are no problems, there are only challenges. We commit to find a solution regardless of the challenge we have.


As a small company we are agile, flexible and we adapt to any situation in order to give the best possible service to you or your clients.

Unique approach

Each and every customer is unique and special to us. This also goes to the customers clients, we treat them as our own.


We are proud of our work and reputation. We are proud of our workers, partners and our customers. We take care of each and one of them to ensure that the future together is guaranteed and that they can be proud of Katrium too.

Who we are ?

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Katrium thoughts

The best reward for well done job is more work. 

Katri Kaukiainen

Each new project is like a child, that we cherish. 

Viktoria Vasina

If you try hard enough, eventually you will get the result.

Ville Häkkinen

There is nothing that cant be done, there are only right and wrong people to do it.


Johanna Hakkarainen