Lead nurturing: build trust, win more deals by helping prospects

Lead nurturing is essential in the complex sales, where the time from first contact to closing is typically a month. The right contact means providing information that customer wants, and not trying to sell them something. Here’s the lead-nurturing litmus test: can prospects benefit from the information you give regardless of whether they buy from you? To help pass this step: there is a list.

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1.Know whom you are talking to

Analyze your database and identify audiences with similar demographics, such as industries and titles, and common behavior, such as how they engaged with you the first time and why.
This will help you to gather the information to the right people; and also to identify which information is most important to them and how they want to use and consume it.

2.Find out where it hurts

Talk directly to each of your audiences. In this way you can identify what they want to know more about. You can ask question like: what kind of issue keeps you up during the night? What kind of resource would make your life easier?

3.Help ease the pain

Create content that will help them to face these issues. Over time, prospects are going to think “This company has been able to help me, giving me information to face the issue. It seems they actually know what they are talking about.

The payoff: next time your salesperson calls you, they don’t need to make small talk until they conlcude with some lame line about the customer’s readiness to buy. They can have a meaningful conversation aout the latest whitepaper that was sent as part of your lead-nurturing program.
Another payoff: B2B marketers that nurture leads have a nearly 30% higher return on investment than those who don’t. Even better, nurturing leads will sure give you a competitive edge considering a whopping 65% of B2B organizations don’t have any kind of lead-nurturing program.

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