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Lead Generation Trend for 2020

Lead: What it means?

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Lead Generation is a potential trend in 2020

For digital marketing, a Lead is a potential consumer who has shown interest in consuming your product or service. People visited your site through some interaction, such as content or form, and informed data about himself and his interests. It means that he was looking to find out more about a subject or service. This Lead is a potential customer, someone who has already been interested in your company (content or service), which means he probably wants to know even more. In a simplified way, a lead is a user that is within the company’s reach, regardless of the digital channel to which it is connected. A Lead is a business opportunity. Thus, losing them can have damaging effects on your business health.

Why do I need to generate leads?

Once you understand a little more about what leads are, you should have already understood the importance of this lead generation to increase your business revenue. If not, we will present a practical example for you to understand better:

Let’s say you need a plumber and you don’t know any in your area. Like everyone these days, you will probably turn on your computer and search the internet for a service nearby. You are web surfing with two sites. In one, you see a page with contact details and some random images of tubes and sinks. In another, you click directly on a link to a text addressing exactly your problem (a leak in the plumbing, for example), possible causes of the problem, and even maintenance tips so that it doesn’t happen in the future.

Which one would get your attention the most? Probably the second one, right? That is because you need to captivate your potential consumers, attracting them to your page to help them. Hence, you establish a trust relationship with someone already interested in what you have to offer and open to a possible offer of your services in the future.

What are the best Leads generation trends for 2020?

There are numerous strategies for lead generation. Some have already been tested and proven to be efficient. Here are some tactics that can help you grow your lead base:

Influencers Marketing:

This trend gains strength every year. Nowadays, there are influencers for any type of product, and their followers often trust their advice and time is best for the shots and apply it in their daily lives. B2C companies often use this trend, however, some brands or companies act as influencers and that B2B companies regularly employ.

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Social media users tend to purchase similar products and services as famous social media accounts that they are following

Media platform Advertising:

Social networks are a trend. And people are no longer using it only to find old friends, but also to give recommendations, complain and look for options to buy. We have to be where our customers are, and there is where we have to implement our strategy to disclose why our service or product is essential for our customers. According to one of the latest reports from Bazaarvoice’s “Buying experience”, consumer purchases via social media have increased by 38% in the last 12 months. And people increasingly value the visual content of a product.

E-mail marketing:

The trend continues every year. More than 3 billion people in 2020 will use an e-mail to communicate, receive proposals, respond to concerns, subscribe, etc. More than half population of the world will use an e-mail – It is an enormous universe of opportunities. The strategy must meet basic requirements as well thought out and segmented. Do your tests and define which day and time are best for the shots, it will depend a lot on your audience.


Chatbots are defined as computer programs that simulate conversations with users, especially over the internet. It is something that is being used frequently and promises a lot in the years to come. Despite criticisms about the lack of rational response that chatbots can give to a customer, this was solved with programs that generate a personalized response to each request that the customer requests. Chatbots also creates quick service to the public and allows companies to implement support 24 hours a day. For this new year, there are expectations toward chatbots to be much more human, more intelligent, and able to resolve more elaborate issues. And everyone hopes that it can simplify processes that cost a company millions of euros.

Video Marketing:

Just like in recent years, the video will follow among the content trends for 2020. After watching a video, 64% of users feel more open to buying a product online. What does this mean for your company? As consumer habits and preferences continually move towards video content, you need to keep up – or stay in the dust of your competition. There are several types of videos that you can start implementing in your strategy, and that differentiate you clearly from the competition: Comparative videos; 360º video; On Instagram, you can do ”stories” or IGTV videos; Video vlogging for companies.

Last thought about Lead Generation Trend

Companies need to prioritize the quality and needs of the new customer profile in their strategies. Evaluate your marketing strategies and implement innovative projects and ideas that offer better customer services. Follow the 2020 content trends: offer targeted content and more commitment to the customer approach. Don’t forget that traditional face-to-face methods have not lost their value and are also important in lead generation method

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