How global business processes profit from contact centers

There are various reasons why companies outsource several business processes to contact centers. In the first place, talking about outsourcing business processes means that business operations are outsourced to a third party. Moreover, contact centers can cover a vast range of global bp to support companies. As a result, companies can focus more on core activities. This article will elaborate on some of the reasons behind the decision to outsourcing. It seems clear that such a decision is not taken lightly.

What are the activities of a contact center?

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In general, contact centers manage your customer service and call center operations. In core, the third-party company will hire and train all call center agents. Furthermore, they provide all the infrastructure to operate efficiently. Call center activities contain more than just a simple call. Upon request, they can conduct market research to understand the customer and conduct marketing surveys or sales tasks. These activities contain characteristics of inbound and outbound calls. Inbound describes all receiving calls from a customer. Typically, responsible for customer service. Outbound calls are accountable for reaching and attracting customers, and as mentioned before, conducting research or generating leads with cold calls.

Why companies outsource their business process?

One of the main reasons a company outsources its global bp is the point of costs. Hence, running a contact center is related to high costs. To point out, a company will benefit from reduced costs as they don’t have to pay labor costs or pay for infrastructure. Time and money will also be saved because you don’t have to manage the center agents; all the procedures like hiring and training fall away. You become more flexible and, therefore, more competitive. Furthermore, a professional contact center ensures 24/7 customer support. Businesses that plan to expand their business processes globally will profit from multilingual and multichannel opportunities to meet customers’ needs worldwide.

Besides all the advantages, companies have to be aware that they are giving vital business processes away. With this in mind, it will be challenging to monitor the service. But the fewer things the management needs to control, the more they concentrate on core fields.

What global bp are outsourced?

  • Document outsourcing: can reduce the cost of document production up to 15 %
  • Outsourcing of processes in customer relationship management (CRM): Optimization of call processing.
  • Human resources outsourcing: All the work related to search and select personnel
  • Outsourcing accounting services: Advantage of contract liability.
  • The widespread is the outsourcing of logistics: Companies profit here from the infrastructure of a vendor.

Examples of large companies who outsourced their global bp

  • Ikea has a long tradition of outsourcing. They cooperate with 2500 suppliers concerning wood production.
  • The tech giant Google outsourced its phone and email support for Adwords. This step helped Google to reach positive ROI
  • Amazon has already outsourced various call centers to the Philippines,

Contact centers among eastern Europe deliver in general high quality at the lowest price. On the search for a professional contact center that exceeds the customer expectations, we recommend Katrium. The service provider has long experience in this field. Furthermore, Katrium offers 24/7 customer support through various channels. Katrium covers all activities from inbound to outbound.

In summary, it is essential to look for a fair price, cloud-based call center software, good company culture, and companies should try to monitor the operations to a certain degree.

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