How a good SEO contributes to the sustainability of a company

First of all, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, the natural referencing in search engines such as Google. 

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A good SEO is a tool that has existed since the nineties, since the beginning of internet massification. This is a method to improve the website’s visibility in the crowded internet world. Where at first, it was not seen as necessary. Still, it has become a significant player in the field of marketing and primarily digital marketing. It will expand its use in the coming years because it’s the best strategy to make a company visible in an increasingly digitalized world. Either small or large, nationally or internationally.

How it works, and what a good SEO is all about?

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First, one must know what a good SEO is before seeing its importance. A good definition would be that SEO is a set of strategies and optimization techniques. There are made on a page to appear naturally in search engines, either Google, YouTube, or others. It is a beneficial and practical form of marketing. It helps to stand out from the competition and increases the traffic of people on the website. A good SEO is one of the most valuable strategies today to be known in the world. This makes the demand for SEO continue to grow. The effective methods in performing a good SEO continue to improve as companies understand the value it will provide to their business.

How cost-effective is it to have good SEO?

A good SEO is probably the most cost-effective marketing strategy because it targets users looking for some products and services. This makes visitors to your website more likely to purchase a service on your website. Which results in significant savings in advertising and marketing costs for companies.

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In addition, it gives a significant advantage since the data of the visits and the other types of data that can be obtained from the web page are quantifiable and traceable. This allows the continuous improvement of the platform and the website to receive more visits. And also to continue increasing the numbers to give more visibility to our products and services in a relatively free form or significantly reduced cost.

This allows us to compare it with a SEA. Where there can be a high cost, especially at the beginning, where you have to pay for each visualization of the web page. This makes that, in most cases, a good SEO is a better option where much higher profitability is obtained as long as the work is well done and there is a good positioning in the search engine.


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Currently, being on the internet is something fundamental and vital for companies, making a good SEO an essential part of the development of any business to improve visibility. The ability to get new customers to any business. Besides helping to stand out from the competition and show the company’s qualities.

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