Workings and Functions of contact center

Nowadays, the contact center or customer service is an essential help for the customer. Every day devices and systems change because of the internet and new technologies. For this reason, some problems could occur because of updates. Hence customers are always looking for practical and fast help. The best support contact center is structured in multiple connected sections, creating a solid team to improve the service. The contact center aims to help solve problems with devices. It also teaches customers how to use a machine or a platform. For this reason, different channels have different abilities to improve customer communication.

There are several customer support types. To be the leaders in their sector, some companies have improved their contact centers to support every customer. They can give easy access to all kinds of information from any device.

Different customer support types

1- Phone
Many people hate the company phone number simply because they think being redirected to another person wastes of time. However, the phone is the fasted method to resolve problems because it guarantees the possibility to correctly explaining the issue to the agent.

2- Text Messages
Text messages are the perfect solution to solve minor issues. The customer types the problem, and the contact center will immediately solve it or give him instructions on how to fix it.

3- Email
According to the customers, email is the best way of communication. Unlike short text messages, emails could contain longer text and some pictures and files to be more transparent. On the other side, the customers still have to wait because the first mail is generally delivered from the system and is usually “Thank you. Your question will be processed, ASAP you will receive an answer”.

5- Self-service
Some simple problems could be solved directly by the client. This option is available via self-service, avoiding the contact center. It is a community where customers post videos, instructions, experiences, and other helpful information.

6- Social media
Social media makes everything easier. Instead of sending an email or call, the customer can write a post or tweet. This option is suitable for minor problems or clarification.

7- Live chat
This is a valid alternative to the long queue at the contact center. Live chat is fast as a phone call, and the customer can easily explain the reason for the problem. The chat is launched by a widget placed on the company web page.

Aims and tasks to accomplish for a contact center

Next to the systems used to communicate, the contact center has several aims and tasks to offer the service at its best as there are different tasks. Firstly, it is necessary to help the customer guide him through the system related to the device and the customer service itself. Communication becomes a vital pillar in this relationship. It is well known that personalized communication suited to different clients can successfully help the company’s growth in a short time.

As well as communication, the positive experience plays an important role. Because of this, it needs to be tailored to the customer’s personality. However, some questions and problems could take some time to be answered and fixed. It is necessary to be close to the customer during this long wait and to be able to provide quality answers to all their questions.

As we have analyzed, the contact center could operate through different channels like phone, chat, mail, etc. Nevertheless, attention to the clients should always be placed in the center. Katrium is a leading company in this sector. To discover more, have a look at another blog about call center and contact center services.

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