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Features to test when moving to telephone contact center solutions

three black handset toys

Despite different communication modes in today’s world, the telephone still plays a vital role within contact centers. Recent statistics support this claim, with 48% of consumers preferring to communicate through phone. And 75% of respondents wanting human interaction for customer support. For companies, having the right telephone contact center as a solution for customers is highly imperative.
In the long run, an excellent telephone system for a call center helps operate a contact center smoothly. In this segment, the focus is to look at the top essential telephone contact center features that can prove as solutions to improving your business.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

In general, interactive voice response is a telephone system technology that enables callers to communicate with computers. IVR can help customers reach the correct contact center department through pre-recorded voice response messages.
Furthermore, IVR possesses features that can aid customers in settling their complaints without talking to an agent at all. This feature makes it unique and essential for any business’s telephone contact center.

Automatic call distribution (acd)

In the first place, ACD is a feature that assists you to answer and technically distribute specific incoming calls to a contact center agent. A voice menu will direct callers based on customer selection, time of the day, telephone number, etc. ACD might have different routing policies.

Notably, this design designates calls to an available agent in two ways: Regular and Circular. It is about organizing each call center agent in an orderly manner. By so doing, the Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) will follow the same order when routing calls to agents.

Skills-focused routing
As a matter of fact, it is a design instantly direct calls to agents that suit their strengths. This process is essential in that it helps customers get their problems solved within the fastest time. You can achieve skill-focused routing by using different telephone contact-center software configuring call routing based on the agent’s capacity.

Unknown Call Rejection

In fact, Anonymous Call Rejection Oversees the rejection of calls from anonymous numbers automatically. Anonymous call rejection feature ensures that calls from a specified list of numbers are blocked entirely from the telephone system. For example, calls from telemarketers. Call rejection features prove vital for any company’s telephone contact center, especially when looking at high voice costs.

Call Analytics (Live and Historical)

To point out, this feature allows you to acquire more real-time details from your telephone contact center’s performance. Call analytics also provides the opportunity of getting in-depth reports for individual agents. Improving your service will entail real metrics that display actual contact center performance.

Recording Calls

Tracks and records call for later analysis. Moreover, VoIP telephone supports the sharing of voice data over the internet. That makes it easier for companies to store voice data sources without external hardware storage. Data can be stored in clouds through which employees can access from anywhere provided they have access.
This feature allows managers to troubleshoot and resolve issues together with their agents. It is vital because it will enable them to pinpoint what went wrong by revisiting telephone call recordings. Cloud recording of calls guarantees calls are recorded instantly and requires no download afterward.

Internal Chat

Ordinary but vital feature. Internal chat and call promote cooperation among contact center representatives and divisions. This feature resolves the issue of customers always having to repeat their complaints to multiple agents.
Alternately, internal chat software tools quickly update any agent attending to the customer.

At the present time, Katrium is a perfect example of a company with features that suit telephone contact center solutions.

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