Everything you need to know about Telephone Mystery Shopping

Telephone Mystery Shopping

The key to improve every business is to create a proper international communication. The contact center becomes a strong pillar in the operation of the company. But the contact center must always be up to date. Next to the knowledge of the products. Employers must know how to talk and interact with international customers. Sometimes it could be tricky to attract new clients. But to avoid any inconvenience, it is possible to train and practice the skills and receive a complete evaluation of this service. This evaluation system is called “Telephone Mystery Shopping.”The research services are usually made by an outsourcing company. Such as Katrium, which can suit the company’s requests. Also, Katrium offers customized services to your company’s needs and goals.

Now let’s take a look at the Telephone Mystery Shopping. It is important to give the instructions and attended expectations to the outsourcing company. If they know your goals, you will get better results. After this, Katrium provides the so-called “mystery customer” who will conduct the research services. The procedure is easy and well-structured in two main phases. First, the mystery customer will act as a customer on company directions, and secondly, they will survey with the employers. As an outsourcing company, Katrium will help you to reach success by performing telephone mystery shopping. The mystery customer starts to call following the given instructions and the survey’s question to understand the employer’s opinions, doubts, and suggestions. When the call is over, all the information is collected into a database for the company.

Benefits of research services

Lastly, regardless of the positive results. It is boring and a huge waste of time to listen and check the details of hours of calls. But the mystery call service offers another benefit. The outsourcing company, Katrium, will speed up call results analysis. It is possible to collect into a database only a few, or a single question asked during the call. That is why it is available to listen and analyze only a single specific issue. Also, they collect the survey’s results and analyze them. This will give the managers a strong idea for future steps.

Katrium, as an outsourcing company, is your partner for international contact center, mystery shopping, market research service, and business support services. For more information, check

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