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Why is it beneficial to outsource Customer Service?

The outsource of customer Service has become more critical than ever. Also, the dynamic environment of digitalization offers more possibilities to improve customer service. This results from the logic that happy customers lead to higher profits. It is all about keeping customers to generate a customer lifetime value.

The following paper will highlight the value of tailor-made customer service and proves through examples why companies outsource their customer service activities.

What should good customer service do?

As a matter of fact, customer service stands in the first line for problem-solving. Any mistakes that may occur of a product or just unknowledge of a customer about the product are reasons to contact the customer service. Therefore, customer service acts reactively. To keep customers happy, there should be more communication channels, like live chat or social media. It is about meeting the needs of customers, and this is why a tailor-made service is essential. Companies have to be aware that the rising number of customers has to be answered by an adapted and more extensive customer service. Good customer service is characterized by a friendly representative and tailor-made fast consulting.

What skills should employees have?

First of all, they should be an expert about the product or service. They should show empathy and, therefore, to be able to deal with every kind of customer. This results in resilience that the employee has to be friendly and professional even after 100 calls.

Importance of customer service

people working in a call center

The Microsoft global state customer service report shows that the respondents have higher customer expectations than the year before. The report also says that customer service is an essential factor in their loyalty to a brand. The most crucial factor is to keep customers because acquiring a new customer can cost even more than keeping a customer. So the Harvard Business Review has shown that increasing customer retention rates by 5 % will increase profits by 25 % to 95 %. Moreover, companies have to focus their resources on keeping loyal customers. Negative experiences with customer service will be shared through other customers, which will damage the company’s reputation.

Outsourcing customer service

When it comes to the point when companies are deciding to improve and scale their customer service, they should keep the following aspects in mind. In the first place, the most obvious fact in outsourcing customer service is that you can save money and resources. Hiring and paying for qualified customer service staff can be expensive. Outsourcing has the advantage that your current employees can focus on other tasks. Today, it is essential to be available through many channels, and customer agencies have the necessary resources for this. Companies can skip the whole process by trying to make their customer service as efficient as possible by hiring an agency for this job.

When thinking to scale business and improve customer service, outsourcing seems a valuable option, especially for small and medium-sized companies. By choosing the right agency for customer service, Katrium has shown much expertise in the last years. They cover highly qualified staff and can offer tailor-made customer service.
To sum up, you should always focus on retaining customers; focus on exemplary customer service. Specialized agencies are a great option to save many resources and help companies focus on daily business.

Why Companies Outsource Their Content To Writing Agencies

Firstly, when companies are thinking about outsourcing some content for their website or blogs to promote the company, there is more than just writing content. The creation of good texts is time-consuming and expensive. Secondly, writing agencies are specialized in writing stylistic and Google-friendly content. Therefore, professional staff is crucial in this case. The whole digital content creation market has risen over the years, and the volume is expected to be around 412 billion $ by Julia McCoy Chief Executive Officer, Express Writers.
If you are interested in outsourcing your content to create more value for your business, this is the right article for you.

Why outsourcing Content?

The importance of excellent and addictive content for websites has increased. This results from the point that people are overwhelmed by information today. Meanwile, people prefer only excellent content. Moreover, Google rates websites with reliable content higher. If you are not visible on Google’s first pages, you will not generate much traffic, and you will fail to generate leads. A blog has to fulfill many attractive criteria, like target group-specific, reading friendly, and without any mistakes. Writing agencies have the right resources to deliver the right content. They conduct research, write and check the blogs. In conclusion many companies do not have this staff to accomplish the tasks.

  • Companies don’t have to hire exceptional staff and pay them for content writing. For instance, they can focus further on core activities.
  • Outsourcing content writing will ensure professional blogs to emphasize with the reader.
  • Diversity: Outsourcing content writing also includes the writing of newsletters, updating social media, blogs

Surveys have shown that respondents focus on the following goals when outsourcing: Boost traffic, improve website ranking, generate leads.
You can be sure that writing companies are encouraged to deliver always high-quality content because they live from their reputation.

What mistakes to avoid?

Some problems may occur while outsourcing content to writing agencies.

  • One of the frequent problems is a lack of understanding of the brand. In addition, some brands need more attention than others. A detailed brand-guide can prevent such misunderstandings. Above all, the right communication and instructions are essential in this case.
  • The content does not meet the customer/buyer. Therefore, always provide as much information about the target group as you can.
  • Always develop a Marketing strategy that the content meets the expectations of the strategy.
  • Try to hire not a single person to write your content. A single person can’t handle all stages of successful content writing. Choose a writing company with the resources to edit, check, design, and conduct valuable research. A project manager should coordinate all these tasks.

If you have to decide to outsource and want to achieve success, you should choose Katrium as a professional partner. This company has a long experience in content writing and disposes of high qualified freelancers. You will profit from the possibility of ordering multilingual content for your company and choose between a wide range of content types and topics. Trust the content creation market, and you will profit from high standard results.

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Benefits of Outsourcing Data Entry Projects

Data Entry Project capture is a fundamental part of most business processes. It is the process of entering information into a computer. That is, a person is professionally responsible for inserting data into an information system for processing. It can also be a software that processes the data—for example, Microsoft Office, either from the Excel spreadsheet application or other software. Sometimes it consists of the transfer from a physical document to a digital one. We call it also digitalization.

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It is a job that can be done through the Internet and is one of the positions where companies require outsourcing personnel.

It is a simple task to perform. That is why no excellent skills are required when doing a Data Entry job. On the contrary, a single person can handle it, who has a basic knowledge of office automation. Besides, you must take care of the details, write quickly, and without errors.

Every company has to do data entry, but whether they have a dedicated employee or department depends on the volume of information they need to process daily. All companies need to record some types of data every day during their daily operations. Such as change times, hours worked, payroll, invoices, transactions, or information storage, among others.

Depending on the industry, some companies need a more focused approach. Data Entry is a strategically critical task for their business model. Nowadays, companies are more oriented towards the digitalization of these processes.

We can find two types of Data Entry:

  • Straight Data Entry: includes the transfer of the information in text form to another database. The text in question could include names, addresses, numbers, and other similar data. This type of project requires the right eye for detail and being able to write quickly and correctly.
  • Transcript Data Entry: these differ from the previous category in that the information provided will not necessarily be text. It can be videos, audios, or a conversation that takes place at that moment. This type of work often involves medical, legal, or particular terms. 

Benefits of Outsourcing Data Entry

Hiring a Data Entry expert can bring significant benefits to a company. This type of work often distracts staff attention from the most critical issues of the organization.

Data Entry can be a prolonged process for companies because it is done manually. At the same time, an outsourcer can be dedicated exclusively to your project and optimize it. That’s why outsourcing this type of work is the best option for organizations.

Outsourcing for Data Entry work allows projects to be completed faster. This is because one person is hired exclusively to perform this task. An expert in the field can also contribute with ideas to optimize the result. And at the same time, he provides reliability and the guarantee of a well-done job.

Final thoughts 

It is increasingly easy to find projects of this type since processing information manually can be a prolonged process. This is making many companies choose to outsource this type of work. Besides, most tasks can be done from home, and working from home is a great advantage, especially in situations like the one we live in. On many occasions, they are complement projects to other jobs. Mainly, Katrium delivers all the necessary infrastructure and experience to be the right partner, when a company wants to outsource data entry projects.