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Features to test when moving to telephone contact center solutions

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Despite different communication modes in today’s world, the telephone still plays a vital role within contact centers. Recent statistics support this claim, with 48% of consumers preferring to communicate through phone. And 75% of respondents wanting human interaction for customer support. For companies, having the right telephone contact center as a solution for customers is highly imperative.
In the long run, an excellent telephone system for a call center helps operate a contact center smoothly. In this segment, the focus is to look at the top essential telephone contact center features that can prove as solutions to improving your business.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

In general, interactive voice response is a telephone system technology that enables callers to communicate with computers. IVR can help customers reach the correct contact center department through pre-recorded voice response messages.
Furthermore, IVR possesses features that can aid customers in settling their complaints without talking to an agent at all. This feature makes it unique and essential for any business’s telephone contact center.

Automatic call distribution (acd)

In the first place, ACD is a feature that assists you to answer and technically distribute specific incoming calls to a contact center agent. A voice menu will direct callers based on customer selection, time of the day, telephone number, etc. ACD might have different routing policies.

Notably, this design designates calls to an available agent in two ways: Regular and Circular. It is about organizing each call center agent in an orderly manner. By so doing, the Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) will follow the same order when routing calls to agents.

Skills-focused routing
As a matter of fact, it is a design instantly direct calls to agents that suit their strengths. This process is essential in that it helps customers get their problems solved within the fastest time. You can achieve skill-focused routing by using different telephone contact-center software configuring call routing based on the agent’s capacity.

Unknown Call Rejection

In fact, Anonymous Call Rejection Oversees the rejection of calls from anonymous numbers automatically. Anonymous call rejection feature ensures that calls from a specified list of numbers are blocked entirely from the telephone system. For example, calls from telemarketers. Call rejection features prove vital for any company’s telephone contact center, especially when looking at high voice costs.

Call Analytics (Live and Historical)

To point out, this feature allows you to acquire more real-time details from your telephone contact center’s performance. Call analytics also provides the opportunity of getting in-depth reports for individual agents. Improving your service will entail real metrics that display actual contact center performance.

Recording Calls

Tracks and records call for later analysis. Moreover, VoIP telephone supports the sharing of voice data over the internet. That makes it easier for companies to store voice data sources without external hardware storage. Data can be stored in clouds through which employees can access from anywhere provided they have access.
This feature allows managers to troubleshoot and resolve issues together with their agents. It is vital because it will enable them to pinpoint what went wrong by revisiting telephone call recordings. Cloud recording of calls guarantees calls are recorded instantly and requires no download afterward.

Internal Chat

Ordinary but vital feature. Internal chat and call promote cooperation among contact center representatives and divisions. This feature resolves the issue of customers always having to repeat their complaints to multiple agents.
Alternately, internal chat software tools quickly update any agent attending to the customer.

At the present time, Katrium is a perfect example of a company with features that suit telephone contact center solutions.

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Outsourcing call center services in companies

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Due to increased competition in the market, more and more companies worldwide outsource their call center services to other telemarketing companies.

The call center activity is one of the most important aspects of any company, whether it is outsourcing or not. Telephone service covers the customer or commercial attention, which leads to significant benefits for the company.

As a matter of fact, companies and SMEs can subcontract other telemarketing companies in different countries. And even to workers operating in different places and even from their own homes. New technologies have made this possible. 

Furthermore, outsourcing your call center and telephone services is the best option to save your valuable time and productive resources. It is one of the cheapest options for call centers in telephone services.

Moreover, call center outsourcing consists of the hiring of call center services in an external company. Call centers handle all types of customer service problems, from credit cards to appliance warranties. Companies outsource either internally, through a separate division, or to an external specialist.

In effect, companies started outsourcing to save money. They discovered that it was more cost-effective to locate their call centers in areas with lower living costs. That way, they can pay lower salaries to their workers. 

What is outsourcing

In general, outsourcing is the management or execution of a business function by an external service provider. Moreover, the outsourcer company must transfer part of the administrative and operational control to the outsourced one. That one can work apart from the normal relationship between the outsourced company and its customers.

As can be seen, many companies hire specialized outsourcing firms to manage the areas most helpful to outsourcing. These include IT, human resources, asset and property management, and accounting. Many companies also outsource user support and telephone call management, manufacturing, and engineering. 

To clarify, call center outsourcing is obtaining an external service provider located outside the country to operate and manage the call center. The outsourced service provider is usually responsible for hiring and training the call center agents. They are also responsible for maintaining the call center software and infrastructure and managing the call center’s daily operations.

Companies can either outsource a segment of their call center operations or the entire telephone service. 

The international economic scenario is so complex that outsourcing call center services are a competitive advantage for lowering costs, maximizing profitability, and gaining customers.  

Benefits of outsourcing call center

  • Cost advantages: there are numerous call center service providers in other countries that offer quality services at a very reasonable cost. Lower costs are one of the reasons for outsourcing, especially when companies can get better services.
  • Increased sales: any of the call center outsourcing services can help improve your business’ profits. It can even lead to an increase in all aspects of the core business, given the improvements in quality, performance, and productivity.
  • Availability of resources: through call center outsourcing services, you can safeguard your personnel budget (recruitment, maintenance, and coaching) and infrastructure (installation and updating). Without investing in training expenses or expensive software, you can use your resources to focus specifically on business processes.
  • Specialized Skills: call center outsourcing can help you gain access to experienced professionals’ technical knowledge. You can apply these advantages to more customer acquisition worldwide, valuing international markets previously inaccessible to you.
  • The availability of a 24h service allows facing any regressive cycle of the economy, forming global customer markets.

Disadvantages of outsourcing call center

  • Decreased customer satisfaction: recent investigations indicated that call center outsourcing in telephone service leads to reduced service quality and customer satisfaction.
  • Language and cultural barriers: agents located abroad may lack the cultural knowledge, fluency, and communication skills necessary to provide excellent support.
  • Diminished control of business functions: by outsourcing call center operations to an outside service provider, you are putting essential business functions in the hands of an outsider. Therefore, it can be more difficult to control quality and establish policies to help increase customer satisfaction.
  • Lack of company knowledge: outsourced call center agents are often unfamiliar with its culture, practices, and values. Therefore, they may not provide a service level that aligns with company standards and reflects the company culture.

Final thoughts

As has been noted, outsourcing consists of third parties carrying out tasks that are complementary to the company’s primary task. It consists, therefore, in outsourcing a part of the company’s activity. This will allow the company to have all its internal resources at its disposal to improve and optimize its main functions.

However, although outsourcing these services is a resource that many companies do, others rely on the telephone service in their own company to manage the calls themselves. Companies’ main risk is falling into a dependency relationship with their outsourcing telephone service providers, which will prevent them from easily getting rid of them, even in the case of low-quality services.

While planning to outsource, Katrium can be suggested as they always exceed the needs of their customers. You can outsource customer service, translations, and many more services to Katrium.

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Characteristics and trends in call center outsourcing

Outsourcing through a contact center is the business strategy of substituting a company’s contact center services for an outsourced business. This outsourced company manages all kinds of customer services, from incoming calls to outgoing calls. Today’s call center service providers have diversified to include much more in the scope of services offered.

In general, hiring an outside call center provider can make even the most experienced executive a little nervous. There are many reasons to be concerned. They hire an outside company to talk directly to their customers on their behalf. However, they can quickly address these concerns by hiring the right contact center agents.

Truly, if every call center in the world were a stable professional agency, we would be out of business. Call centers worldwide are in place precisely because there are numerous low-quality agencies today. 

Our clients use our industry knowledge and direct experience with call centers in the global network to minimize risk and maximize success chances. 

Call Center outsourcing cost reduction

Call center outsourcing is not cheap, but cost reduction is often the driving force behind outsourcing. Our consultants analyze our clients’ needs and then help find a balance between the quality and type of services required and the desire for a low-cost solution. With national and international resources worldwide, they are ideal for recommending the most cost-effective call centers for almost every situation.

Moreover, control of the contact center is always concerning when considering outsourcing. However, our professional agencies offer a wide range of features to control our customers’ demand. These features include remote monitoring, remote training, on-site training, digital recording, and comprehensive reporting services. 

Many clients are concerned about strong accents when considering a call center agency located outside their immediate geographical area. Professional call centers on the global network typically employ accent neutralization techniques that enable their agents to speak with the desired accent.

For instance, international and domestic outsourcing should be the most efficient source of labor available. Recent technological innovations have enabled much more efficient use of work, which will enrich us all in the long run. 

Current call center trends: Integration of Artificial Intelligence

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At the present time, Artificial Intelligence is now widely integrated into call center technology. A.I. solutions are now used to detect customer behavior: how long a customer stays on the phone during incoming calls or chats and voice tones. Artificial Intelligence can also help inexperienced callers to see when a customer’s voice increases in events where they do not meet their needs. 

Therfore, A.I. can send contextual messages to service agents to indicate that they are talking too much and may need to listen more to the customer. As a result, this increases each attractive officer’s level of empathy and gives the necessary human connection for which the industry is becoming famous. 

Also, A.I. can help streamline training programs for call service officers. It can resolve the language barrier that customers complain about offshore contact center agents through their accent and inflection recognition. 

In general, the integration of A.I. into call center technology has enabled companies to adopt predictive analytics to ensure better service, increased revenue, and greater customer engagement.

Adoption of cloud communications in call centers

While most companies have adopted cloud communications as an integral part of their communications plans, cloud communications are becoming a significant trend for call center service providers. Besides, new locations can be slotted by these providers, more remote call agents can be hired, and transparent communication can occur. For this customer who does not want to adopt cloud communications in its entirety, a hybrid cloud option can be made available.

More remote call center service agents

Meanwhile, thanks to cloud communication, remote call center service agents are rising and are becoming a permanent feature for the industry. Benefits include low overhead costs for service providers and flexible working hours for the agents themselves. They can work from any location and real-time access analysis.

Quickly engage customers through social networks

It is far from when customers have experienced regular unanswered calls, long waits, and delayed responses. To point out, customers can now engage in a two-way conversation on social networks with service agents. Instead, they now feel a personalized and immediate response. Negative customer feedback has been reducing. Equally, companies can now boast about customers who are satisfied with the way they treat and assist them. These customers can now openly profess their loyalty to the brand.

Use of powerful predictive analysis

In the long run, call centers adopt and leverage sophisticated analytics to convert data into actionable information for customers. Furthermore, call and chat logs, text messages, and emails can be used to develop improved customer feedback. We can expect to use more sophisticated software in the future.

As a matter of fact, Katrium is the right partner for outsourcing. The company has years of experience and resources. They are always encouraged to exceed customer needs.