Outsourcing call center services

Every business should be aware of the fact that the key to a successful Customer- Relationship- Management (CRM) is proper communication, which commonly includes some sort of call center service, too. But then again, sometimes the implementation might appear a bit difficult. However, with the right partner by your side, the outsourcing of an international call center couldn’t be easier. And fortunately, Katrium is gladly there to help with outsourcing any inbound and outbound service.

Various studies suggest that the first contact between customer and business, like at an international call center, has a lasting impact on the future relationship between them. Therefore, the importance of such must not be underestimated. Furthermore, there are many inquiries for a customer to get in touch with the associated business. Many of those may contain essential information for a call center to report and forward. It could imply serious consequences if communication via a third party doesn’t run smoothly. That’s why you should only trust a proficient outsourcing service like Katrium.

Inbound calls may seem like the only necessary thing for customer support but that only covers the already existing ones. It’s important for a company to know the target groups and communicate with them. The call center service by Katrium is not just limited to inbound calls. In fact, outbound calls are offered, too. This serves the purpose of an even better CRM as you might utilize outbound calls to research new and already existing markets to improve your commerce. And you should keep in mind that you also have the option to expand that commerce on an international level.   

The benefits of outsourcing your call center are easy to determine. For one, a company that specializes in such can apply years of experience which others would have to gain first. Additionally, another aspect is that you may just focus on your core business while receiving the results by the call center without having to deal with yourself. This concludes to a more convenient to keep track of your market.

In a nutshell, by now, everybody should be aware of the importance of international call center services. Outsourcing customer service to a reliable and professional partner like Katrium will help your company to provide comprehensive services.

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The Necessity of Multilingual Contact Centers

No matter where you are, it’s indisputable that proper communication is the key to any successful business. But due to the globalization of our world, companies have to adapt the way they communicate and represent themselves on an international level, too.

Keep in mind that international trade enables enormous opportunities for any business which is willing to customize their services to potential clients and if you strive to expand your business there is no way around internationalization. The future success is therefore comprised of the ability to continuously capture new foreign markets. Including the need to provide appropriate customer service for each market.

Customer Service

Some might argue that more and more people around the world are able to speak English, but in reality, only around 38% of all EU- citizens claim to be able to hold a conversation in English.[ Special Eurobarometer 243 / Wave 64.3 – TNS Opinion & Social]

Let alone those who are able to do so are not automatically comfortable to express themselves in a foreign language. Whereas the essence of a call center is to hold a point of contact for cooperation and customer. You could even say that it outlines the relationship between those two. Hence, customer satisfaction couldn’t be more essential at that stage.

To grant the smooth operation of a contact center it requires the cultural appropriation by a proficient team which is able to communicate on a multilingual level. For a single business, it might often be difficult to implement such, especially with the lack of experience and furthermore the need of an international workforce. Nonetheless, it’s absolutely worth it. In particular with the assistance of a capable institution that specializes in this, it’s as easy as it could get.

All in all, you might be able to enhance customer satisfaction and therefore increase profits just by utilizing the opportunities of globalization. But to do so there is no way around a multilingual contact center.

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Approaching International Markets

Surely, the impact of globalization is ubiquitous and has an effect on every one of us. Especially ambiguous corporations can profit by the boundless benefits of international markets by taking advantage of increased revenues and improved opportunities.

First of all, the volume of sales adopts a whole new dimension of value just by realizing the available options. Moreover, with the current infrastructure, international trade has never been this worthwhile. But international markets are not just about selling your products worldwide; it also includes a way to source the different needs of your business from a variety of offerings. Some countries provide products and services for a cheaper price while maintaining a high level of quality. Additionally, more and more businesses are outsourcing their employees to increase the diversity of their workforce.

Transnational markets are driven by diversity which could be considered as a threat and opportunity at the same time. Without a doubt, a diverse market- portfolio helps to distribute the given assets and provides chances to sell and source a variety of new products. However, adaptation to the counterpart is the key to enter a new market. This is not always as easy as it seems and requires professional support of somebody who knows the local customs, culture, and laws including insightful market research before entering a new market. Fortunately, there are a lot of companies available which are specialized in that subject to improve the approach of a new market in the most efficient way.

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