Make your Erasmus internship in Estonia!

If you do your Erasmus internship in Tallinn, you will be able to enjoy that beautifull city at any time of the year.

Are you thinking about where you should go for your Erasmus internship? Estonia is the most visited country in the Baltic Republics. It is a tourist and student destination. Tallinn’s medieval old town, beautiful beaches lapped by the Baltic Sea, and abundant nature are among the country’s main attractions.

Tallinn is one of the most beautiful capitals in Europe. The old town is the best-preserved medieval city in Northern Europe. You will find a super picturesque with colorful tiny houses, gothic churches, and impressive defensive structures by visiting it.

But it is a mistake to think that Estonia is just Tallinn. The truth is that this Baltic country has countless beautiful places. Most Erasmus students who come to the country love to take group trips to picturesque locations such as Pärnu, Haapsalu, or any national parks.

The figures

And for all these reasons, more and more students are choosing Estonia. A study conducted by Euroestudent confirmed this trend showing a ranking of the top destinations:

Estonia stands out with 51%, making it the 4th most popular destination after Turkey, Italy, and Georgia.

And it’s not just about data. Estonia is an international country, with people from all over the world with whom you can meet and exchange thoughts, ideas, and customs.

Why choose Estonia for your Erasmus internship?

Worry about the language?

The official language of Estonia is Estonian, a Finno-Ugric language. With its Finnish and Hungarian, it is one of few non-Indo-European languages that remains in the old continent. Consequently, it is different from anything you’ve ever heard before. Rich in vowels and beautiful sounds, the Estonian language has a long literary heritage, making learning worthwhile even if it could be difficult at the start.

But if you’re wondering whether language might be an obstacle… the answer is no. Fortunately, English is widely spoken throughout the country by people from all walks of life, especially by younger people. So don’t worry, you can enjoy Estonia without learning the language.

Education for Erasmus students

Estonia has a long history of higher education. The first university, the University of Tartu, was founded in 1632, making it one of the oldest universities in northern Europe.

On the other hand, Estonia is known as “the king of start-ups” because it has more than 1000 start-ups, so they need staff and help from students worldwide. Hundreds of international students come to Estonia every year through Erasmus scholarships and internship programs such as Erasmus+ or “ViveEuropa.”

Tartu is one of the favorite places to visit for Erasmus students

Enjoy that lovely culture during your Erasmus!!

Heritage is also an essential part of Tallinn and Tartu. Tallinn’s Old Town is like stepping into a fairy tale, with ivy-covered walls, towers, and countless churches. The Old Town is also home to restaurants serving traditional Estonian food and shops selling traditional products.

But many Estonians will tell you that the country’s real treasure is its nature. From national parks to stony beaches and pine forests, there’s a lot of nature waiting to be explored in such a small country.

purple flowers on brown wooden pathway

Some countries bet on their future, and what better way to bet on education. From the very first moment here, they understood that the most significant capital in the area of knowledge is precisely that knowledge. And it is thanks to this extraordinary commitment to education that Estonia has 51% of the world’s top places to study or do internships. Because of that, Estonia has become a reference in the information society and a pole in attracting talent.

Ours experiencies

That’s why Katrium OÜ encourages you to do your university or vocational training internship with us. “I believe that an international experience away from home, where you face the real world and test yourself, is fundamental in any student’s career,” Steven, one of our latest interns, told us.


Outsource so you can focus on what really matters

Outsourcing outsource manpower subcontract concept Free Photo

In a global world, you need to be more competitive than ever, but how do you do it? Outsourcing specific processes, functions, or even departments of a company is becoming a factor that directly influences business success. They allow companies to Focus on their core business, making it possible to increase the quality levels of the products or services offered.

However, many needs around the core business can divert attention from the fundamental factors that affect a company’s success. These are not minor issues that can be neglected, but the option of seeking external and specialized providers to deal with them is becoming increasingly valued.

What is Business processing outsourcing?

Business Processing Outsourcing is a strategy that consists of subcontracting certain activities within a project or an organization to another company to provide those services.

These external providers have also focused their efforts on the specific activity they offer. They, therefore, have more excellent knowledge, technological advances, and experience to take on these areas of the business than the companies that contract their services.
We can distinguish between two types of BPO:

  • Back-office: tasks internal to the company itself, such as human resources management.
  • Front-office: it is responsible for its internal functions in which the company relates to its customers, such as customer service.

How to outsource your business

The process for accessing the BOP is pretty straightforward.

First, determine which business processes are the most problematic, incredibly time-consuming ones and impede business growth. Then you create a list of all elements needed to perform them. Usually, the most relevant are technology and knowledge.

The next step is to find suppliers for these services. Companies specialize in many fields that work in different languages, so try to find your supplier. Once you have found a candidate, ask them how things work and how they can make sure that they meet the parameters you demand. This conversation will help you ensure the quality of the service. It will also help you understand how the BPO system works.

Why is outsourcing worthwhile?

Outsource with a reliable partner

Outsourcing can bring a lot to your company. Firstly, and as has already been mentioned, it allows you to concentrate on the company’s fundamental processes, which guarantee its future and provide more significant competitive advantages.

In addition, contracting external suppliers lightens the company’s internal structure, which improves its capacity to respond and adapt to the market’s needs. Hiring a BPO service provider reduces the company’s fixed costs. You will replace these costs by variable costs, adjusted to your needs, and are more efficient and productive. This cost reduction increases the capital available for investment in critical areas of the company. And while increased investment can help, it is not the only way to keep up with the times.

The contracting of specialized quality suppliers puts the latest technologies available in each process within the company’s reach. You can eliminate the risk of falling into technological obsolescence in those functions that are not fundamental to the business. As a result, the company improves its ability to offer higher quality end products or services.

Finally, outsourcing part of the services leaves third parties the management of the personnel that handles these functions in the hands of third parties. These are external workers who do not depend on the company’s human resources department.

The sum of these positive aspects of outsourcing can determine the success of a business. Seven out of ten European companies have already outsourced some of their processes. However, the decision to outsource some of a company’s tasks cannot be taken without taking into account the specific characteristics of the business. Each company has different needs and possibilities that define which processes should outsource and which should take on directly.

What types of BPO could help your company?

These improvements may seem helpful, but they are also abstract and difficult to imagine. Therefore, we will see how to apply outsourcing to different aspects of the company.

Outsource the sales process

There is no magic solution to improve your sales. However, a BPO service provider can put your team in contact with the best potential customers. At the same time, they can find the best information to facilitate the negotiation process.
BPO allows you to get customers by filling the sales funnel.

The main objective is to increase your potential customer list. BPO sales providers have a specific list of digital marketing platforms that they can use to find leads. They can search for potential clients on places like Linkedin or company websites. Then, they get the information they need to facilitate the deal with them and speed up the negotiation.

You can decide what type of clients you are most interested in, leaving it up to the BPO company to find them and start contacting them. You establish the requirements of the potential clients and the company so that your BPO specialist can begin getting them. Since your BPO partner will use the emails and accounts you provide, none of your customers will know the difference between those who contact the BPO specialist and your sales team. This way, your team will only take action once a meeting has been set up.

In addition, if your BPO partner finds a customer that could be particularly beneficial, they can pass it directly to your team. You can focus your attention on the most relevant clients, giving them specialized attention tailored to their unique needs.

Human Resources BPO

Recruitment and initial interviews can take up weeks of your team’s time. Reviewing CVs, setting interview dates, and eliminating all those who do not meet the requirements for the position are laborious tasks that do not need to be taken care of by someone within the company. If your company does not have a specialized human resources department, it is likely that the top management who waste their time in some of these processes.

Outsourcing human resources allow you to avoid this. You only need to specify the requirements you need. When the final candidates start coming in, you only need to decide which candidates you like the most. You will have all the necessary information about each candidate from the start, instead of finding out through various tests and interviews.

In addition, the BPO company can also take care of other tasks such as the preparation and publication of advertisements. As a specialized company, they have more experience in the process. They know more techniques and technologies useful for recruitment, they can design better advertisements and distribute them most efficiently. Thanks to this, it will be much easier for your ideal candidate to find the advert, get noticed, and decide to apply.

They also have the possibility of active recruitment. In other words, in addition to publishing the offer and waiting for interested people to apply, they can search for people who meet the requirements and contact them themselves. Sometimes, they may already know talented people who fit your needs due to previous recruitment processes. Also, they are more likely to be interested in the position by contacting them directly.

Outsourcing operations and operations management

Choose your outsource partner

So far, we have seen examples of ways to outsource entire processes. However, it is also possible to outsource much more specific tasks within the company. Database management, spreadsheet preparation, detailed competitor research, gathering information on a topic…

You can outsource amost all personnel, office and growth functions, either entirely or partially. Of course, you should never outsource your core activities, but it can be beneficial to eliminate the noise generated around them.

Think about the things that get in your way every day. How much time do you spend checking your email to ensure everything is in order? Do you book your trips and hotels efficiently? Or do you go for the first option you find in a free moment, without looking for something better?

Whatever problem you have, it may be a smart place to consider business process outsourcing services.

Outsource the right processes to the right partners

The BPO can help organizations of all shapes and sizes. However, it can be difficult and uncomfortable to relinquish control of any aspect of your business. That’s why it’s best to start by getting rid of timeconsuming and cumbersome tasks far from the company’s core business.

You can always start there, and if you are satisfied, you can begin to expand the collaboration. If you find a suitable partner, you will see how they react to your feedback, getting closer to your ideal performance. You will be eager to get rid of more unnecessary tasks.

Remember, though, that the goal of the BPO is to free you from burdens so that you can focus on what is most important to your business. If you waste your time dealing with a poor-quality partner, nothing will make sense.

That’s why it’s essential to outsource to someone reliable rather than simply going for the cheapest.

man in black suit jacket writing on a paper

Virtual assistant – Do you need one?

man in black suit jacket writing on a paper

A virtual assistant is a professional who provides support to companies from a remote location. They can handle all kinds of tasks. Form the simplest ones, such as taking calls or reservations, to the more complex ones, such as social media management.

Interested? Read on to find out how your business can benefit from hiring a virtual assistant.

Manage your social media with big company quality at an affordable price

Today, many companies already use social media as their primary means of interacting with consumers. However, how do they do it? 

Larger companies can afford to have people or entire teams dedicated to social media management. On the other hand, it is not profitable for small companies to hire a community manager.

Therefore, many business owners try to manage social media on their own or delegate it to an employee. The problem? In neither case, this is their main task. As a result, they do not have the experience, knowledge, and time to get the most profit out of social media.

A virtual assistant can work with several companies simultaneously, which gives them more experience in the field. In addition, this also allows them to reduce costs compared to in-house recruitment.

Focus on what you want to do most, not on customer service

Having customer service is, in many cases, a must. However, it is not as simple as asking your team to take calls. They have to be ready to drop whatever they are doing at the time. That can cause delays and impede progress on other, more critical projects. Also, as with social media, it is not cost-effective to hire a dedicated person if your regular call flow is minor.

Hiring a personal assistant will free your team from this burden while giving you access to a broader range of services than the in-house option allows. Depending on your business and budget, you may be interested in after-hours customer service or the ability to answer calls or emails in multiple languages.

Bring in marketing experts for your business

Marketing is a critical matter for any business and, at the same time, one of the most complex areas of business management. Many companies cannot extract their full potential due to deficient marketing. Market research, competitor analysis, or targeted advertising campaigns are essential for decision-making and reaching your target audience.

Moreover, these tasks require highly specialized professionals, making access difficult for many companies. 

A virtual assistant can be an excellent option to get support in your company’s marketing and provide an external point of view, which stimulates objectivity in analyzing the overall situation.

Finally, how is it possible that visual assistants work so well?

It’s simple: effectiveness. 

There are many services that most companies would like to have, but it is not profitable for them to carry them out. In many cases, this was due to the difficulty of accessing qualified staff in their area. In others, they did not need a high enough volume of services to make hiring a specialized person cost-effective. Because of that, virtual assistants have emerged: professionals who offer services remotely. They can work with several companies simultaneously to provide each client with the amount of work they need, reducing costs. It also allows them to acquire broad experience (by working with several companies) in a specific field. Doing so increases the quality of the service and makes it more efficient. Put another way; they consume fewer resources to offer better services.

In short, these are the main advantages of hiring virtual assistants:

  • Cost reduction
  • Access to expert staff
  • Improved productivity
  • Relief of logistical and administrative burden

Thanks to these advantages, nowadays, even large companies with the capacity to have specialized departments choose to outsource to virtual assistants. If you want to learn more about the possibility of having a virtual assistant, contact us for more information!