Customer service is one of the main things people rate when browsing stores’ websites. How can it be possible to boost the efficiency of customer service that sellers offer to their clients? If you look around, you may find many ways to improve customer service, but if you want to build improvement in the long term, you need to consider the role of emotional intelligence.

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An efficient call centre structure mostly defines customer service. Teams make the call centre of people who are guided by someone else. The right emotional approach to the people you are working with is essential to be a good leader. Hence, the first step is to shape a culture of emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence is connected to the way people see and feel things. It is tough to take over the feelings of others’ people’s lives, but you may try to affect them by structuring the fundamentals of emotional intelligence positively. To accomplish this, people should apply certain behaviors in the following six areas.


To improve the call centre’s efficiency, it is important to choose the right people to form a good team. In the recruiting process, you should apply specific strategies focused on hiring people who are already emotionally developed. This means that they should be able to understand what the customers want and feel. These emotionally intelligent advisors should treat the customers to remind the service received once the call is finished positively. Where do we find these right people to hire? It would help if you searched for useful guidelines about implementing a successful recruitment strategy to assist you in the hiring process.


What makes the call centre valuable for customers asking for assistance are also the values leading the people you hire. These ideals reflect the attitudes and the actions your team establishes with the clients. These aspects are very different among the people since they depend on personal experiences and lives. The goal is to bring into line the values customers conceive as important with your consultants’ values. But you can build a strong and appreciable value system by digging deeply into people’s lives within the recruiting process.


After having hired the right people, you have to implement strategies to manage it well. Managing a team means giving orders or indications to the people forming the team and, more importantly, motivating and leading them. Also, companies don’t hire them because they already know how to do their job. In order to become emotionally smart advisorss, train to be a good, emotionally intelligent leader. Fortunately, the web is plenty of information and advice on being a good leader for your team. Still, in a nutshell, you should inspire their behaviors to have positive attitudes that would deliver positive results. Plus, establishing ambitious standards to challenge the team will push them to seek for maximizing their outcome.


The emotional intelligence culture needs to be built on resilience, this is the capacity to positively deal with and face failures and negative events. The customers want to feel assured by the advisors, and they want to feel that somebody will fix their issues. There is always a way to get out of the problem. The advisors should accept their failures and adverse reactions. Besides, they should learn how to deal with challenging situations and showing exhaustions or annoyances.


When dealing with customers who claim not being treated well when asking for assistance, the advisors should remain focused on the main goal: to assist the customer and be an emotionally intelligent advisor. The advisors have to have the right perspective when supporting the customers to make them agree with you. So, eventually, they will be thankful for the treatment they have had.


The culture of your contact centre is the culture of your advisors. Customers have to feel someone understands them. Being kind, smart, and willing to help people are all aspects of advisors’ culture and, therefore, you should make all your effort in including this culture into your contact centre culture.

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