Are you up for some new challenges abroad?

Is it time for you to pack your bags and move abroad to seek for international work experience and adventures in life?

Here in Katrium we’ve got lots of different jobs and tasks for a variety of students coming from different schools/universities. Many of the Katrium trainees have been offered a job, summer job, project work or thesis opportunities within the company.

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Feedback from our trainees:

Camilla from Finland: “The fact that the employees are easy going and easy to approach made the experience worthwhile.”

Nikola from Czech Republic: “Everyone was kind and willing to help in situations in which I did not know what to do. I really liked to be a part of this team and it was pleasure to cooperate with them and to learn from the best.”

Luong Chau from Viet Nam: “My integration is good. My working environment is very closed and friendly. There is no power distances and I got dedicated and thoughtful guidance from my supervisor and all other employees at Katrium.”