Outsourcing Office Tasks to a Virtual Assistant

Who is a Virtual Assistant (VA)?

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The popularity of outsourcing to an virtual assistant has risen in the past. Anyone who provides online administrative and professional services to individuals and businesses from a remote location is often referred to as a Virtual Assistant. This set of persons are usually professionals who possess a set of business skills but have decided to work independently from their own comfort. However, this role is not limited to individuals alone, but also to some companies that may have decided to offer virtual services.

Why is Outsourcing Office tasks to a Virtual Assistant Needed?

Outsourcing to an individual or a company for Virtual assistant services is highly beneficial and can contribute to the growth and productivity of a company.

Below are some major benefits of hiring a VA:

  • No physical office will be needed – you get to save the cost of getting a physical office for yourself. There is no need to pay rent anymore. Small Business Owners (SBO) can also take good advantage of this.
  • Depending on the task, hiring a VA is very cost-effective
  • You get the best services because you can hire talents beyond your locality. All they need is a good internet connection
  • Giving out some tasks to a VA will help earn you time to focus on other areas you are skilled in. This increases your productivity as an individual or company.
  • Human Management can be tasking. Therefore, outsourcing these tasks saves you stress. All you need is to relax and have the work delivered to you. You also save the cost of training employees by outsourcing tasks.

The Skills you need as a Virtual Assistant

To succeed in any VA tasks, there are basic skills you need to possess in order to carry out your duties adequately. They include:

  • Communication Skills – learn how to communicate effectively both visually and orally in order to satisfy your customer expectations. Choose your most preferred form of communication such as social media platforms, emails, text messaging, and so on. Also, be transparent.
  • Computer and word processing Skills – you should have a basic understanding of using Microsoft services (word, excel, e.t.c) and likes of it, basic internet skills and other related skills.
  • Organizational and Strategic planning skills – you must have the ability to organize yourself and create a good strategy that will enable you to deliver your services effectively. Also, learning how to make good use of your time is paramount. You should be able to schedule yourself properly and focus on your tasks.
  • Good Personality Skills -you should be trustworthy and reliable. No company or individual would want to hire an irresponsible VA.
  • Know how to use cloud services such as Password Manager, Google Voice, and File sharing services to enhance your productivity rate.
  • Desire to learn more.

What Types of Office Tasks Can you Outsource to a Virtual Assistant?

  • Secretarial or Administrative Duties such as billing, payroll, invoices,
  • Travel Arrangements and Bookings
  • Social Accounts Handling such as creating social groups and media polls, managing posts, and Ads.
  • Project Handling
  • Digital Marketing and SEO Management such as website ranking, promotional and advertising posts, product launch, email marketing, and pitch branding e.t.c.
  • Reports and Data Entry
  • Finance management
  • Content Creations and article writing such as grant and business proposals, web content, blog writing, ebook and newsletter writing, proofreading and editing, etc.
  • Research Services such as health, licensing, educational promotional. Keywords, events, sponsorship research.
  • Customer Care Services
  • Managing Emails
  • Web Development
  • Audio and Video Editing as well as graphic designs.
  • Tutoring Services
  • Online Translations
  • Technical services such as Checking broken links, building membership sites, Web design and maintenance, website traffic tracking and so much more

Virtual Assistants can be Found Where?

You can either hire an individual or a company for VA services. These individuals are usually freelancers and can be found in freelancing sites. Below are some of the freelancing sites to check out when you need VA services:

  • Flexjobs
  • Freelancers.com
  • Upwork
  • Fiverr
  • Guru.com
  • Crowdspring

What are the Pros and Cons of Being a Virtual Assistant?

Some of the good sides of being a Virtual Assistant are:

  • You have your time to yourself to manage as you wish
  • You can select the service you wish to provide
  • Total freedom, no stress of having to always put on office wears every morning
  • It doesn’t cost much to become a VA
  • You get to charge your desired fee

On the other hand, there are some negative effects of being a VA.

  • First is the act of being unfocused and distracted.
  • No work organization benefits like insurance, paid vacations, and likes of it.
  • You miss out on human interactions and friendship
  • You must be active, without you, there is VA service. The work can only be done b y you.
  • Data Insecurity Risks

Final Words

Take leverage of the digital world as an individual, company, or organization to find services you seek at an affordable price.

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Customer Service Skills You Need to Crush Your Competition

How Lead management improves conversion

Potential customer come at the end of the income year; it will also reach a point where they will be interested in your product. If you build on their faith, you can help them and confirm their success using your product or service.

Blogging could be a special thanks to building that trust, according to Forbes. The reality is that you cannot emerge as an authority virtually by declaring yourself joined.

Customer is more suspicious, and they prefer to see you show it by producing great facts that are genuine and reliable in every blog, make progress so that you can grow to be that authority. Prospects are willing to interact with you as soon as you solidify yourself as an authority in their minds.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

CRM can cause a higher lead conversion rate, the overwhelming majority of income teams nowadays. Use a consumer relationship management (CRM) software program to pass possibilities through the pipeline and shut deals. CRM shops have many records about every lead in your system, like demographic and behavioral data.


When you use an advertising and marketing automation solution along with your CRM, you will be able to follow all of that contact and target the messages you send your prospects. You can customize their interests and previous buying behavior. This will permit the system to supply lots of other non-public prospects to interact and engage in conversion.

However, to achieve this, you will want to integrate your CRM and MA systems. It allows them to share information in actual time and provide the first targeted and applicable messages possible. If you are the utilizer of two separate systems, ensure there are both integrated. If you are using an all in one CRM such as Agile CRM, you will have sales, marketing, and consumer guide automation. Lead scoring helps you perceive the first sales-ready leads in your system by using a degree gadget that indicates the value that a person represents to the organization. You also award points for demographic data like their job title. Plus, you establish what number points each action or demographic attribute is worth. Scores accumulate over time.

Simply put, lead scoring improves your leads exceptionally. You choose your lead scoring mechanism to be as specific as possible. It is a crucial part of an excellent lead conversion process.

Once you are putting in your lead rating system, you ought to encompass income within the process. Your income reps are nearer to possibilities and remember of their wishes and pain factors beyond marketers.

Customer scoring mechanism

Getting buy-in from income helps to increase your rating system and tightens the alignment between the two teams. Plus, it’ll help income close more excellent deals. A Kentico study located 38% of companies that have a higher skilled result in chance conversion rates due to lead scoring.

It is advisable to reevaluate your scoring mechanism per quarter by meeting with sales to rep consensus on whether leads are being qualified too early or too late. During this time, entrepreneurs can continuously go in on the proper recipe for lead qualification. If you pass many MQLs to sales, but they are converting a few of them, you will want to expand your MQL threshold.

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European call center

How is the European call center market attractive ?

The European call center market is quickly expanding as new technological challenges in the market of the customer relationship are growth opportunities for operators contact centers.

Furthermore, many companies externalize as the charges for digital channels are increasing and outsourcing customer relations remains a guarantee of quality and expertise.

In this context, providers are constantly adapting to the environment and the sector of activities of their clients. They are a source of proposals to set up new management processes or develop new tools, always at the service of high-quality customer service.

Europe Assets

In the European sector companies of all types and sizes are turning themselves more and more to contact sector outsourcing. 

To the point that the market in Europe was estimated at 20 billion euros in 2018 and is expected to grow furthermore in the next few years.

Attractiveness by countries

Eastern Europe

Some countries in Europe are more attractive than others. Eastern Europe is a relatively important area where outsourcing activity represents a considerable part of the GDP. 

For example, Romania, which possesses one of the fastest internet in the world, has become one of the most important centers of outsourcing. 

Poland and Bulgaria are very attractive as well in this matter.

Western Europe

Countries like Germany, France and England are representing the largest market. 

With England still being highly attractive despite Brexit. Finance and Banking contributing widely to this matter. Furthermore, the English language being dominant in many countries, as well as many ties due to their colonial past, it is an advantage for business relations.

France is also an important market due to Africa’s French-speaking providers. French being the official language of 29 countries. It is is making the country an especially appealing target market for African providers like Senegal.

Germany is Europe’s largest economy. It is also an interesting market although Businesses are much less willing to outsource to other countries than in the United Kingdom and the Netherlands since companies prefer to conduct business in German than in another language and tend to choose nearshoring instead.

On the contrary, the Dutch are very comfortable with the English language and historically, Dutch businesses have been relatively open to outsourcing. Besides, the Netherlands has Europe’s sixth-highest GDP per capita.

Spain is one other significant European market. Spanish is ranked second in the world’s most spoken languages after Mandarin Chinese and before English. Therefore Spain is a highly attractive market for Latin American firms.

Northern Europe

As for the Nordic countries despite having a smaller market, they are often willing to outsource their call center services. They also have a strong and safe economy. External factors like COVID-19 didn’t affect them as much as other European countries. English is also widely spoken. However as with the other markets it is a benefit to speak the local languages if you are willing to do business with those countries. 

The characteristics of the European call center market

European businesses prefer to outsource services to providers in their own country. When they chose to do it abroad they favor nearshore countries due to the proximity. But also the short time difference, cultural similarities and of course the language.

Moreover, market prices in nearshore countries, particularly within the European Union, are rising. Cost savings continue to be an important reason for European companies to outsource contact center activities to providers in other countries.

The present COVID-19 pandemic is also hastening several general trends.

In consequence contact center services must invest in their business continuity and in building stronger relationships with their customers.

New Challenges 

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused global business disruption in the European call center market, affecting numerous outsourcing providers. 

Companies in Europe have been relocating their contact centre services in-house or to domestic and nearshore providers.

 The implementation of homeworking has accelerated the digital transformation of many contact center service providers, as agents require remote access to platforms.

Furthermore, consumers have accelerated their use of digital channels. 

This was probably due to both the availability of channels such as chats and social media when phone lines were flooded and new familiarity with digital channels as consumers switched to e-commerce during the lockdowns.

The European market for call centre services is, therefore, a strategic market. It provides not only many benefits but also great security and stability. Additionally, it is a growing field since it enables consumer companies to concentrate on their core competencies.

 Furthermore, the field of call center services has become one of the most emblematic sectors of the globalization era. Linked to the outsourcing of corporate activities (outsourcing is worth more than 100 billion dollars per year and is growing by more than 5% according to the BPO index of Cushman & Wakefield), to the development of new technologies and an increasingly multilingual and multicultural environment.

The call center boom in Europe is an illustration of globalization in action. That which transcends borders. Revive the economically stagnant regions. Encourages the free movement of people and services and, not least – creates jobs.