How a good SEO contributes to the sustainability of a company

First of all, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, the natural referencing in search engines such as Google. 

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A good SEO is a tool that has existed since the nineties, since the beginning of internet massification. This is a method to improve the website’s visibility in the crowded internet world. Where at first, it was not seen as necessary. Still, it has become a significant player in the field of marketing and primarily digital marketing. It will expand its use in the coming years because it’s the best strategy to make a company visible in an increasingly digitalized world. Either small or large, nationally or internationally.

How it works, and what a good SEO is all about?

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First, one must know what a good SEO is before seeing its importance. A good definition would be that SEO is a set of strategies and optimization techniques. There are made on a page to appear naturally in search engines, either Google, YouTube, or others. It is a beneficial and practical form of marketing. It helps to stand out from the competition and increases the traffic of people on the website. A good SEO is one of the most valuable strategies today to be known in the world. This makes the demand for SEO continue to grow. The effective methods in performing a good SEO continue to improve as companies understand the value it will provide to their business.

How cost-effective is it to have good SEO?

A good SEO is probably the most cost-effective marketing strategy because it targets users looking for some products and services. This makes visitors to your website more likely to purchase a service on your website. Which results in significant savings in advertising and marketing costs for companies.

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In addition, it gives a significant advantage since the data of the visits and the other types of data that can be obtained from the web page are quantifiable and traceable. This allows the continuous improvement of the platform and the website to receive more visits. And also to continue increasing the numbers to give more visibility to our products and services in a relatively free form or significantly reduced cost.

This allows us to compare it with a SEA. Where there can be a high cost, especially at the beginning, where you have to pay for each visualization of the web page. This makes that, in most cases, a good SEO is a better option where much higher profitability is obtained as long as the work is well done and there is a good positioning in the search engine.


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Currently, being on the internet is something fundamental and vital for companies, making a good SEO an essential part of the development of any business to improve visibility. The ability to get new customers to any business. Besides helping to stand out from the competition and show the company’s qualities.


Covid-19 Impact on Translation Services and Marketing Transcreation


Nowadays, everyone on the earth is somehow affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. We can say that this pandemic has become, after climate change, the most challenging issue. As business procedures are hit hard by this crisis, the internet has become a key changer, as it is adaptable. The translation industry has become more significant for businesses because they want to reach new markets. The current overwhelming wave of further information associated with the pandemic leads to more translations. In fact, translation connect businesses all around the world. Therefore, an extensive web audience is essential, accompanied by more marketing content that requires many languages. Many people worldwide spend more time at home, which causes more content. More content automatically means a higher demand for translation services.

Client expectations

The European language industry survey 2020 showed that there are several important factors for a good translation. At the top, we got the quality itself. The translation should contain the same meaning as in the source language. Therefore, a native translation person is required to deliver the right quality. A professional translator understands the message’s context and cultural aspects and it matches your business’s original intent. In the second place, we have the reliability & time delivery. When it comes to the point of pricing, it depends on the type of client. Surprisingly the overall speed has less importance.


Transcreation is a combination of translating and creation. It goes beyond a simple translation. The focus lies on context, emotion, and intent. This will help businesses to deliver their message in a meaningful and cultural way. Furthermore, the implementation of visual elements is considered to match the cultural preferences.

Marketing Transcreation

Due to the governments’ restrictions, many businesses have to find new channels to stay in touch with their customers. E-commerce, digital services, and restaurants need more advertisement. For example, they need translation for product descriptions or measures that companies are taking to protect people. Moreover, going multilingual will increase your Search Engine Optimization. Hence marketing transcreation covers the whole project. Humor, slang and branding are included.

As an example, we can take an advertisement for a Chinese audience. The colour scheme seems quite important because Chinese is a context related language. Red colour stands for happiness, and white stands for death. Pepsi had already failed in the past when they translated,, Come alive with the Pepsi Generation” into,, Pepsi brings your ancestors back from the dead”. To avoid these mistakes, a native speaker is essential because, in the end, insufficient work by the translation service can backfire. At this point, Katrium jumps in. The company with long experience covers a huge network of freelancers worldwide and always ensures translation services by a native speaker, especially during the pandemic.

To summarize, in a globalized world, translation services are indispensable if you want to sell your product to people who speak different languages. Surveys have shown that 75 % of buyers prefer to buy products in their native language. This underlines the importance of translation services. So be a part of the globalization and translate your content! Keep in mind there will be a need for communication, and translation services drive those.


What is meant by good customer service?

The definition of good customer service has been changing profoundly compared to the past. A long time ago, responding quickly to messages left by customers on the answering machine was considered sufficient. To answer the question “what is meant by good customer service today,” we propose this reading aiming at answering common problems, such as:
What is good customer service?

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How can companies offer a service that exceeds customer expectations?
What metrics allow us to assess the effectiveness of customer service and customer satisfaction? The definition of good customer service has evolved over the years.

Customer service consists of any interaction, online or offline, that a customer or potential customer may have with your company from initial contact to final sale and beyond. Generation zero almost takes it for granted that you can control an order’s status by merely talking to a device. But their parents remember when they used catalogs to place orders by mail. And now customers say their standards for a good customer experience are higher than ever.

Excellent customer service means more:
Fast service (“in real-time” or “always operational” in marketing terms)
A personalized service that offers a connected and omnichannel experience
A proactive service, offering a solution before a problem or change occurs.
Other suggestions to improve customer service

First, customers want transparent transactions.

When a customer visits the online store, can he know why an offer reported throughout the site is not applied to his order? Can he quickly access information about delivery times and return policy? Will he be able to understand when and how someone can use for discounts? If the answer to any of these questions is “no,” then customer service may not be adequate, and, as a result, sales may decline. When it comes to providing information, it is always good to be cautious. Providing a FAQ page is a good start.

However, the most successful online businesses offer guidance and suggestions during the purchase process and do not hide any relevant information that the customer might find useful. In physical stores, these aspects are managed slightly differently. In this case, good customer service is based on verbal and gestural communication. The worst thing that can happen is that a customer gets the wrong message in the store. If, for example, you have adopted a policy that does not require returns for specific items, somebody should communicate this information to customers before purchase. Also, do not expect customers to read the story written in small print. Any information should be prominently displayed: if there is transparency in the transaction, somebody will minimize surprises on both sides.

Second, help them to help you.

In the era of e-commerce, companies make the mistake of letting online shoppers manage themselves, relying on self-service resources. But not everyone is so technologically competent or always willing to activate their self-sufficiency capabilities. Sometimes customers do not want to commit to finding an answer for themselves, hoping there is someone to ask. Whether talking to an agent in person, online, or via email, most customers. At some point prefer human interaction to get right to the end or complete the transaction.

To avoid a flood of abandoned carts, make sure you meet your customers’ needs with the level of service they expect. Live chat is the best solution: it has been proven to reduce abandonment rates. If this is not a viable option, make sure you provide an instant link to ask questions via email and a toll-free number available 24/7. If the customer feels he or she cannot get a quick response anywhere, put him or her in the position to leave the cart. He may come back later or reject it altogether. Whatever the motivation, the probability of completing the sale has just dropped considerably.

Third, create confidence, and customers will come back.

If your company answers the phone the first time it rings, it can immediately provide all relevant purchase information and offer customers a personalized needed experience. In this case, you have succeeded. You are creating an extraordinary relationship of trust. It is the last part, but the most important. Initially, somebody will draw the customer to your product or service.

It will probably be the ones who will bring him back a second time. However, what drives him to come back regularly is the certainty that he will have the best customer experience. If you can offer your customers what they are looking for just when they need it, then the trust established between your company and the customer will evolve to become valuable retention.

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