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Benefits of Outsourcing Data Entry Projects

Data Entry Project capture is a fundamental part of most business processes. It is the process of entering information into a computer. That is, a person is professionally responsible for inserting data into an information system for processing. It can also be a software that processes the data—for example, Microsoft Office, either from the Excel spreadsheet application or other software. Sometimes it consists of the transfer from a physical document to a digital one. We call it also digitalization.

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It is a job that can be done through the Internet and is one of the positions where companies require outsourcing personnel.

It is a simple task to perform. That is why no excellent skills are required when doing a Data Entry job. On the contrary, a single person can handle it, who has a basic knowledge of office automation. Besides, you must take care of the details, write quickly, and without errors.

Every company has to do data entry, but whether they have a dedicated employee or department depends on the volume of information they need to process daily. All companies need to record some types of data every day during their daily operations. Such as change times, hours worked, payroll, invoices, transactions, or information storage, among others.

Depending on the industry, some companies need a more focused approach. Data Entry is a strategically critical task for their business model. Nowadays, companies are more oriented towards the digitalization of these processes.

We can find two types of Data Entry:

  • Straight Data Entry: includes the transfer of the information in text form to another database. The text in question could include names, addresses, numbers, and other similar data. This type of project requires the right eye for detail and being able to write quickly and correctly.
  • Transcript Data Entry: these differ from the previous category in that the information provided will not necessarily be text. It can be videos, audios, or a conversation that takes place at that moment. This type of work often involves medical, legal, or particular terms. 

Benefits of Outsourcing Data Entry

Hiring a Data Entry expert can bring significant benefits to a company. This type of work often distracts staff attention from the most critical issues of the organization.

Data Entry can be a prolonged process for companies because it is done manually. At the same time, an outsourcer can be dedicated exclusively to your project and optimize it. That’s why outsourcing this type of work is the best option for organizations.

Outsourcing for Data Entry work allows projects to be completed faster. This is because one person is hired exclusively to perform this task. An expert in the field can also contribute with ideas to optimize the result. And at the same time, he provides reliability and the guarantee of a well-done job.

Final thoughts 

It is increasingly easy to find projects of this type since processing information manually can be a prolonged process. This is making many companies choose to outsource this type of work. Besides, most tasks can be done from home, and working from home is a great advantage, especially in situations like the one we live in. On many occasions, they are complement projects to other jobs. Mainly, Katrium delivers all the necessary infrastructure and experience to be the right partner, when a company wants to outsource data entry projects.

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