7 Tips to Create Post Blog That Convert Like Crazy

If you desire to learn how to write a blog post that converts as you’d like, you are in the right place. We’ll share seven tips that will help you write a blog post that converts. You know that people often visit your blog, leaving it without reading it. You have only 2-3 seconds to attract users’ attention, convince them to click and read your blog post. So following these seven tips, you can learn how to make sure that your content marketing efforts aren’t going to waste. 

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Know your audience

First of all, you have to know who you are talking to and what they are looking for. Instead of assumpting what your audience needs or wants, you could try to make data-driven decisions by doing industry research and competitor analysis. It would sound complicated, but it isn’t. There are a lot of abilities that you can use to make life easier. 

Write fascinating headlines

If you don’t have a fascinating headline, there is an outstanding possibility that none will read or share your blog post. 

We often are shallow, and we judge a book from its covers and a blog post by its title. That’s why your blog post title has fundamental importance for the article’s success. 

Add subheadings and short paragraphs to break up the page

There is nothing worse than reading a blog post with only one section. People often if reading it or not only skimming through the content, so we recommend dividing the article with subheadings. It seems helpful for the reader that can read it more easily. Another tip is to use a short paragraph to help the reader working its way. Usually, it is better to stick to 2-3 lines of text, maybe four if something needs explanation. Remember that a blog post is something different from a book. We design them to maintain the attention focused and to have a piece of quality information in a short amount of time. This strategy helps the reader to absorb more reports in less time. 

Use Bullet Points

You need to be sure to highlight the best information because people usually skim blog posts before they decide to read it. Bullet points are perfect because they are effortless to scan. In these points, you have to express clearly the benefits, keep your bullet symmetrical, avoid bullet clutter and remember they aren’t sentences. 

Add Images

The human brain acts on visual content faster than text-based content. Adding captivating images could help you to boost your engagements. There are fantastic free researchers, but you can also create your photos or create your images. 

Optimize for SEO

In the blogs’ world, SEO could appear something complicated. But, you should never put SEO over your users’ experience, but at least you shouldn’t ignore it either. The purpose is to find the balance. 

Add a clear Call-to-Action

The last tip for writing blog posts that convert is: add a clear call-to-action. Usually, it will ask readers to share their content if they liked what they read. If your content appears good, most readers will be thrilled to share it, and if your product is impressive, most people will be happy to buy it. 

If you follow the tips just listed, we are sure you will have more conversions than before. But remember that more doesn’t mean most. The right way to create conversions is to create targeted campaigns designed to capture your readers’ attention. Starting from there, you can nurture your leads, and consequently build a loyal base of lifelong customers. 

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