5 Advantages of Sending Content Newsletters for a Blog

Sending content of emails and newsletters related to a blog can effectively build user loyalty and increase user interest. Here are the main advantages.

In the case of a corporate blog linked to an e-commerce site, and in the case of an informative blog for its own sake, creating a mailing list of very interested users and continually sending them content via email can bring considerable benefits. The aspects you can influence positively are to send newsletters concerning the increase in sales. Furthermore, higher levels of loyalty, increased engagement, and opportunities for dialogue with users. Below you fond five advantages if you plan to send newsletters and emails related to a blog.

Interesting content for closer relationships with users

A user interested in the blog content will also find the emails from the blog interesting. The blogger or the company will have the opportunity to create a more direct and intense relationship with each user. This also includes asking questions, involving them in new initiatives, proposing surveys, etc. It is also good practice not to limit the newsletter to a collection of content already published in the blog and to introduce information about the blogger’s activities or the company’s news. In this way, the emails become an opportunity to bring the reader closer to the company or the blog’s author on a more direct and personal level.

Email contents are more direct and oriented

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The reader of a blog naturally reads articles found by chance, perhaps because of a Google search or because he found a shared post in a social network. Even when browsing the blog, it arbitrarily chooses the content it wants to read. In an email, instead, the contents are rigid and predefined by the author. The reader is forced to take an exclusive interest in what is proposed. Those who manage the blog can then direct the reader to investigate specific topics to introduce targeted messages.

Bring users to a predetermined path of in-depth study

If a single email or newsletter leads the user to read certain predefined and specific content, the same applies to a sequence of emails. Perhaps it was configured to be sensitive to each user’s behavior. If you use email marketing automation software and solutions, you can predict users’ behavior concerning each email sent – did you open it? did you take specific actions on the site starting from the email? – and then channel the user along a particular path of content and messages that develops over time.

Segment users

Suppose email addresses have been collected in such a way as to ask for more information from users at the time they provided them. In that case, it is possible to segment users according to different criteria. For example, according to specific interests, age groups, professions, etc., somebody can segment the user according to some standards.

If, on the other hand, users have not given information about themselves, it is possible to create segments based on the time when users have subscribed. Overall, you can send a series of different emails to the most recent ones. Users who have already received a lot of emails, have no longer priority. Accordinggly, create the origin of the subscription (a form on the site in the e-commerce area, away in the blog, an advertisement on Facebook, etc.). In addition, the time elapsed since the last opening of an email sent should be covered. It is possible to create and send different emails to each segment of users to involve them and keep their interest alive.


In a blog, it is not possible to direct users too directly to a purchase. Although it is possible to include in a post-proposal for products to be bought as part of inbound marketing. However, it is impossible to put this aspect in the foreground. In a series of emails sent, but also in every single newsletter, it is possible to highlight products to buy.

For example, in a weekly newsletter based on collecting the best posts published in the last few days, it is always possible to include the week’s offer. In this case, a promotional product that the user can buy at a particular price. Occasionally it is possible to send emails in which the only content present is the offer of a promoted product. You should not abuse the sending of this type of message. Otherwise, the recipient may lose interest and report the message as spam. If not even unsubscribe, frustrating the benefits of email and newsletter-based blog support communication. To get the right support in this field, you should contact Katrium. In the first place they cover all steps for you, if it comes to the point of high quality content.

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